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  1. Who between the spotters and the TO would be the best official to call a duelist on having two loaded pistols out at the same time? Most TOs are focused on the muzzle of the pistol being shot and the reholster of the first pistol. Most Spotters are focused on the targets. Who can make that call and who should?
  2. Phillip McCup Philip McGlass Hard Money Fiddling Steel Barb Dwyer Chris P. Bacon Dr. Franklin Stein Helen Wiells (hell on wheels) Kandi Apple Mary A. Richman Olive Yew (I love you) Ophelia Payne Paige Turner Rita Booke Sandy Beech Tanya Hyde
  3. On the old Wire, when I opened up a topic that I had already read or commented on it took me back to the end or where I had last read. This appears to be gone? Thoughts? I've noticed that too and think it is a bug. (In this case I would consider it something that was broken when the new software was not adequately Regression tested. (Def. "Regression testing is a type of software testing which verifies that software, which was previously developed and tested, still performs correctly after it was changed or interfaced with other software. Changes may include software enhancements, patches, configuration changes, etc") I've noticed that if a thread has a star, it works. Circles don't, not just previously read threads, it doesn't work even when I have posted on the thread.
  4. Got this from a Iowa gal that moved to Nebraska chasing a guy. Either way very tasty! Italian Ham and Cheese Sandwiches 1 package Kings Hawaiian buns 1 package Honey Ham 1 package dry Italian seasoning 1 stick of butter Cheese slices Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray the pan before you place the Hawaiian buns into it. Place desired ham and cheese onto buns. Melt the stick of butter and mix the Italian seasoning with the melted butter. Spoon the butter/seasoning mixture over the tops of the buns and dump whatever is left in between the rows of buns for extra flavor. Bake for 10 minutes covered in foil, and then another 5 minutes without the foil on. Enjoy!
  5. So this morning I stopped into the local gas station for a cup of coffee and I pull up and their is this woman smoking a cigarette while pumping gas. I thought, "wow this woman is stupid," oh well I thought, let natural selection do it's job and I walked in. As I was getting my coffee I noticed two of our local finest men in blue walking out and I gave them a "howdy do gents", and told them they might want to keep an eye on the woman. I come out with my coffee and sure enough this woman is yelling and screaming and her arm is on fire! The police officers took a fire extinguisher out of their trunk and properly extinguished the woman. From there it got confusing, they slapped the cuffs on her and put her in the back of their cruiser. I asked them, "Are you arresting her because she is stupid?" they responded with "No she was waving her FIREARM around like a crazy person!" I heard this joke at the office today, and had to share. This is not a true story and is meant tickle your funny bone on a Friday. Have a great Weekend!
  6. Totally understand the height issue and if need be we are only a circular saw away from shortening her up. No the Mrs is not gotten anymore interested yet. She is coming with me to LandRun so she will get a bunch more exposure in April. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  7. Yep certainly different then the reloading table. I have an idea for anchoring should we run into issues. A simple solution that would involve tent stakes. We always use carpet squares on top of our tables. Thanks.
  8. Here in Iowa their is not a lot of shooting that happens in the winter months. So I decided to put a new mieter saw to use and build a staging table for one of my local clubs. After talking to some of my clubs board members yesterday i felt like I had a good idea on size so I went for it. I think it turned out nice. I will have to wait for it to warm up a bit in order to put a water sealer on it but it will certainly be ready for the first match of the year in April. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByJtzaLZtxm7ZTR5VktFUEo0TjQ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByJtzaLZtxm7Z0NJMUlXLXZoY1E It may be a bit overbuilt but it should last a really long time. It is 37" tall, the top is 30"x22". It takes me about 3 total hours to build and about $25 in materials including finish. What dimensions do ya'll use for your shooting tables? Happy New Year!!
  9. I'm so blessed to have both my family and my wife's family live less then two miles from us. Even more blessed that my family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and my wife's family on Christmas day. We never have to go far and we never step on any toes? When do you traditionally celebrate Christmas? Christmas Eve, or Christmas day? Merry Christmas!
  10. Thank you so much for everyone's input, both PMs and posts! Several of you had suggested for reclaimed shot, which I didn't know was even a thing. I will have to reach out to the couple of local trap clubs and see what is available. I was able to go to a local store last night and get half of what I need for my first loads when the loader comes in. I will report back how it goes. Couple of other responses: I had not heard of this site before, thanks for the resource, good volume discounts. Once I get my load just right I will certainly be using this resource for bulk purchases. I'm in Omaha every 6 months or so I will have to pop in, thanks for the resource! Some day Coffinmaker, Someday. I have not been taken in by the dark side just yet!
  11. Thanks for the PMs so far, I appreciate hearing from everyone.
  12. Literally just bought the loader today have not purchased any components yet, what are you thinking with unique?
  13. Most individuals in our game that reload have a pet load for their pistols and rifles. Over the last year I have done the same and have what I beleive to be a great 125gr 38 special load that I will load for the foreseeable future. It is smooth, low recoil, and I could not be happier. With that being said I'm not to excited about the factory shotgun loads that are available or their price points. My remedy is that I just bought a shotshell reloader with the purpose of cooking up a nice recipe for the other half of my ammo. Knowing that it is not permitted to share load info on the wire I would appreciate a few PMs as a good place to start for loading a lighter 12 gauge shell with a 1oz load? Preferably shooting under 1000 fps. I know this pops up every so often but I could not track down a recent thread. I appreciate everyone's knowledge and insight. Have a Merry Christmas!
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