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  1. Great, giving individual & excellent gunsmith !!
  2. Once I find a load. This ^^^^^ is all I do to switch from AA to STS to Estate hulls.
  3. California SASS clubs https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=California
  4. Considering APP is citric acid based I'm not surprised.
  5. From MidwayUSA add Product #: 667975 Federal Premium #: TG12EL 8 UPC #: 029465529819
  6. Mine started sticking & the tab was bent down, not up, causing the tab to rub in the bolt channel.. The carrier rising too soon will bend the tab up. Don't know what caused it to bend down.
  7. Lookin' forward to seein' ya Blackwater !
  8. Wizard & Kid -- I can't tell you two how much it pains me to miss this match & your company. I hold you two in the highest regards possible. If there was any way I could shoot the match I would be there if I had to walk. Know that I miss you both greatly. All the best & say howdy for me to all the misfits .....
  9. That's funny right there - I don't care who ya are .......
  10. Depends on which turret. Lee Classic Turret is auto incrementing (not progressive) and is easily changed to a manual turret(simulating a single station press) if you wish. Press only can be had for about $115 new. Then you need dies & powder measure like you would for many other presses.
  11. They also still allow concealed carry. Just sayin'
  12. According to their statement it shouldn't affect SG ammo.
  13. "Added a couple black eyed peas and that fixed the problem. I think I'll try a different wad on the next go and try and get the powder down to 3.0 cc and 7/8 oz of shot." You might want to give Claybuster a call & discuss your problems with them. They know a whole bunch about wads 800-922-6287
  14. I took a pair of Olympic light motorcycle gloves & cut the straps/velcro off & use them. They are thin as driving gloves.
  15. That's about $30/lb. You should be able to get a bunch of good powders for 30% less/lb. Around $20/lb.
  16. I shot one (.45) with APP for about 6 years. I'm sure I shot 12 stages several times with only one application of Ballistol. I would think a .38 would fare even better - less powder - but you should remove lever & clean after each use. The extractor channel should also be cleaned periodically if steady diet of APP is used.
  17. " offer ended on Friday the 30th, and the order was placed on Saturday, the 31st, but they would honor it anyway " Yep - Cheycast is run by good people .....
  18. Speed up a little - you'll get over it soon enough
  19. Not rimmed cartridge. “Rifle Caliber” competition rifles must use traditional, period, rimmed cartridges." (Shooters Handbook)
  20. Griff - I'm pretty sure Snakebite was being uber facetious.
  21. Off topic - but - did you happen to work on MK 48s?
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