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  1. Mr Fox. I have them in my 1897 shotguns (shortened barrels) , and also recently fitted into a Stoeger 12ga coach gun. Agree with all the above commentary on just the extra weight reducing the felt recoil. The 'mercury effect' might only be psychosomatic (but I believe). Only drawback I found is that staging the coach gun needs care, and has to be a couple of inches further onto the staging table or shelf - otherwise tilts back. Mr West.
  2. In the Gen III the firing pin actually has quite a bit of allowable motion. But not sufficient to prevent it targeting the access hole in the back of the cylinder frame. As a reformed engineer, I’m guessing it reduces the stresses at the back of the firing pin in the hammer, or the hammer assembly itself. 2.3 cents opinion.
  3. Replaced mine a couple of times. Due to the swaged rivet in the hammer being sheared off and disassembling the firing pin assembly (during a match). Second time was to fix the mistakes made the first time. Solution - I used Scotch tape to hold the spring and balls in the firing pin as it is pushed back into the hammer. At least, it worked for me.
  4. Back to the top. Not to be missed! For anyone attending the side matches and speed stages on the Friday, we still have a few open slots for volunteers to run a couple of the speed stages - Pocket Pistol plus Derringer, Stage 3, between 3:00-4:00 pm. Long Range Pistol Caliber Rifle plus Long Range Pistol, Stage 4, 2:00-3:00 pm and 3:00-4:00 pm. If you can help, contact details for Broke N West are on the Wolverine Rangers web site. https://www.wolverinerangers.org/ See you there.
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