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  1. Captain. Good correction on terminology. The ‘ejection port’ was open. Where we cowboys typically load single rounds and then close the action prior to firing. The whole question revolves around putting a shot shell into this loading port - without touching any other part of the gun. Then (after an indeterminate pause) picking up the shotgun, racking the action, and firing. Is this a hanging offense? Or an acceptable loading procedure for an 1897?
  2. Creeker. Your definition of “on pick up” was what started a debate at a match today. The shell inserted before the gun was picked up. So arguably the gun was ‘loaded’ but not in the possession (albeit only a momentary delay) of the shooter. Yes, can be easily corrected by physical contact with the gun by the other hand as the shell is inserted. But the timing was the issue with one eagled eyed spotter. Curious if this has been experienced before.
  3. 1897 staged flat. Loading gate accessible. Shooter loads one shell, then picks up the gun. Any penalty or transgression?
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