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  1. Howdy. Yes I have used TITEGROUP in 3/4 ounce load with listed load. Never doing that again. Harsh recoil snap. PITA to measure such small amount. Not enough volume of powder to hold the wad up in place. TITEGROUP only if last ounce of powder I own for shotgun. Pistols or revolver loading TITEGROUP work OK for me.
  2. HOWDY; 90 days back I sold a perfect rebluded full length 97 for 750 Canadian, took 24 hours to sell. Auctions sites are selling 97 used loss of blueing , worn, for 475 to 900 for good ones. Collectors I believe as there is not that many new cowboys. We have a small market compared to the interest down south of the border.
  3. Kinda like I said to one dude. " it is your gun and your body"
  4. Howdy; back then then (DECADES) rules were not as written down as now. This is why the book is growing. Also many did not know the difference from 22 MAG from the original 22 Winchester rim fire (22 WRF)
  5. Howdy; asked to use 22 WRF in derringer decades back. Got a NO! letter from the wild bunch, ammo to fast, even if it was lead bullet. They also declined my request to use a Tomson Contender break open hand gun in long range side match.
  6. Howdy from Canada. There is pistol and rifle primers in the stores for years. No issue as far as government rules. I am lucky and live 15 minutes from two wholesale distributor and just walk in to get all the large pistol or small pistol primer I can afford. Now there is a short supply issue but stores are getting from across the pond primers. NO cross border sales to USA, Loud bold print on all the store web site. If a Canadian has a problem getting pistol primers then it must be living in a igloo. As of to-day I can pick up large or small primer for 55 to 75 dollars a brick (1000), ma
  7. http://www.bullseyelondon.com/norinco-1897-trench-shotgun-12-gauge-20-barrel-wood-stock.htm    Looks are one thing but touch and feel, well that may be different. 

    1. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      Well, the picture on Bullseye's site shows a walnut stocked gun, and implies this is a new import batch.   You're in Canada, which does not prohibit import from Norinco company.  U.S. black listed imports from them 15 years ago, so IAC has imported 97s to US from that time.


      IF this is new production with all the improvements that the IAC batches had from 2006 forward, that is a killer price!   A big IF. 


      You probably want to get a look at them - a close look.


      You may want a standard gun rather than a trench gun if using it for Cowboy.    And a trench does not add anything but style points for WB.


      Garrison Joe

  8. WELL Howdy; I could not resist. Ran down and got the Winchester 73. So for now just looking to shoot it. I like the idea of not dumping huge dollars. Please let me know what you have found out with these rifles. I have been a Marlin only shooter for years. Near Toronto Ontario, Eastern time zone.

    Thank you


  9. Hello from Canada. always enjoy your stuff. Best  wishes  VICIOUS

    1. Doc Shapiro

      Doc Shapiro

      Thank you!  Glad to hear B)

  10. Marlin 1894 have there own set of needs. So it is just simple and easy to use a 250 RNFP and shoot.
  11. Howdy; 250 RNFP, PITA to try and get 200 to not blow powder into your eyes over the bolt.
  12. HOWDY; I use 19 lb hammer springs on a original Blackhawk for silhouette shooting as less spring gets slow hammer fall.
  13. HOWDY; A DQ in Canada, NAAh we are to polite to do that. maybe.
  14. Heck; I spill 10 bucks worth of beer a year but I still drink.
  15. SO are most or at least half of the cowboys now using them. As to hiding improper bullets, sounds expense.
  16. Howdy; Just curious what percentage of shooters are now using powder coated type bullets at the larger match's? How common and is this a rapidly growing trend towards this type bullet?
  17. HOWDY; If you have not heard a good rumor by noon, START ONE!
  18. Howdy; Guess I am lucky as my cheap PARA G.I. Expert has worked well these years, even with my ham fisted loading, mucking around with whatever I could mess up.
  19. Howdy; I wear the left handgun vertical butt forward, but draw with the left hand and roll it over into the right as the hands meet in the middle. Due to the lack of being common in the great white north I let the timer RO know what I am about to do as some have tried to call sweeping due to they did not see or understand what just happened. It works best with a Bisley grip.
  20. Howdy; I have gone to 3/4 ounce in rem. hulls and pink clay buster cb 175 wads. I add a good amount of powder for higher velocity. 8 size shot. No issues at the trap range ,good tight pattern, but I am using a 50 year old stevens bolt action shotgun. As to CAS aim and hit method works.
  21. Howdy; Hp 38 is temperature sensitive as is tightgroup. I just tip the can a little more for more powder in the winter.
  22. YUP; Kinda done some of that stuff. Years ago Mr Lucky won as often as Mr Fast.
  23. Howdy Yea, Eh. There are many I miss, BUT there are some not here that leave this a better place.
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