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  1. Drove by the property yesterday. The exterior is complete though the parking lot is unpaved.
  2. I've shot my .357 mag with 158 grain bullets also out to 230 yards successfully. I suggest you load some rounds and see which rifle groups best at 100 yards. The rifle you choose should be easy to shoot offhand since that shooting position is often required.
  3. I bought from Cabelas with free shipping and got the rebate. I agree that with the rebate it is not worth reloading.
  4. The motels in Moriarty still have a few rooms left. Book soon if you want to stay there. Here is a summary of New Mexico gun laws: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_New_Mexico Winter Range provides the following information for foreign shooters: http://www.winterrange.com/gunlaws.html
  5. I would contact the Yakima Black Rock Bunch, a SASS club located near Yakima. Their contact information is listed at http://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_detail.php?Yakima-Black-Rock-Bunch-837 Ted Blocker makes quality leather for CAS. I have some of his products.
  6. A good way to salvage some of your dignity is to call a SDQ on yourself and request the appropriate penalty be assigned.
  7. I shoot our club's "action pistol" matches (like IDPA but more simple), trap, wobble trap and 5-stand clays. I can't get enough trigger time. Weather in the desert southwest is mild enough we can shoot all year round.
  8. 2kd, I found exactly the rifle you are after at the price you want. I sent you a PM with the details.
  9. From one who left the Pacific Northwet, trust me. You won't miss the rain! Hope you can make some of the annual matches in New Mexico. I'd like to see more of you.
  10. I use Peltor 6S with a behind the neck band. They are satisfactory but only provide 19 dB protection. I had a pair of Caldwell amplified muffs once. The electronics were inferior.
  11. I used coated bullets with Triple Seven in my handguns all last year with no issues. My wife now uses coated bullets in her '73s with smokeless powder. We both now prefer the coated bullets and intend to load with them whenever possible. Not handling bare lead is another advantage in addition to those listed by RK.
  12. Alliant Muzzle MZ: I use it for out-of-town matches as it is not very hydroscopic and does not rust my shotgun. It is fairly coarse. I find it comparable to APP FFg. Until recently Sportsmans Warehouse sold it for $10 a bottle. I stocked up.
  13. All the stages were rebuilt since my first Siege. It's a whole new match. Camp on range if you can. Water and 20A service is available. You can buy cast bullets from San Juan from his casting operation and haul them home. They are good bullets. If they have the awards banquet at the Turn of the Century Saloon you will love that too (http://www.turnofthecenturysaloon.com/TURN_OF_THE_CENTURY_SALOON/Welcome.html).
  14. Father Frost gave one of these to my wife for New Years. I think it instantly became her main match rifle. We bought it from the Cowboy Shop.
  15. The dry camping area is just a gravel lot located very close to the shooting bays. There are no hookups. The range has nice props. The home club runs a quality match and I recommend it. The awards banquet is in a nice banquet room in a hotel. I will be returning for a third year. The match can no longer hold a long range rifle side match but does use the clays facilities of the range for side matches. My wife and I camp at nearby Sand Hollow State Park - just 15 minutes from the range with full hookups, great views and gates open from 6 AM to 10 PM. Others camp downtown Hurricane in
  16. I go to visit with former co-workers who enjoy the shooting sports. I'm on a first name basis with several vendors and will visit with them when they are not making sales. At the next major show in February I'm taking the electrician who worked on my alarm system over the holidays and his son to shop for used reloading equipment. I promised I would teach the fellow how to reload. He only needs a single stage press for the small lots he will reload.
  17. I checked the Southwest website. That airline only allows 11 lbs of ammo. That's why many shooters buy their shotgun shells when they arrive at a match. See https://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/baggage/special-luggage-pol.html#baggage_special_luggage_pol_tab_list_tab_10
  18. Try flying through the Portland, Oregon airport sometime. The TSA personnel there have the best manners I've encountered. When you interact with them you never get the feeling you are being processed into a Federal Pen.
  19. Reloading equipment is very durable. You can buy used equipment for about half of what new costs. Check gun shows, estate sales and gun stores that sell used guns and equipment. You can get outfitted for less than you think. BTW CAS often involves three separate hobbies: shooting, reloading and RVing. Some add bullet casting to this list.
  20. Thanks for the info, JB. I'm frugal and would rather buy a package of 100 to test instead of $30 for 1,000 primers. If no one has any experience with GINEX I think I will buy a brick and try them. BTW, I don't mean to demean this company. I am simply curious about their product.
  21. A local reloading retailer is stocking UNIS "GINEX" GORAZDE small pistol primers manufactured in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Anybody have experience loading these primers and shooting rounds assembled with them? I'd like to know how reliable these are, how well they seat and how hard a hammer strike it takes to ignite them - say relative to Federal, Winchester and Remington small pistol primers.
  22. I agree with GJ that a covering that prevents guns from sliding off the table is desirable. Scrap carpet is cheap but holds rainwater and dust. I like smooth rubber sheet. It is easily cleaned and dried and keeps guns from sliding.
  23. If you assemble a minimal costume now you can wait and buy from the vendors at the Western Regional match and the Western Divisional match - both will be held in California this year. California State in April just east of Sacramento would be a good place to shop too. I bought a dress shirt from a Utah-based store there last year. My favorite CAS brick and mortar clothing stores are Wild West Mercantile in Mesa, AZ and Texas Jacks in Fredericksburg, TX. However there are vendors who pull their mobile stores to major matches. I've bought plenty of clothes from them.
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