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  1. Wouldn't you know it all that threat of rain at Gunsmoke and we maybe had five minutes of very light rain. Got my trash bag and poncho ready for nothing! With that being said great shoot, great people, and we lucked out on the weather. Thanks for everyone's help I will be ready for the next rainy shoot!!!
  2. So I'm headed up to Gunsmoke tommorow and not to jinx the match but it looks like it's going to rain on Saturday! What are your tips and tricks for keeping yourself, your cart, your guns dry?
  3. State champion as a Duelist!! Congratulations El Muerto Negro!! Congrats as well to all others!
  4. Ok don't tell anybody, but Remington Gun Clubs are the way to go. The SKU is hard to find but they have a 1 ounce #8 load that is perfect, IMHO. Order Number: 20081 Index #: GC1218 SKU: 047700 34600 7
  5. 19 more days until main match action!!!
  6. Welcome to the underestimated ranks of Duelist! I had a similar story. Shot two handed and constantly had misses and procedurals. Switched to Duelist middle of last year and my times have improved and the misses are way down!! Enjoy working on the endless transition possibility and don't give in to the folks telling you to pull both out at the same time! It's OK to go to the darkside, but keep one gun in each hand like John Wayne taught us!!
  7. Sorry folks should have marked these sold. I have committed them to a cowboy up in Minnesota
  8. I like the 1 oz gunclubs as well. For $50 per case you cannot go wrong. Plus I don't feel bad using them for skeet and trap. Used to reload for $5 a box and just has not been worth my time when I can buy something similar.
  9. Nothing drives me more crazy then waiting in a line. That's why I normally am one of the last shooters. Don't have to move someone else's guns if they are not there.
  10. Now considering trades in this firearm. Please see edited post
  11. To be honest I'm ignorant to what you mean by Navy but they are certainly small grips and grip frames.
  12. Thanks Bulldog! BTT with updated price. $500 you pay shipping!
  13. Don't mean to hijack, is there a group like the Jedi for Duelist? Asking for a friend
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