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  1. This Unit has been sold . Now I get to learn about my new 650.
  2. Thanks for the info. This put me on the right path. Going to upgrade the EMFs first.
  3. I have a question concerning grip frames. I currently have a pair of Ruger vaqueros with the Bisley grips. these fit my hand perfectly. I have tried shooting the standard Vaqeuros as well as a few of the Uberti pistols and the standard grip frame does not fit my hand. My pinky finger always falls below the grip. I have a pair of EMF pistols that have been tricked for CAS. I like the way they shoot but still have the grip issue. My question is there a larger grip frame and grips available out there that would allow me to keep the original look of the pistol but fit my hand? I plan on having the Bisleys slicked up. I like the turned hammers of those. Thanks Skinny
  4. Man I wish these would fit a 5.5 barrel. The holsters look long enough but pics can be deceiving. Smoking deal right here. I assume the belt is 44 inch waist and 38 cal loops from the pic. free bump for ya.
  5. Dillon 550 B Selling my trusty Dillon 550B as I moved up to a 650 and I don't need both. I sent this back about 3 years ago and had Dillon go through it. I haven't used it much since I got it back, I only used this for pistol cartridge loading and haven't needed to do any of that recently. It is in perfect working order with a small amount of surface rust on the handle. This unit is backed by the Dillon no BS warranty for Life. Best warranty in the business. Included are: 1 Dillon 550B with powder drop. (Powder in pic will be removed) 1 set of Lee 45ACP dies Installed in plate 1 set of RCBS carbide 38/357 dies Installed in plate 2 additional quick change die plates. 4 different caliber conversion sets with buttons and powder funnels and shell plates. 45 ACP, 38/357, 9mm/38 super and 45 LC. 2 primer pick up tubes. 1 low primer alarm Not included 1 large powder bar. (I cant find it) if I do it will go with the rig. 1 Small primer tube and primer bar. These items were packed in a box after Hurricane Harvey and I have been unable to find them. They can be purchased from Dillon. Price...600.00 Would prefer local pick up but I will ship if buyer pays shipping.. I am located south of Houston. For sale locally as well. Will trade for a stainless Ruger Vaquero with Bisley grip in 45LC or a Lever rifle in 38/357 Text preferred 832-385-3374 for quicker response... Skinny
  6. If the inseam is truly 36 then I would like to buy these. 36x36? I can do paypal. Skinny
  7. I am interested in the gun belt and would like to come look at them if that's possible.  I live south of Houston.  832-385-3374


    or reply with your number  please. Text ok 

    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      live in old alief area west houston can meet you Saturday you name the time and how about Bass Pro shop on 288 and beltway 8

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