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  1. Reb,

    If your looking for stock 44-40 Saddle Rifle, have your dealer get one form Zanders. They have them.

    Long Hunter

  2. I'm also surprised these haven't sold. Think a lot of newer shooters don't realize what they are. Best bullet proof design ever produced. These are my favorite all time single action revolver. Shot the heck out of mine and they don't look anywhere near as nice as this pair. Everyone is chasing the latest greatest contraption when the best ever range ready guns are staring them in the face.
  3. Howdy, After reading the forum this morning, we decided to offer our Ruger extended firing pins and return springs on our website. We have been using these in all our Ruger action work for several years. Here's the link: https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/product&path=88_94&product_id=449 Thank you, Long Hunter
  4. Hey buddy,

    Al contacted me about these a while back but I didn't know anybody that had a pair of 45 Rodeo's. Hope you guys can get together on them. I vouched for you. :-) If you need me to do the transfer for you, let me know and I'll send you my FFL.


    1. Jax T

      Jax T

      Thanks Jim, I appreciate it. I'm going to let him check them first to see if he likes the lowered hammers. I will let you know.

      Thanks Again

      Jax T

    2. Long Hunter SASS #20389L

      Long Hunter SASS #20389L

      Good deal,

      Just let me know and I'll forward you or them my FFL.

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