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    My grandson and family, history,shooting sports,fishing, hiking, back packing, photography, pretty much any outdoor activity, conservation

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  1. It has 6 holes the smallest is about a 38 and then it has 5 additional holes so I am guessing it goes to about size 46 or so...there is room to punch some holes to take it down to a 34 if you need it smaller Tinpan McGurk
  2. Yes I carry a revolver - S&W Model 60 2 1/4" 357/38+P.. the new Colt King Cobra looks interesting but not on the cards for me at this time..
  3. Lightly used leather gear..Stuff goes to the First "I'll TAKE IT" posted on here or PM'd 1. SPF Leather belt pouch for extra shells, cartridges etc fits up to 2 ¾” belt $15.00 SHIPPED 2. SPF Saddle leather Cartridge belt fits 34-38” could add hole to fit up to 40” Loops for 38/357 $55.00 SHIPPED 3. Muzzle loader round ball and patch keeper…oak holds 6 .50 caliber lubed patched balls for quicker loading..$8.50 SHIPPED PM with any questions Tinpan McGurk SASS# 82891
  4. Hey Gateway, PM me if you still have some left...how much can you fit in a small USPS box and in a medium usps box.?? I can use some for my 45-70 and for my 30-06 hunting rifles.. Thanks, TInpan McGurk
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