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  1. Boggus, thanks for the info. Still looking at buying one for wild bunch shooting. But not wanting to pay a price out of range of its worth. The store owner is asking $725.00. That seems a little high for a Para. Even if it is a limited edition. What do you think? Thanks in advance, Will. PS, hope to see you again at Winter Range this year.
  2. Slim, you ain't got a Butt!,,, Butt I do! Giggle!
  3. Thanks Joe! I'm not sure about this but from what I've heard, Para ran this limited edition about 4 or 5 years ago then stopped production. I'm not sure my facts are right. But I do know that they have no been produced in the last 3 years. Does this mean that Para still made these guns? Or did Remington make them?
  4. Found a Para 1911 series Wild Bunch with the SASS cowboy on the rear of the slide and "Wild Bunch" laser engraved on the front of the slide. The gun looks to be in good to exultant condition. What would you pay for one?????
  5. Oh ya? What about salsa from New York City? GET A ROPE! Will lynchem all!!!All kidding aside, I've only been shooting this game for about two years but I have shot matches in quite a few places. Every where I have gone and everyone I have shot with I have never heard one word of discord about EOT being in New Mexico. Everyone I have shot with in California wishes they could be at EOT. For most of us, (especially those who are still working for a living) just don't have the time to get there. At our monthly 3 gun and Wild Bunch match we were talking about all the lucky ones like Latin gun
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