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  1. I m sadden today by the loss of Catlow a friend, we shot together for many years at Range War. He was my posse leader for over 15 years, I looked forward every year getting together with him in Michigan on the labour day weekend. My condolences to his brother Two Gun Tim and his Family. Rest in peace my friend you will be missed by all your Canadian Friend. Lefty
  2. Just about ready to hit the road, it is snowing the roads are a mess. I am not looking forward at the drive to the college, the 30 min drive will turn into 1 hour. Reprieve got an e-mail classes are canceled due to a power failure; students will be very happy and so am I. Great day to do some reloading and get ready for Winter Range. Loading 357 mag on my Dillon 550, 125 grain bullet, 3.5 grains of Trail Boss. The phone rings and I got distracted, when I get back to loading, I double charge my case. Luckily it filled the case right to the top, it is almost impossible to double charge with trail boss. Yes it is a little more expensive but still a lot cheaper than blowing up a gun. I have been loading for over 40 years, it shows that you can still make mistakes.
  3. I just got two cans of Alliant Black MZ, has anyone used this and what is your experience with this. Also I have been looking for Winchester AA light powder it gives loads that duplicates the feather light shell. Did Winchester discontinue this powder, I really like it. Lefty
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