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  1. Agree on front of the t'lock. You'll also need t'lock clearance to pull the trigger for firing. OLG
  2. Strange, SG ammo is about the only thing I see on the shelves here. Not much of it either. OLG
  3. The '94 extractor is held in place with a solid pin. The FP uses 2 roll pins. OLG
  4. Call this guy. Outstanding work. http://www.clementscustomguns.com/home.html OLG
  5. There's something in the smell that gives me an instant migraine. Would 'sense' it before most other officers could. Made plenty of arrests back in the day because of it. This was back when any amount of 'pot' was a Felony. OLG
  6. Consistency was never in Marlin's production plans. Just look how the extractor hole in the '94 bolt got moved around. OLG
  7. OP, I would be in contact with the trigger's maker also. Can you put your video on YouTube? OLG
  8. Don't recall the exact size. Last time I needed some, I just took the bolt with me to the hardware store. Buy extra.... OLG
  9. Also, be sure the roll pins in the slide are just below the surface. OLG
  10. Lived in the Mojave Desert for 28 yrs. I assure you the powder is still good. With the crap going on now. I'd keep the powder. OLG
  11. Almost 'rite'. You must show a driver license if you are stopped while driving. OLG
  12. Will it screw into place without the stock? If no, loosen the 2 trigger plate screws and start the stock screw. Then tighten those 2 screws. OLG
  13. Make sure it produces sine wave current. IMHO, cry once and get a Honda. OLG
  14. I too turn 70 on March 28. Finally, my age and IQ are the same. OLG
  15. Wonder if Ruger will redesign the extractor on the 94? Or make a deal with RPP for their coil spring version? OLG
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