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  1. To Silver Crek Kid i was in the middle of responding to you when ‘‘tis other person intrude Thank You for-your comments I
  2. Don’t need a extra set. I am selling every extra thing I have And really is it any of your business, unless you want to buy. Them? If not it’s preety rude of you!
  3. The links are for either Uberti 66 or 73. Lever is a 73 but I used in my 66 because my son manhandle a jam and bent the 66 lever and all Colt had on hand was the 73 and we where going to EOT in a couple of weeks. Thanks
  4. Colt McCallister, but he doesn’t do the welding he has someone do that for him. Which the welder does the best work I’ve seen.
  5. Kit includes: PGW short stroke links and lifter (used) Gunsmith custom 73 lever gives Shorter stroke than Kits using standard lever. Gunsmith lighten springs lever and springs used in 2-3 matches $ 230 includes shipping to lower 48
  6. I will take eagle and bracket if it fits. Please contact me on size of bracket. I will look up and see if I still have your info on where to send the money. thanks NVG
  7. wah maker limited Edition size XL. Very Good condition includes silver stud $40 includes USPS shipping lower 48 Thank You NVG
  8. Branding Iron shirt size XL very Good Condition $37 including USPS shipping lower 48 than You nvg
  9. Front sight Marble 41 W. Rear sight no markings. Like new $25 shipped lower 48 Thanks for looking.
  10. Do you still have the marlin CBC? Would like pics please? bekkfarm@msn.com

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    2. Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      We will need a copy of the receiving FFL's license.  Send a check, if you want to wait for it to clear.  If not, send a USPS money order if you want it sooner.  The amount is $1,232 ($1,200 price, $20 to ship and $12 for insurance).  Send everything to:

      Brian Blankenship

      8300 Caribou Trail

      Clarkston, MI. 48348


      -- Nevada 



    3. MBFields


      Will send check. Please send email address for FFL.

    4. Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      The email address is:



      -- Nevada


  11. Marlin cowboy competition. .38 cal only. Unlike most CBC has a: Marlin checkered fore end and stock One piece trigger Steel one piece firing pin Stainless steel tube spring Extra: One piece steel firing pin and ejector Original safety Firing pin and ejector in gun is for dry fire, live fire and monthly matches. The other is only used for State or above matches. Not a "safe queen" like most say. Why it's a great running gun and willl continue to be so. So it needs to be used. PM me if you want pics. $1300 plus shipping and ins., to your FFL. Thanks for looking.
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