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  1. Guess I am the only one. To the best of my knowledge I had never heard this word before today. But I will be looking for a place to use it.
  2. This topic is a great read. Brings back a ton of memories. And a couple of questions. Reckon how many high school kids now have ever passed a note? Sometimes folded in certain ways? Or have ever had war with chalk erasers.
  3. I wish I could say something with meaning. I am at an utter loss for words. Thanks to all who have served. And to those who still do.
  4. Sportsman warehouse did have 3 92's on Saturday. Another store near has one that is stainless for a few bucks more. I may go that route. I really don't want to mail order a gun. Maybe someday.
  5. I am afraid I am going to be like my pop. He used to say "I ain't gonna retire I am gonna expire". He did too.
  6. Dang, that must be nice to be able to shoot during the week. I can just imagine what my boss would tell me if I told him I wanted off to go shoot.
  7. Hi. I have some new brass and Speer hot cor bullets if you are still looking.
  8. I am not sure if there will ever be another gunshow. Options for cowboy guns in my area are limited. Looking for gun stores that are a reasonable drive from Buncombe county NC that have cowboy guns. Rifles are what I am most interested in at the moment. Thanks.
  9. Good morning everyone. Thanks for the great replies. One question about the 73's. Are the pistol grip stocks in some models legal for sass?
  10. Since you guys crushed my idea of the thunderbolt I still have not chosen a rifle. Maybe it would simplify things to just ask out right for recommendations. Which rifle will give me the best service out of the box. No slicking or stroking. Just unbox and shoot. Highly considering 44-40 because that is what my revolvers are. But I may go 357 just because I really like it.
  11. You guys have completely busted my bubble. There are reasons to ask questions.
  12. Seen a new Taurus Thunderbolt today. 45 lc. About $600. What is the good the bad and the ugly? Feels good. Anybody using them?
  13. Thanks for the quick replies. Forgot about slugging the barrel. Was hoping to order today but I guess it will wait a day or two. I did reload a box or two but that was years ago. Don't remember what I did then.
  14. Hi. Kinda sorta new here. I am looking for a good bullet for the 44-40. Thanks. Cowpoke Chris
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