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  1. Main reason why Dillon stopped making the 650.
  2. Is that Trap-Door proofed for smokeless? They are very weak actions.
  3. Good stuff and they are a NATO supplier.
  4. Better to call. Ask them to pull your order from the same lot run, to keep the springs identical.
  5. Jeeped all over that area, and at the northeast end is 'Starwars' Canyon.
  6. He's about the best there is. He is also the President of our SASS club, The Bear Creek Volunteers out of Walnut Shade Mo.
  7. Now, use any 2 or 3 F real BP you can find. Fill the case till the bullet compresses the powder when seat about 1/16"
  8. In the Sharps, look at a Postell or Creedmoor style bullet for the best long range accuracy. Experiment with 20/1 and 30/1 alloy.
  9. Shiloh Sharps Forum is a great place to learn from. How about some details on your rifle and type of sights you have. Hope you plan on loading real BP. BTW, most load 500gn+ bullets.
  10. Watch for shadows over the crono lenses.
  11. Weigh 10 charges and run those. How much variation do you see with ten throws from your PM?
  12. I also have a LEO background, still got called up every couple of years and then excused. Last time I was called up, my SIL was the arresting officer.
  13. Always use fresh batteries or do a fresh recharge before each crono trip. When did you last clean the screens?
  14. That can be adjusted via the extractor and ejector spring tension.
  15. SP and SR are the exactly the same size. LR is taller than LP.
  16. No difference. In fact, they may be a blessing in cold weather.
  17. Unique or WW231 powder will do Unique can be used for everything in SASS.
  18. OEM was 23lb hammer and 40oz trigger return springs. Call Wolff Gunsprings and order 18lb hammer and 32oz trigger spring. Ask them to pull the order from the same lot run if you have 2 Vaqueros to retune.
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