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  1. Try SliXpring Sox. Just type SliXpring and find there cases. I love mine! $45.00 and holds 2 pistols.
  2. Wranger Ron a true legend in our sport. Ronnie never said a bad word, always a friendly hello, always took time for his fellow cowboy. I meet Ronnie close to 25 years ago and when we would see each other we would recall the good old days of Cowboy Shooting. He loved trains and old cars. He was looking for a train whistle last I spoke to him. Our hearts go out to his family including Lefty Jo. Know Wranger Ron lived a life that was full of friends that thought the world of him. He will be missed. Big Iron Buster & Evergreen
  3. No problem but try and find SKB parts. BSS parts are out there such as firing pins and cockers are out there by cowboy shooters.
  4. Have a BSS cowboy ready, selectable with chock’s. If interested PM me. Used for cowboy, cowboy trap, skeet, and sporting clays. 5 chock’s total. There is nothing like mechanical trigger for consistency. If first barrel doesn’t go off put the trigger again. Big iron Buster 9361L
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