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  1. Cleaning out my gun room and found 48 brand new Starline brass in 45/70. Recently sold off my 45/70 so these have to go! $30 shipped
  2. Sounds good Dawg i will hit you with a private message
  3. UPDATED PRICES!!! I have a variety of knives of hatchets that I have acquired over the years that need to move on. The numbers correlate to the pictures below. #1 AG Russell slip joint knife - nice knife in good condition. I have added a small amount of leather to it to fish it out of my pocket easier. Closed length 4 3/8", blade is 4 5/8", opened length is just under 8" -----> $25 SOLD #2 CRKT "Ashworth Turtle knife - very small knife perfect for the pocket. Includes an additional back that you can attach with a clip. Closed length just under 2",
  4. I have a 45-70 starter set for sale which includes the following: Marlin 1895CB - This is a newer model gun with serial number of MR535xxx it is a used gun but certainly not an abused gun. It probably has less than 100 shots through it. https://www.marlinfirearms.com/lever-action/model-1895-big-bore/model-1895cb Mounted on the gun is a Skinner Express sight, it is the blued version. It blends in well with the gun and provides a great sight picture. 88 pieces of 45-70 brass - 50 once fired Starline, & 38 once fired federal. The star line brass has be
  5. I would also like to throw out the John Wayne birthplace museum in Winterset Iowa. https://www.johnwaynebirthplace.museum/ Small but very well done, not to mention the home he was born in is right out back.
  6. Curious if anyone shoots these or if the gunsmiths have figured these out yet? $1000msrp says to me $800-900 on the street and $200-400 in work done might be a good alternative to SKB??? https://www.tristararms.com/series/bristol-silver/
  7. Bought these with the intent of buying a 30-30 and it never happened time to move on from it. Three full boxes, 20 rounds each -Remington Core-lokt 150 gr SP -Remington Core-lokt 170 gr SP -Herters 150 gr SP $50 + shipping
  8. Sounds good OMGB! Save the stamp as well, we can do it next time we see each other
  9. Approximately 250 158gr berry's plated bullets. I used to reload these for 357, before I got I to cowboy. Have been sitting for to long and it's time to move on. $20 + $8.30 flat rate shipping = $28.30
  10. I was hoping to make this match and I missed due to life getting in the way. Looks like y'all had a blast. I will be sure to pop over in 2021!!!
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