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  1. Wasn’t remotely funny.
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs vs Montreal Canadiens. Rivalry goes back to 1917. As a Canadian hockey fan, you are in one camp or the other. The hate runs deep. Go Leafs Go!! On the football side, I’ve gotta go with Auburn over Alabama or anyone else. My nephew and his wife are Auburn alumni.
  3. That’s pretty cool right there. Thanks Mernickle.
  4. In terms of cowboy guns, I had a few Vaqueros and Blackhawks (didn’t know you could use Blackhawks), a Marlin 1894 which I subsequently modified for CAS. I did buy a Stoeger SXS though, since I didn’t have one I’d trust not to blow apart. Needed a shotshell slide and bought a great one from Mernickle.
  5. Some people’s kids huh? Did you imagine his truck wrapped around a light pole up ahead? Seems to help somehow.
  6. Did you yell “PULL” before you sent those shotgun primers flying?
  7. Music was better back then. Too much like McMusic now. Ya, I know, I’m a grumpy old crank. But it’s true (to me anyway). But Led Zeppelin? That’s where I draw the line. I may be the only person born in the 60’s who hates Robert Plant.
  8. There are some things you just can’t unsee. Or unthink. Now my brain hurts.
  9. The gel ear pads are the way to go. Comfortable all day long.
  10. The best tribute to a beloved lost dog is sharing your love with a new dog.
  11. Thanks Bullett SASS 19707! Good to know.
  12. You seem to have the basics to get started, but when it comes time to spend more money on the duds, there are several great vendors affiliated with SASS. I got most of my stuff at Wild West Mercantile. Got lucky and walked into the shop when Boulet Shooters Boots were on sale (score!!). They always have something on sale. Got one of my Stetsons at FM Light & Sons in Colorado. They have been in business for over 100 years and a Stetson expert in the shop fit it for me. Get a good hat and get boots that fit right and feel good. Buy them in person where you can try them on and have them fitted if necessary. You’ll need both ends to be comfortable for a long day on the range.
  13. Matching calibers is just a good idea, but that’s to facilitate easy loading. The guns don’t have to be related. I started with two mismatched Vaqueros. Both in .44 Magnum, but one is 4.62” and one is 5.5”. One is stainless and one is case colored and blued. One is a Bisley grip and one is not. One has Sambar stag grips and one has buffalo horn grips. I’ve since bought two matching New Model Vaqueros in .357, but that’s because I want to shoot .38 Special, not because the mismatch bothers me.
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