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  1. Clean??? What is this clean thing you speak of?
  2. I've watched 'Ol #4 tune up more BSS's for SASS than I can count.
  3. There's always Desperado Cowboy Bullets: http://cowboybullets.com/32-Caliber_c_1.html Good soft bullets with the "Ding cast in".
  4. The folks at SliXprings have all of their products made in the U.S.A. Nothing they offer is imported. Another contributing factor to the size of that drop in the bucket.
  5. Kudos - Nice read. Well said. Thank you for the inspiration. Boothill

  6. Howdy Boothill

    hope you and you family are all good

    wishing you a very merry x-mas cheers


  7. Howdy Bandit, Go to SASS web site seardh Michigan clubs, select Wolvering Rangers, then select merchants and look for Redbeard Bandit, Must be some sort of kin of yours, Ha ha ha. I been shooting his and there great. Just thought you might like to know.

    Good Shootin

    Kid Al Fred

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