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  1. I case gauge checked an entire case of Remington Gunclubs the other day sitting in front of the TV, and they ALL passed! Shooting them up and going to reload them as they do well coming out of my skb 100
  2. As we creep closer and closer to the match date here, was wondering if any local cowboys or cowgirls could provide some of us out-of-towners with some good local food places. I can Google touristy places but what are the BEST local joints in and around Cheyenne? Thanks!
  3. Not sure here, is there a value difference in stallions vs non-stallions?
  4. It looks just like the one you have posted there.
  5. I knew someone was ask me for serial numbers. I don't remember I should have taken a picture of it but something tells me I remember a 9 and a 4 as the first two digits. It did say 1984 cowboy limited.
  6. Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls, I am helping a Cowgirl here in Iowa sell some of her CAS firearms locally and I am out of my league on the value of a handful of them. If they were RNV or 1873's not a big deal, I would know them, but I have never shot let alone know the value of these couple of Marlin's and the Uberti pistols. I am looking for a couple of cowboys or cowgirls to provide me with an approximate value of the described firearms below. Thanks so much in advance! All of the firearms described are used, but certainly NOT abused. These folks did a great job maintaining these firearms. They show the normal stock wear that comes with playing our game, a few bumps and bruises but no cracks or deep gouges. 1. Marlin (Top on pic Below) - 1894 Carbine in 38 special. It is not short-stroked but it does have some slicking up done to it as the action has some swirled jeweling to it. It is old enough to have clear JM stamp with a circle around it. 2. Marlin (Bottom on pic below) - 1894 Cowboy Limited in 38 special. Again this one is not short stroked, and it does not appear to have any work done to it. However the owners have used it enough that it does feel slick. You could say this one was loosened up just by shooting it. While I did not find a JM with a circle around it, there was a smaller JM stamped on it but without a circle around it. 3. Birds Head Pistols - Uberti birds head revolvers in 38 special, 3.5 inch barrels. The action are what Uberti would call the old model, so they have the 4 clicks and no transfer bars. They did not say stallion on them, but they were certainly made for smaller hands. Again no sign of work done to them, however they are smooth. Again I would say they were loosened up with just shooting them. 4. Normal Pistols - Uberti revolver in 38 special, 5.5 inch barrels. Again 4 clicks with no transfer bars. Their was no additional identification on them like stallion, or cattleman, etc. These did not feel like smaller guns, they felt similar in my hand as my NMV but lighter. Again no sign of work done to them, however they were smooth. Again I would say they were loosened up with just shooting them. Thanks so much in advance for your expertise in helping out here! Have a great rest of the weekend and an even better week!
  7. Thanks Mr Barleycorn. I might follow-up with you. Was hoping to find a pair of safe queens that someone is willing to part with.
  8. My wife came with me to LandRun as a spectator and I think I have her hooked to start shooting with me. She felt some birdshead grips and fell I love with their feel. As she has always complained that my pistols felt to big in her hands. Let me know what you have, and what you may want for them. The only requirement is they have to be 38s. Would like it if they already had action work but it is not a requirement. Thanks
  9. Got here this afternoon gents. They have had a lot of rain here locally so make sure you bring your bug spray or pick some up. Your going to need it for the evenings. Look forward to seeing y'all tommorow.
  10. Big shout out to Flat Top Okie and Missouri Mar for their top notch organization, coordination, and communication leading up to this wonderful match. I have never felt more informed and excited to go to a match before. From keeping their website up to date to concise communications about the status of the match, just all top notch. The Mrs and I hit the road tommorow as a part of the IA crew and can't wait for a fun filled weekend. I was smart this time and pulled out cash for the Mrs and said, "Here's your budget for working ranch, but no more!" See y'all soon!!!
  11. To not be to crazy, many times I like to have the shooter start with a prop in their hand(s) and just have them discard it. You can use about anything. In the bank use a bag of money. In the saloon have a mug or shot glass. I have use some string to tie together three dowels to simulate dynamite. Never put a noose over the neck but have hung nooses from the rafters and you have to hold it. Pairing a starting like the prop is always fun as well. Get creative, in writing the stages. Have a more experienced cowboy review prior to the match, as the last thing you want to do is anger the members. They are members for a reason, they like shooting there.
  12. I have bought all my Stoeger parts from Midwest Gun Works. Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme Forend - https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/32484 Stoeger Regular coach gun Forend - https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/32475 These links are for 12 gauge but if search around the site you will find almost everything you need for a stoeger here. Good luck!!!
  13. In no particular order: 1. Meeting new Cowboys & Cowgirls 2. Experiencing different ranges and scenarios 3. Enjoying a mini vacation, because hey I'm not working! 4. After the shoot hanging with new and old pards shooting the bull. 5. Any day throwing lead down range is a good day!
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