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  1. Billy you bring up a lot of good points here and I will chime in here to agree with you on a few points and disagree on a few. While I'm not a great Duelists, I do alright. The Name of the game for any duelists, but especially a "double duelist" is transitions. Your hands should never be idle. In your example above where a duelist needs to transition only a few feet from the pistols to go to their next firearm you comment that they pull their right pistol and then their left and holster on the move to the next firearm. Which pistol I pull the right or left pull first depends on that next firearm. If it is shotgun I'm pulling left pistol first because while I'm shooting right pistol I'm pulling shells from my belt and when I reholster the right my right hand is already at approximately shotgun grip height. If it's rifle next I'm shooting right pistol first and while shooting left pistol I'm reholstering the right and outstretching my arm to grab rifle and shoulder while I reholster left. The gunfighter in both scenarios is holstering both reguardless of next firearm, this is where the duelist makes up their time on the gunfighter in transitions and the opportunities that they hold. Now with that being said any man woman or child that works on their craft enough can be faster then the next guy/gal on any given day. I would never make the assumption that one style is faster then any other. The examples I give is EOT 2016 and Gunsmoke Midwest regional championship 2017. A young man by the name of Pecos Nick took 4th overall at EOT that year shooting as a duelist. That's unheard of! The three above him we're 2 handed shooters. Billy the Avenger won Gunsmoke as a GF that year. Again incredible! Each of these gents had mastered their craft and pulled together 12 great stages over a few days and come out looking amazing. Holstering is a big part of our game but if you really work on your skills and you put in the time, energy, and effort nothing can stop you from beating any other style of competitor.
  2. The snow is melting and the iron is dying to heat up here in Iowa for the start of the 2019 season. We are 2 weeks out from kicking things off with the first Iowa monthly match at the Zen Shootists. If your passing through our beautiful state on Saturday March 30th or if your in Iowa and are wanting to dust the cobwebs off, come to Nevada and see us. Check out the website for details. Good luck to everyone as the snow melts and the flood waters recede. You can't keep a cowboy down!
  3. I Second vote on the Ruger American. I have the Predator model and I can reach out to 400 yards at will and hit a 12" steel target 5/5 times. Take note that the older models used the revolving magazines and the newer ones take standard ar style mags. I have the older style and prefer it due to the flush mount. Beyond 500ish yards my handloads start getting squirrelly and don't hold a line so I don't do much target shooting with it beyond 400. I want to buy a 270 to start stretching out further.
  4. Ah ok, I thought that meant you had folks with like Glocks, pistol caliber ARs, and 870s banging away on your steel like some sort of modern wild bunch, 3 gun sort of experience. Fair enough thanks
  5. Do tell more? Do you allow jacketed rounds? What kind of rifles?
  6. The fact that it was Memphis's pistol is priceless!
  7. Nice job Vic, way to represent the duelists!!
  8. Being from Iowa and living in Des Moines and shooting with the Fort Des Moines Rangers. Do you know the significance of the writing on the top of the box? I'm asking because I don't know and would enjoy being educated. Thanks!
  9. The tired cowboy removed is hat and wiped the sweat from his furrowed brow. He arched is back and began speaking in a somber tone, "I remember long ago, back on page one, I was there I tell you, the day PWB challenged our posse to get all the way to page 4" He paused for a moment as if remembering a simpler time and continued. "He thought we wouldn't take it seriously, he thought wrong". The cowboy pulled his revolver from his holster and began firing into the air, as if celebrating Christmas or the 4th of July. And that was the end of the most long drawn out WTC this town had ever seen! Or was it?.........
  10. Since we are just killing time here, why not a shameless plug for a great shoot? http://www.fortdesmoinesrangers.com/2019-sass-iowa-state-championship.html May 24-26, yes memorial day weekend, is the Iowa State Championship - Shootout at Coyote Gulch. Schedule available on the Link above. 12 unique stages, dry camping available on-site. It's going to be a rowdy good time!! Come check it out! Ok that's enough. To page 4 and beyond!!!!
  11. Was the coat period correct, because if not then I would think penalty, if it was then he is ok. ***Assisting in the drive to page 4***
  12. Good catch on the 20 gauge, I glossed over that entirely.
  13. Their are 4 different loads that are available for Remington Gun Clubs in 12 gauge - chart below I recently bought a case of 1,1/8 ounce, because they were the slowest FPS, as I like the way they shuck out of my Stoeger. However I have never thought any deeper as to if the 1 ounce load or the 7/8 ounce, while marginally faster would actually shoot softer. Which ones do you use or do you feel are the lightest shooting for our sport?
  14. Just set up my lodging, my application goes in the mail first thing tomorrow! Can't wait to give it a go in some of the most beautiful country this land has to offer!! Yee haw!!
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