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  1. We lost another good Cowboy, today I got the sad news of the passing of Two Gun Tim. Tim was Catlow’s brother, I received a phone call today from Rogues Pierre with the sad news. Tim was always on our posse at range war, I also shot with him at guns of August and end of trail. This is the third member of our posse that we have lost in the past 2 years. I missed shooting with him last year due to not being able to attend range war because of covid. My sincere condolences to Tim’s family his wife and son Rowdy Ryan. Rest in Peace Tim your friend Lefty
  2. I have been coming to Range War since 2000 only mist one-year due to stupid covid. I just hope this year the border will be open. this is my favorite shoot, so I am looking forward to this year. I keep my fingers crossed that we be able to cross the border once again. And if we do that, I do not have to quarantine for 14 days when I go back that would really screw up my teaching after labor.
  3. Does anybody have a list of who is coming to Range War. Lefty
  4. That is to Bad because it is in Canadian dollars which would make them about $40 thousand. Lefty
  5. They are advertised at Budget Shooters supply in British Columbia Canada
  6. Does any body know or has used these primers they are $48 per thousand. Lefty.
  7. I just scored 10,000 Federal primers small pistol magnum at $46.75 a thousand And that is in beaver bucks, I am doing a happy dance. Lefty
  8. I just got two cans of Alliant Black MZ, has anyone used this and what is your experience with this. Also I have been looking for Winchester AA light powder it gives loads that duplicates the feather light shell. Did Winchester discontinue this powder, I really like it. Lefty
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