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  1. Pic post'n is above my skillz. Put the washer at the bottom of the hammer spring. Use the thicker #10 AN washers. OLG
  2. Longer spring means nut'n if it doesn't have the 'smack' needed. Order new hammer springs from Wolff Gunsprings and flush out the insides with brake/carb cleaner. I now don't believe you have a trigger stop to deal with. You do have weakened hammer springs, that need to be skimmed with the AN washers I told you about or replaced altogether. Respectfully, OLG
  3. If the gun was built in the black powder era. Only use real BP. Not smokeless. We run our guns kinda hard in this game. OLG
  4. OP, have you tried the hammer springs from your other NMV that haven't given you any issues? In the 2 that are now giving FTF. Place 1 or 2, #10AN washers at the bottom of the hammer spring. When was the last time you deep cleaned/flushed the insides out? OLG
  5. Yes, he was. You should see what he does with Crayons OLG
  6. When you see the cost of .410, you'll know that answer. OLG
  7. Air rifle pellet went through a windshield Ya-rite OLG
  8. Was in the Bass Pro HQ in Springfield MO. Lots of ammo at crazy high prices. No powder or primers. Gun racks and selves were full and selection was about the best I've seen here. OLG
  9. Never loaded anything but FMJ 124gn in 9mm. I use 7.5gn of BD. Duplicates the NATO load. OLG
  10. Get a tight fitting bore mop and put it in a drill motor. Then polish the chambers and throats using what ever compound have handy. OLG
  11. 5 Dogs Creek, riding and shooting from a moving ore cart. OLG
  12. I can't post what I want to say, as I don’t want to be banned OLG
  13. Yul, IF you are hav'n fun and your safe. Keep shooting BTW, they have always used a Sundial to time me. Because of the shoulder issues I now have. I had to give up Duslist, and now use 2 hands on the revolvers. Thank God for Tylenol OLG
  14. Deal'n with old Arthur myownself, and I'm approaching the same decision you made. Going to shoot this Saturday with Bear Creek Volunteers. With the move into our home and everything, we haven't shot cowboy in about a year. OLG
  15. That's a taper crimp. Much easier to set. Revolvers use a roll crimp. Get a Lee Factory Crimp Die. OLG
  16. Please post a follow-up when you receive them. OLG
  17. Clean your dies out. Seat & crimp in two separate operations. OLG
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