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  1. Getting ready for the Wolverine Rangers Range War, all my ammo is loaded, and my guns are cleaned and ready to go. Rude Dude and I will be leaving early Friday morning we should hit the border around 7:00 am. Looking forward to meeting all our friends once again, this will be my 19th range war. This is one of my favorite shoots it is right up there with End of trail and Winter Range. RJ Law and Deuce put on a great shoot. This will be Deuce last year as match director, I would like to thank him for all the time and years that he has given to Range War. He is one of the reasons that I rate this shoot so high. Thanks Deuce and RJ for all your hard work Lefty
  2. At the Range do you soak your brass in plain water or do you add something to it. Lefty
  3. I just got two cans of Alliant Black MZ, has anyone used this and what is your experience with this. Also I have been looking for Winchester AA light powder it gives loads that duplicates the feather light shell. Did Winchester discontinue this powder, I really like it. Lefty
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