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  1. Warden, That picture is all you needed to post!! THAT is John Bear...... What a gentleman and patriot. Ol' #4
  2. Earl, I will bow out. Go ahead and deal with Dakota. I am just looking for more backup.. Dakota, see if you can work with Earl. Ol' #4
  3. Do you have an Aluminum carrier? Is it timed correctly after some wear? Ol' #4
  4. Catlow, I have an older Mernickle set both Right side. I can have them out to WR on Wed. But I will be at clays in the AM then Plainsman shooting in the PM. If interested send a PM and I send my cell #, Ol' #4
  5. I just wanted to see if anyone would interpret that wrong, too. They are PGW Super Short Stroke links, I suggest checking the timing as well as they are sensitive.. Ol' #4
  6. Al, I found your ad but did not see a Uberti 1873 style carbine stock. Ol' #4
  7. As headline says, I am looking for a buttstock for an 1873 carbine.. Full length or cut a bit no matter, I' even accept dings. Ol' #4
  8. Jackrabbit Joe, An inspiration to us all!!! I have the good fortune to know and shoot with Joe , Sly and son. All are a pleasure to be with , a challenge to shoot against, and just fun. Congratulations on 30 years and my hope or may more for you. See ya tomorrow!! Ol' #4
  9. Check your head space first... Ol' #4
  10. Will they have a BP category?? When and where? Ol' #4
  11. For all you folks keeping track of the comin's and goin's of others Ol' #4 is now living in Buckeye, Arizona. For you folks looking for some of his repair and tuning, it will be a couple months before he is set up for work. For the rest of you, keep the faith and your powder dry. Ol' #4
  12. Culpepper,

    1. Ol Number4

      Ol Number4

      C. C., Send a PM at olnumber4@comcast.net first look inside the fore-end on the wood just in front of the metal frame, if there is a "4" or "4 B " it is one of ours. talk later, #4

  13. Oh yes BP forever.

    Some one said you might be coming to Las Vegas, are you?

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