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  1. Thanks Bootstrap and Cat, have contacted Gallant Bullets and they seem to be great folks to do business with.
  2. Thanks GW Wade but Prairie Fire Arms is up for Sale.
  3. Does anyone make them? Wife is asking for Green color, my best distributor tells me NO. HELP!
  4. Just emptied my inbox. Would like $350 shipped. i will also send springs along with that ordered for them.

  5. I'll take the 12 Ga. AA Gray's PM me the details! Big Iron Buster
  6. Use 2F...not 3F


  7. received your email. I believe you have mistaken me for someone else.

    Big Iron Buster

  8. What is the dates for the Champ shoot for August 2012??

    Jackrabbit #414

    623-925-2559 or jgp3749@cox.net

  9. Howdy 3GC, thanks for the info. When ready I'll send Colt a note.

    Best Regards,

    Big Iron Buster

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