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  1. I don't have the original only skeletonize in the gun . thank you

  2. Heeee Haaa P-Dawg.. Prayers comeing your way Ifin ya need to exercise any of your irons let me know Speedy recovery my friend Heee Haaaa Crazy Mingo
  3. Hi Lefty you trying to get in touch with me

  4. You are my friend Bilbo! Your up early!

  5. Heeee Haaa Cowboy Rick.. With all this fuss about a broken target That don't mean Nothin. I think the problem is that Gunner put it on the Wire before the first stage was done? Nobody even knew that there was a problem? I was ro at the time, I did not see the target turn.Spotters said he had two misses. the was NO discussion or complaints. he went to his phone and posted on the wire ??? Crazy

  6. Heyya pard! Thanks again for a great time up there in Mason County.

  7. Heyya pard! Thanks again for a great time up there in Mason County.

  8. Heee Haaa Howdy ..Cayuse I'm still interrested in those 38's.. Please let me know what ya might be askin..Crazy Mingo

  9. HAY THERE New-ja-ka I want ta be your friend

  10. Hey Mingo:

    The printing on the barrels sez

    "Browning Arms Co"

    "Morgan Utah and Montreal P O"

    "Made in Japan and assembled in Korea"

    I'm not going to GOA either.

    Hope all is well with you & your family.

    See ya soon.


  11. Your the Greatest Pale-rider Gunfighter I knowed

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