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  1. Our thoughts are with you and your wife. Legendary Lawman and Serenity
  2. Congratulations to Union Jack, Pleasant Valley Kid and all the other winners. Wish we could have been there.
  3. Buffalo Dick First of all, you have to understand that the SASS staff are working countless long hours to make this EOT work. There are also numerous volunteers committed to making this the best EOT they can considering all the circumstances. Your problem getting registered had to do with the great interest in this match, not the fault of some individual. Secondly. please read my post. I am just letting people know that if they are interested in coming to EOT 2021 just to shoot Wild Bunch, we will take their application as we have room. You don't have to go through
  4. For those wanting to shoot Wild Bunch even if they don't get to shoot cowboy, please don't call the SASS office just yet. As you can imagine, they are still very busy finalizing all the cowboy registrations. A revised application will be available early next week on the SASS website where you can register for WB if you are not yet accepted for cowboy or do not wish to shoot cowboy. When it is available, it will be announced on the wire.
  5. To Jackrabbit Joe and Sly Puppy We are sure missing Arizona, stuck up here in Canada with the borders closed. Not only is it getting cold, but there is very little shooting right now. We are under lock down and indoor ranges are closed. Ever optimistic, we hope that things will get better in the new year. In the meantime, we are doing lots of reloading, getting stocked up. While we have to hunt around, we are lucky to still be able to get primers here. For everyone, we wish a much improved new year. Legendary Lawman and Serenity
  6. Merry Christmas all Legendary Lawman and Serenity
  7. Merry Christmas to both of you and all the other cowboys. See you next month. Legendary Lawman and Serenity
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