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  1. As Mr Grits says - looks like you have a Mod 94 & the kits you are looking at are for a Mod 336, or an 1895.
  2. Or buy birdshead's - there - problems solved
  3. Same guy has a whole series of gun & other restorations. Andre Will Do It
  4. That should work. I went to 115 gr - heavier than quite a few .38 shooters use. No problems with hits being called or KDs where I shoot.
  5. There are 115 & 120 gr cast bullets available - just sayin .....
  6. They changes the rules on them. Used to be you could hit the plate & then shoot the corresponding bird. Now - you have to hit all plates first & then shoot the birds.
  7. I had to get mine retimed after only 12 years. Yeah - he builds a nice rifle.
  8. Here ya go ..... They are used as a side match now. 3 of them spread out with about 12 other targets - clay birds mounted, KDs, spinners etc.
  9. Right at 2.4 gr of Clays, Clay Dot, Red Dot, Promo. 78 gr to 115 gr
  10. I'd do it if I were about 40 yrs younger. It's worth a phone call. See what you can find about AGI on the net.
  11. They have a Cowboy Action Bundle for $265
  12. Handi Rifles may also be had without or disabled ejectors. 45-70 can be downloaded to .45 cowboy loads. Very versatile gun.
  13. Any gunsmith that works on Rugers will have a drawer full of stock hammers in his shop. Get on the phone.
  14. Next time you go - if they have any Estate 1 oz 1080 fps or 1-1/8 oz 1045 loads - try a box. Have been shooting them in SKB & Baikal & they shuck fine in my guns. About $5.58/box
  15. 2.5cc(FF) & 7/8 shot is plenty - unless you want more. Mec #30 bushing for 600 jr. I used to shoot 65gr & 1 oz but it's not needed (for me).
  16. Here ya go. Knights leather products 7868 Silverton Ave Suite # E San Diego,CA 92126 Phone : 858-695-8100 Fax: 858-695-8184 You may email us: sales@knightsleatherproducts.com
  17. C45S crimped with Lee .45 ACP crimp die.
  18. As it turns out - Lee has changed the base of the case feeder. Now it has a large hole and a small hole for different case rim sizes. The hole in the older model is only .520, new one is .540
  19. 44-40 & 38-40 cases measure about .519 and my Lee loader tubes are .532 -- should work. Works on my loader. Could be difference in batch of tubes ?
  20. A few of us backward thinking loaders hand prime the cases.
  21. I use my Loadmaster with a universal decapping die in a similar way for de-priming.
  22. You are doing as great job Allie - keep her fighting, love heals ....
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