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  1. A big thank you to the North Alabama Regulators for a fine shoot and great hospitality. I’ll even forgive Buck D Law for forgetting a sign fo South Dakota MCJ
  2. Hi Dillard. I maybe interested in the 44-200 RNFP and 45-230 RN mounds. Please email me at roddewig@venturecomm.net Thanks MCJ
  3. See you there Stirrup. I gaurentee it will be one of the best matches you can attend
  4. Congratulations Evil. +100 for the great Match
  5. I’ve seen that before also. Don’t know why it wouldn’t work
  6. Exactly my point Bob. I think the RO committe needs to take another look at this. If there was a way to release it like on a pump shotgun maybe but not if you have to bPull the trigger. It’s an accident waiting to happen

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