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  1. Will there be a list of who is coming to End Of Trail 2023 Lefty
  2. Lefty, I see you are from Canada. God Bless You! But one question must be answered, the guy that DQ'd the shooter, was he named Trudeau? Just asking Luther that little Chicken Sh!!!!!T is to afraid to come to a shoot
  3. How would you call this? This past weekend at a regional shoot, a shooter with a Henry rifle after completing his stage caried the rifle back to the unloading table straight up however as he was walking to the unloading table the gun was tilted about 10 degrees back. The shooter was then issued a stage DQ for breaking the 170. Keep in mind that he was shooting black powder which makes it very difficult to carry the gun by holding the barrel which after firing 10 rounds of black powder gets very hot. So, in order not to burn his hands he caried the gun by holding the stock. Try to hold a long barrel rifle straight up by just holding the stock. Would this justify a stage DQ Lefty
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