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  1. In my opinion a run of the mill 97 is still worth $300.
  2. I load in the winter. Right now I only have about 450, but it’ll be near 2000 by New Year’s Day.
  3. Rye, you can shoot my Miroku any time you want. It’s box stock, and Billy Badazz told me it didn’t need any work.
  4. I think Rowdy Red Tailor makes them too. Vaughan’s Custom Sportswear
  5. I shoot a pair of 4 5/8 Pietta.45s. All I’ve done was replace the springs for the cylinder pin retainer button. Dang pin would move under recoil. Now they don’t.
  6. I use a 200 grain bullet over 5.5 grain of Trail Boss, just like my Colt 45s.
  7. I was early to our September shoot, only one there, when a groundhog came out of the woods. I stuck one of my cowboy .45 Colts in my 1873, and took a shot at him. The sun was right at my back, and I was able to watch the bullet all the way into the dirt, about 20 feet in front of him. He went back in the woods.
  8. Thanks, Bubba, for another great shoot. The bicuits and gravy hit the spot.
  9. Rye, I sometimes shoot some "defensive pistol" with some club members. .38 revolver, 1911 A1, and my little .380. One time I took my 7 1/2" Vaquero .44 mag, but that was unusual. When the weather's nice I like to plink with my AR 15 and .45 ACP carbine, and I like to keep the varmint guns tuned up. But cowboying is the main thing. Heck, I've got a NIB .243 that's two years old, and I haven't got a scope on it yet.
  10. Success! Well, sort of success. I had to use the Gravatar thingy.
  11. Thanks, that's exactly what I've been doing, to no avail.
  12. Hang in there, Charlie, I never get tired of shooting with ya!
  13. I've been fighting this thing all day. Picture is too large. Okay, I got a smaller one. Failed to set new picture. Auuuuuugh!
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