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  1. Nombre, If it has 30" barrels, it is most likely a "Waterfowler" model with heavier barrels than a Field or Upland model. Cutting To 21" or 22" will still leave sufficient weight forward to allow for mere inertia cocking with a flip of the wrist. It will also mean easy thin-wall chokes installation as the barrel are thicker as well. just some info to consider...... Ol' #4
  2. FJT>!!! Welcome back!! It is not as easy as falling off a log, nor is it like riding a bicycle BUT it is getting back up and "riding" again. Don't worry about the laughter, it follows all of us. Ol' #4
  3. No Horse No , that is why it's available 4
  4. No Horse, I have one I'm not using. Make me an offer, it's yours. Ol' #4
  5. A great time with some "make shift" Posse Marshals!!! J.T. be happy you survived,'' I enjoyed the stages and seeing friends out from the winter cold.... Those who missed it, MISSED it. Robb did a great job with the help of all the "Regulars"/ Thanks for a great time. Ol' #4 and Opal
  6. It is only a matter of concentration and an enormous influence of "The Force" that leads to any success. That and lotta luck.... Ol' #4
  7. AS title says, some (approx 130) left over 218 Bee brass used in a "Raging Bee" Taurus fired, at most, once. If you have ever shot one you'd know why it was shot so few times! 31.95$ mailed to your door Ol' #4
  8. AS title says, some left over 218 Bee brass used in a "Raging Bee" Taurus fired, at most, once. If you have ever shot one you'd know why it was shot so few times! 36.95$ mailed to your door Ol' #4
  9. JWH< I had one done in 2017 that looked like Crazy Guns but went through 4 discs and five boney parts all reassembled with Snap-on tools with steel plates screws and carbon fiber washers (Discs). I was from the end Of EOT until our Regional in April, I did exactly what the Doc and Therapist said EXACTLY it worked better than expected and I missed a few great shoots but I am 95% to go the rest of my life without paralysis and pain. Take your time healing according o the specialists. Ol' #4
  10. We have always been able to police our own brass. It is not confined to the main match criteria of time on stage.. I expect to get mine back , as always.. Ol' #4
  11. Evil, I have the action rod for a small frame 32 -20 The fore-end to bolt thingy..... Ol' #4
  12. Thanks, Phantom, You re right on.. It wasn't just that they were "The Folks" back them. It IS that they established a community, a philosophy and the character for what we enjoy today. It surely isn't the same as they started in action and maybe goals, but the character and community have certainly lasted. At least around here. Best to them all and us for carrying it along. Ol' #4
  13. Boy some variety. I use 45 gr by weight and 1-1/16 oz shot and any wad that makes it all fit. Never failed against a KD!!! Nor failed a "Smoke Test". Ol' #4
  14. For all you folks keeping track of the comin's and goin's of others Ol' #4 is now living in Buckeye, Arizona. For you folks looking for some of his repair and tuning, it will be a couple months before he is set up for work. For the rest of you, keep the faith and your powder dry. Ol' #4
  15. Culpepper,

    1. Ol Number4

      Ol Number4

      C. C., Send a PM at olnumber4@comcast.net first look inside the fore-end on the wood just in front of the metal frame, if there is a "4" or "4 B " it is one of ours. talk later, #4

  16. Oh yes BP forever.

    Some one said you might be coming to Las Vegas, are you?

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