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  1. Please note the official BAMM rules 2020: BOLT ACTION MILITARY MATCH The rifle must be an original caliber bolt-action rifle issued by any country to its military forces through the end of WWII. It must be as issued with original iron battle sights and NO external modifications. Internal modifications are allowed. Faithful reproductions are allowed. Unless an exception is listed for a specific match, ALL BAMM bullets must be of pure lead or lead alloy. Gas checks are allowed but NOT jacketed bullets. A lot of discretion is left up to the Match Director. A lot of what you read on the wire are ideas or suggestions from Match Directors. Some choose to all reloads off the clock while others use stripper clips on the clock like most rifles were designed to be used. Legendary Lawman Wild Bunch ROC
  2. What a shock. What a great cowboy. He was always fun to shoot with. He was to shoot with us at Winter Range. He visited but did not shoot. He will be missed. Our thoughts are with his family.
  3. I agree that we sure are lucky to have shooters like Whistlin Will and Damascus John leading our way. Well done to both or you.
  4. Hi OMG Not sure if that is a good short form or not? We sure enjoyed both working with you and shooting with you. Thanks so much for all your help and great sense of humour. Hope to see you next year.
  5. Congratulations to Whistlin Will, the top overall shooter at Winter Range. Well Done! You did a great job in the shoot off as well and thanks for the days you helped during set up.
  6. Congratulations DJ from Serenity and I. Great shooting. We appreciate your enthusiasm. You are always having fun while you're shooting.
  7. Merry Christmas to both of you and all the other cowboys. See you next month. Legendary Lawman and Serenity
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