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  1. Download the document as a PDF. Once it is on your device open and search within the pdf.
  2. Following this thread as my club is starting to drink to the same issue.
  3. Good looking pistol here pard. Little to rich for my blood, but thank you!
  4. Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I let 45 acp ruger 1911 full size get away a few years back and now wanting to get back in I'm trying to limit my calibers. Dumb question, does anyone have one for sale?
  5. WTB a 9mm 1911. I have my eyes on a springfield armory ronin 1911 but if you have something else let me know. Thanks
  6. Looks like it is a slim design maybe for 1911, can you please confirm?
  7. Cleaning out my gun room and found 48 brand new Starline brass in 45/70. Recently sold off my 45/70 so these have to go! $30 shipped
  8. Sounds good Dawg i will hit you with a private message
  9. UPDATED PRICES!!! I have a variety of knives of hatchets that I have acquired over the years that need to move on. The numbers correlate to the pictures below. #1 AG Russell slip joint knife - nice knife in good condition. I have added a small amount of leather to it to fish it out of my pocket easier. Closed length 4 3/8", blade is 4 5/8", opened length is just under 8" -----> $25 SOLD #2 CRKT "Ashworth Turtle knife - very small knife perfect for the pocket. Includes an additional back that you can attach with a clip. Closed length just under 2",
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