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  1. Good Gawd Man, Bart Solo is missing! I thought he simply decided to remain in FL and avoid the Kansas heat. Hope all is well with Bart.
  2. No clear coat just polished nice and shiny I like them smooth, I believe it aids in initial hand/grip placement when drawing. The Munden recoil panels and exact fit to my hand provide just the right amount of roll to snag the hammers. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary...
  3. I have been employing Munden Recoil Control Grips for about 20 years shooting frontier cartridge duelist. My one-piece grips are fashioned using a tracing of my hands; the most recent grips crafted by Chris at Chisel and Plane Workshop. The shape of Munden grips is the key element to recoil recovery aiding in better rapid-fire duelist shooting. Each grip has small raised panels just above where the middle finger contacts left and right grip panels. The panels limit the amount of slip/roll of the revolver in your hand. The Eagle Gunfighter grip has these same raised panels and are available off the shelf.
  4. Under the sod in the prairie-land We have laid him down to rest, With many a tear from the sad, rough throng And the friends he loved the best ; And many a heartfelt sigh was heard As over the earth we trod, And many an eye was filled with tears As we covered him with the sod. Under the sod in the prairie-land We have laid the good and the true— An honest heart and a noble scout Has bade us a last adieu. No more his silvery laugh will ring, His spirit has gone to God; Around his faults let Charity cling While you cover him with the sod. Under the sod in the land of gold We have laid the fearless Bill; We called him Wild, yet a little child Could bend his iron will. With generous heart he freely gave To the poorly clad, unshod— Think of it, pards—of his noble traits— While you cover him with the sod. Under the sod in Deadwood Gulch You have laid his last remains; No more his manly form will hail The red man on the plains. And, Charley, may Heaven bless you! You gave him a "bully good send;" Bill was a friend to you, pard, And you were his last, best friend. You buried him 'neath the old pine tree, In that little world of ours, His trusty rifle by his side— His grave all strewn with flowers; His manly form in sweet repose, That lovely silken hair I tell you, pard, it was a sight, That face so white and fair! And while he sleeps beneath the sod His murderer goes free, Released by a perjured, gaming set, Who'd murder you and me— Whose coward hearts dare never meet A brave man on the square. Well, pard, they'll find a warmer clime Than they ever found out there. Hell is full of just such men ; And if Bill is above to-day, The Almighty will have enough to do To keep him from going away— That is, from making a little scout To the murderers' home below; And if old Peter will let him out, He can clean out the ranch, I know. by John Wallace "Captain Jack" Crawford from The Poet Scout: A Book of Song and Story , 1879
  5. "Ought to know better than touch another man's hat!"
  6. Thanks and Congratulations on your and Sadie's Hall of Fame induction!
  7. Not a problem my friend... Thank You for all your hard work!
  8. Anyone know the link to the 2019 EOT posse photos?
  9. A fine man always enjoyed shooting with him, he will be missed…my heartfelt condolences.
  10. SASS Alias: Tame Bill SASS # 30699 Kansas Shooting for 18 years
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