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  1. There's zero difference installing a short stroke in a straight stock or pistol grip. It can vary a little from rifle to rifle regardless of the stock configuration. Never noticed any difference in how the sights set between the two. Have notice the sights can vary a lot depending on how I mount the rifle after the buzzer goes off. :-)
  2. Widder, I'm not surprised either. There are guns I call campfire guns and then there are guns I call competition guns. Campfire guns = hey, look how smooth this one feels while showing it off around the campfire and not competing. The problem is a slow hammer hammer fall sets a speed limit. Competition gun = hey, look how this one functions when it counts. 'IMO, no one will every compete competitively with a campfire gun." Seems like a lot of the newer shooters are convinced they need a campfire gun when a competition gun that goes bang every time with a quick hammer fall is what's really needed. Been there done that myself. :-)
  3. "I credit Lead Dispenser for starting a new way to shoot CAS, I credit Badlands Bud for carrying it forward and I credit Matt Black for taking it to perfect perfection." Way to go young man!! Long Hunter
  4. Colt,

    Dylan is perfection at it's finest. As you know, I don't post on the wire very often but I would like post if you guys are okay with it is:

    "I credit Lead Dispenser for starting a new way to shoot CAS, I credit Badlands Bud for carrying it forward and I credit Matt Black for taking it to perfect perfection."


    Please tell him congrats for me. He's special!! It's way past talent, it's determination coupled with a lot of hard work. He can be the new Jerry Miculek if he works with some other guns. Hope he is. Stay confident but humble. The manufactures will come knocking.


    Hope we get to posse together at WR or EOT. You couldn't knock the smile off my face with a baseball bat. :-)


    1. Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Those are very kind words Jim thank you very much. You are welcome to post that. We hope to posse with you as well. Dylan is shooting other sports now so there is no telling what will happen. He is extremely humble and I’m quite proud of the man he is. 
      thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you! 
      Colt and Dylan 

    2. Long Hunter SASS #20389L

      Long Hunter SASS #20389L

      Well, he has a good Daddy!! Congrats to both of you.

    3. Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Thank you so much! You made my day my friend. If you ever need anything just let me know. 


  5. SS, I had a lot fun 10-15 years ago with our banter back and forth about Colt's and USFA's. Glad to hear you're doing okay. You've been a great educator for the Colt's over the years and I really appreciate it. FYI, I collect Colts now. Haha Take care, Long Hunter
  6. Lol, yes indeed Billy. :-) Look forward to shooting with you next year. We have a lot of catching up to do.
  7. Abilene, It was either 2003 or 2004. All of us that entered EOT received an exemption letter before the match from their state attorneys office. It allowed us to bring our lever guns in to the state in case we were stopped by law enforcement. The law made any gun capable of holding 10 rounds illegal. So for at least a short time, lever guns capable of holding 10 rounds were illegal in California.
  8. Well said Creeker. There's not a thing you said I would disagree with. We all have our preferences but we're all individuals and there's nothing wrong with that. It would be a boring world if everyone agreed on everything. Like you, get a little tired of the people saying they're not competitive and then complain about those that are. I'll come out of the closet, I'm competitive and enjoy every minute of it. But that doesn't take away from my fun when someone else isn't. There are many examples over the years where the fun non-competitive shooters have made my match enjoyable and had me belly laughing at times. Love to shoot with those truly fun people. But they're very few people that way. Most just use the "I'm Not Competitive" phrase to make themselves feel better. The one thing I think most of these people miss, is no one really cares if they're good or not. Just have fun and be supportive of the other people you interact with on the posse. You'll be respected for your actions, not your stage times. No one really cares about stage times except for the people shooting them. :-)
  9. I’ve been referenced in this post so guess I’ll reply. Never said I was going to quit because of modifications to guns, targets too close or any other reason. Like slicked up guns as much as anyone. Do think we should have a variety on target placement and stage design. The in your face Bordertown targets are occasionally fun but all the time gets boring to “ME”. Not speaking for anyone else. To say I should shoot head targets at these matches to increase my fun isn’t realistic. I’m a competitor and want to compare my skill set to other competitors. To do this everyone needs to shoot the same targets. To say a stage was unfair because there was a miss-able target on it is a head shaker. I’ll never get that one if everyone shoots the same target. Before anyone jumps me, I think the average stage should be set around the SASS minimums with some closer and some out a little more. Maybe a mix of all three on one stage. Also vary the heights and distance between targets. Add some movement but don’t make it a track meet. Occasionally carry a bag of gold from beginning to last station. It makes for interesting gun transitions. Have a clay bird popper with an optional stationary target for makeup if missed to preserve a clean match. The old days with 25-35 yard rifle targets and 10-15 yard pistol targets are gone and I haven’t missed them. A lot of those targets were 12-14 inches. Nor have I missed the SG targets you had to see color on the bottom to be counted as a hit. Always wanted the shortest counters for that one. :-) This is an action shooting sport. As such, variety makes it entertainment to “ME”. Long Hunter
  10. Howdy Long Colt, I truly believe the explosion of categories over the years has contributed to the downturn in the fun factor. It used to be maybe 15-20 percent of the attendees might place in a category. Now the pressure is on everyone to place regardless of how small their category is. My wife doesn’t like to shoot because she just wants to have fun with no pressure on how she finishes. Knowing her category will be less than 10, she’ll have to get up and go up front. She’s embarrassed if she finishes at the bottom and doesn’t want to practice to get any better. Since it puts pressure on her to do better when she’s only there for the fun, she just quit all together. Why this game decided everyone must be a winner like a kindergarten soccer league is beyond me. Let the competitors compete, and let the people who are there for fun, have fun. Everyone will be a winner………………and have fun. And I’ve heard for 20+ years when someone doesn’t like the current system, go join NCOWS. Please be respectful of someone else’s opinion without asking them to leave. My .02 cents.
  11. That young man is the real deal for sure. Proud to see him set a new world record. He'll set many more records as time passes with his skill and determination. Congrats Matt!! Long Hunter Colt, You build some of the most beautiful rigs I've ever seen. Excellent!!
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