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  1. Why are all these deals so far away. dang I need one of these...
  2. I have a 650. What caliber conversion kits are you wanting to get rid of?
  3. I just order coated bullets from Scarlet. She has projectiles in stock no loaded ammo at the moment.
  4. Yes sir I believe my first 92 was a 20 inch gun. Stainless Rossi and it was light and very smooth after Steve worked it over.
  5. Maybe my terminology was incorrect. I want a slicked up fully functional 92. I guess If I can find a 73 with a round barrel and 20 inches I would go for that. I know they are better I have one in 45LC. just wanted a lightweight 92. There was a guy in Beaumont Texas that used to work on the 92s and make them sweet. I had one years ago my first go around with the sport.
  6. I will take these. How do want payment? I can do paypal if you like. PM sent Larry
  7. I will take them both. I can do PayPal if you like. send me Payment info please. Thanks Larry
  8. Just the caliber conversion unless they are Dillon Dies. I have a nice set of RCBS carbide but they are cumbersome in the 650.
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