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  1. Yusta B.


    Stage ends when last gun is cleared. Was it his last gun ?
  2. Wally world Estate 1 oz Super Sport Competition Target Load 1180 fps. $5.54 a box.
  3. Both the original & this link both worked for me. Win 7 & FireFox.
  4. There are times when life can be just wonderful !!
  5. Here's what I sent....... + receipt.
  6. I'm with the penalty stands, no reshoot side. If the table fell over when they restaged - then I would go for a prop failure.
  7. No question about that .....
  8. J-B Bore Paste & Black powder ...
  9. My question would be - were the rifle & pistol targets all the same distance from the shooting line ?
  10. I use 2 powder measures. You need to add enough so it slightly compresses the powder so as not to mix with it handling & bouncing around your truck.
  11. I think I know how you feel --- my granddaughter won her category at Winter Range this year & she has no mercy on me, beating me regularly. Congratulations !!
  12. Lake Pleasant Regional Park is about 15 min away, a nice campground and by-the-day reservations.
  13. J-Bar - next time ya go to visit Noz take a rag with BP residue on it & give him a sniff. Bet cha he'll perk up & grin like a Cheshire cat ! Give him my best wishes ......
  14. Widder, That's totally false..... she's a roving substitute agent for an unknown state auto license office.
  15. Can I offer to help you post pics ?

  16. 3 Generations in SASS Yusta B #57361 2004 Diana Tx Pinewood Kid #61865 2007 Lyons Co Son Mean Michelle #95863 2012 Diana Tx Daughter Hellfire Hanna #103777 2016 Diana Tx Granddaughter (Won shotgun at CBAC)
  17. Just a reminder - CAC 2018 at Bar 3 has 200 apps in - 300 max. Sign up soon ! 

  18. Miss you Rocky ! When ya commin back to Bar 3  & shoot with us again ?

  19. It actually filled up in about 11 days.
  20. There is a waiting list for cancellations.
  21. I think the Warden needs to be acclaimed the official SASS "Old Shotgun Rescue Guru" of the year. I wish I lived just down the road from him so I could drop by from time to time & watch him work on the grand old scatter guns .......... '
  22. He has been known to hang around with that Prairie Dawg guy so - yeah - hard to ignore him ! :lol:
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