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  1. Im with Howlin' Wolf. I would love to see it shot the old way. Lots of different situations, the horses, knives, dragging things. Speaking as someone who is about the same age as him. I know most guys I would get to come would want to do more than shoot really fast. Im not saying this because I cant shoot fast, because Im pretty fast. 15-20 second stages is great and all but I would prefer longer times and more fun and variety. yes, I have heard everyone say "im not as young as I use to be, thats why we dont it that way anymore" but when does it stop, sit in a wheelchair and deliver? if it was more like it was in the past, I think more young shooters might be interested.
  2. the label on your magazine as mentioned above. mine says life member and my number.
  3. there is so much misinformation in this thread. 5.56 doesent suppress well? wrong! suppressors dont lessen felt recoil? wrong. good suppressors negatively affect accuracy? wrong. wrong wrong wrong. cutting down barrels on most calibers may only amount to a couple hundred feet per second or less speed loss. Quality suppressors enhance accuracy, its proven time and time again. if you lose a couple fps what does that do? nothing adjust your drop and go. quality suppressor improve the shooter, by reducing felt recoil, by taking away the loud noise, by allowing you to see your hits through your scope and put follow up rounds on target faster. if any of you are in my area and want to try out some suppressors get ahold of me and I will give you the opportunity, so you can make an informed decision.
  4. Since Allie Mo asked, otherwise I wouldnt say anything... we joined almost 2 years ago. In that time we have shot 60ish matches. I wanted to shoot SASS in the 90s when I was in the Marine Corps in California, but with very little pay it didnt happen. 4 cowboy guns is expensive.( I shoot alot, many different styles) Why did I join? I thought I had to in order to shoot matches. I might not have if I had known you can shoot at local shoots without joining. I paid for 3 3year memberships and my wife hasnt shot but 2 matches because of being pregnant. If I had known I sure wouldnt have thrown that money away, I have no problem paying money to my club for targets, facades,etc. But not extra to SASS. Im not saying I wouldnt join SASS again, I just cant say what the real benefit is over just shooting cowboy action at a local club. For all you saying getting to use the wire should be for members only or its a benefit. You do realize most forums on the internet are free right? They are generally paid for through advertising. (like the wire has) so, its not much of a benefit. I pay for 3 memberships but only get 1 magazine. WOW theres a benefit. I doubt I will ever shoot a regional or national big match, so I dont see the benefit there either. The ludricous idea that some people have expressed that we OWE SASS more than just dues is well ludicrous. This isnt church where you are paying tithes so they save your soul (or something). You are paying to have fun. Do you feel indebted to the movie theater? Do you feel indebted to the race track you visit? or other games you play? I also assume all of you who think we owe SASS an eternal gratitude for being able to shoot cowboy also served your country. Since there is a place you should feel indebted to. flame away, since I know that many people here cant help but put others down constantly and be negative. just to be clear here. I have NO problem with SASS or SASS charging DUES. The problem I mentioned is that some of the members seem to think SASS saved their soul and WE owe them something. We owe them no more than our dues. Our local clubs is where we owe our sweat, extra money when needed, etc. The governing body??? just dues. Its great if you have the ability to help out at the big matches, great to want to expand the organization through networking, bringing people into the clubs, etc. I have no problem with SASS.
  5. I am an NRA Life Member. I do not get any calls, email or mail from them. Its not real dificult guys, log on or call and ask to be put on the "do not promote" list go to this page and read how easy it is. Of course you wouldnt want to send money to the Largest and most effective gun lobby anyway right? there are many other gun rights orgs, but none of them have the sway the NRA does. Are they perfect? no of course not, but they are going to get more done. https://membership.nrahq.org/privacy.asp look for the opt out option.
  6. these are some of the best MSA Sordin Supreme pro x, Peltor Comtach III TCI Liberator II That said I have 6 pairs of the Howard Leights at my house. They frequently are on sale. I bought the last 2 pairs last month from amazon for $27 a pair. They are good for the money. Some people with weird shaped heads say they dont seal well around the ears. No advice though for wearing with a hat.
  7. They still deliver milk here in Colorado (im sure in many other states too). They will deliver other dairy products and eggs too. We usually have milk goats and chickens so delivery isnt needed.
  8. Long Hunter did all the work, I bought the guns new from them and at that time they color cased them and tuned them. I run my guns very fast and for probably 60 matches in the last 2 years they have function flawlessly. until now... I did check out the schematic earlier, so I think that I can fix the issue, as long as I know what causes or caused the issue. now where to find the parts in stock. Neither Brownells of Midway have both items. I would have to order 1 from each of them. Who else? What else should I order parts wise while Im at it? Anything else break?
  9. I have one 650 that is about 8 years old. I have one that is new this year. They are identical other than the new grease zerks. I checked the cylinders again, yes they are correct. The question now is how did the recoil plate get backed out? does that mean the recoil plate cross pin is damaged? I know to punch it from the loading gate side. The pin is a couple bucks and the recoil plate is a few bucks. Im sure I can change it out. Why did it happen? just happens sometimes, part failure, overcharged load??? what sets the recoil plate back?
  10. This is all loaded on my dillion 650. The same way I have loaded ammo for many many years. Dont let the high sass number fool you. I have a powder check die. I frequently stop in the middle of loading and weigh the charges. Never a deviation of more than .1 of my intended load. I updated the original post to say that my vaqueros recoil shield has now become recessed. This would cause an unsupported primer. The question now is how to fix that?
  11. Im sending the vaqueros to Long Hunter to inspect and fix. The thread has run its course. After further inspection, I see the recoil plate where the firing pin protrudes has now become recessed slightly. This would cause an unsupported spot for the primer allowing it to back itself out slightly. I would take a picture but I dont think it would show up correctly. How did that happen and how do I fix it? I checked all 3 other vaqueros and the recoil plates are all flush. However, I just called LongHunt and they said they can fix it. I sure wouldnt have wanted to send it back to Ruger. Its not stock and I dont want it back stock. I bought the from LongHunt and they color cased them and tuned them. No the cylinders arent mixed up, they are serialized and match the proper gun.
  12. That would be an SBR and require a $200 sin tax from the ATF. you could make it 16" and be ok. Or keep it at 12" and have a stabilizer instead of a stock.
  13. That is close to what I was hoping to spend. I will keep watching gunbroker too.
  14. It wouldnt matter one bit if we were all chocoholics if we had Calico Mary's metabolism.
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