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  1. Midway lists a number of .32 ACP ammo (out of stock) of up to 75 gr.
  2. Cheycast has some .313 78 gr Hi-Tek bullets. https://cheycastbullets-com.3dcartstores.com/32cal_c_98.html
  3. 1FG will give you glorious streams of burning granules all the way to the SG targets. Use caution in the fall around dry grass/leaves. (Ask Blackwater ! )
  4. The flip caps will be much easier to use than the screw caps.
  5. Small addition to this ^^ (I forgot above) Only fill to halfway up the chambers, I put rubber corks in muzzles and leave it sit for 5-10 minutes. . If the chamber overflows you may get water under extractor & under the barrel rib. Bad Ju-ju if the rib rusts & pops loose from barrel. I usually squirt some WD-40 down there for insurance.
  6. Tequila Shooter : Have shot real black in my Baikal for about 15 years with plastic wads & no lube whatsoever. Cleans up with hot water. No scrubbing anything. A little Ballistol on a patch over the exposed metal after cleaning bore with 1/2 paper towel & still works fine.
  7. As it turns out - Lee has changed the base of the case feeder. Now it has a large hole and a small hole for different case rim sizes. The hole in the older model is only .520, new one is .540
  8. 44-40 & 38-40 cases measure about .519 and my Lee loader tubes are .532 -- should work. Works on my loader. Could be difference in batch of tubes ?
  9. A few of us backward thinking loaders hand prime the cases.
  10. I use my Loadmaster with a universal decapping die in a similar way for de-priming.
  11. You are doing as great job Allie - keep her fighting, love heals ....
  12. Can I offer to help you post pics ?

  13. 3 Generations in SASS Yusta B #57361 2004 Diana Tx Pinewood Kid #61865 2007 Lyons Co Son Mean Michelle #95863 2012 Diana Tx Daughter Hellfire Hanna #103777 2016 Diana Tx Granddaughter (Won shotgun at CBAC)
  14. Just a reminder - CAC 2018 at Bar 3 has 200 apps in - 300 max. Sign up soon ! 

  15. Miss you Rocky ! When ya commin back to Bar 3  & shoot with us again ?

  16. It actually filled up in about 11 days.
  17. There is a waiting list for cancellations.
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