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  1. Wonder what happens to the bulk ammo that's in route to CA?
  2. Much depends on the prefix to the serial number. Any under 06 is sketchy in QC.
  3. Don't worry about the lever spring. The sear springs kinda help in opening. The hammer springs is the most important. Along with working the hammer cocking rods over.
  4. Use a compression die. Increase powder charge to increase compression.
  5. Coyote Cap tuned my '87 to run brass. The clink sound when they hit the ground sounds so cool.
  6. Up the compression. I compress Old E about .350.
  7. There are tools to stretch(swage)the front of the cylinder. Look at Brownells.
  8. Strange, I have never had any FTF with their primers. Are you using light weight hammer springs?
  9. Not a good choice for SASS level loads. Research BEFORE you buy.
  10. Private party can not ship powder or primers. Takes a permit from BATFE to do so.
  11. Then drive it like a rental car
  12. Drive it like a stolen car
  13. Sign up on this forum.... https://shilohrifle.com/forums/
  14. What are you doing for fouling control after each shot? Have you annealed the case necks? How do you measure your powder out?
  15. All depends on your front sight height. 36 ain't bad....
  16. Fouling out. For match grade loads you want maybe 10fps ES. Make sure your crono has fresh batteries.
  17. If the mod is like Coyote Cap's, yes you can still stoke it. Looking forward to handling one of these.
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