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  1. What does that have to do with it? I understand the EOT, CXL notice is in the latest chronicle ...... OLG
  2. I'm curious, as to why SASS mgmt hasn't posted that notice in the forum. OLG
  3. You ain't spent a summer in the Mojave Desert...... OLG
  4. The Dillon 'paperclip' will tilt a case, if it puts any pressure on the case head rim. BTDT OLG
  5. The truly informed buy the 340, because of the alloy frame, Ti cyl and SS bbl don't rust. OLG
  6. The 'kool-guys' carry 'cool' guns like the 340. OLG
  7. There should be NO tension of the 'paper clip' against the casehead. It should just barely touch. OLG
  8. This-Plus make sure you have NO up/down play in the shell plate when reinstalled. OLG
  9. Go with the S&W 340. Weighs 1lb loaded w/5rnds. OLG
  10. Yul, you have just taken your skill and works of art to a higher level Anyway you could post a video of this new 'toy' in operation? OLG
  11. I think it's a good idea to let folks see'em. What can it hurt? OLG
  12. Have'em send you the stock. If you don't like it. Then pay-it forward to someone else. OLG
  13. Apprenticeship is the very best 'teacher' in this case. I learned that back in the early 1970's. I worked under one of the very best 1911 'Smiths there will ever be. What I learned from him, has guided me all these years in gun fix'n and tune'n. The fact I can run a vertical mill, and a lathe, doesn't hurt either....... Respectfully, OLG
  14. Bunch of pissed off mechanics will have damaged tool chests and tools etc. Those hand tools are bought and paid for by the mechanics, NOT the company. Not good.... OLG
  15. And the Opal mines out by Johnnesburg and Randsburg, CA? Many are still active today. OLG
  16. Have several spare springs on hand before you do anydangthing. OLG
  17. The system worked as designed. It was the IDIOT who ran the APU inside the hanger that needs a beat'n. It was human error, NOT in any way was it a mechanical failure of the system. OLG
  18. Most of your 'fast-burning' powders can be temperature sensitive. Give Unique or WW231 a try. OLG
  19. He makes the very best venison I have ever had. Folks need to follow his recipe. OLG
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