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  1. if the moccasins are still available I'll take em

    you take paypal?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lightfoot



      just found out my payment to you was never sent. its on the way monday.

      sorry about this, i was wondering why I never got notice you shipped them.





    3. Bulls Head Bill SASS#33692
    4. Bulls Head Bill SASS#33692

      Bulls Head Bill SASS#33692

      Check arrived today.......boots go out tomorrow!

      Thanks Pal!!

  2. My Wife. Diablo Deb SASS# 94313 Shooting CAS for 5 years
  3. Bulls Head Bill SASS# 33692 Rock Hill, SC Shooting CAS for 18 years
  4. 160grs worked good for me when I drove a Marlin.....I drive them fast and the recoil is minimal.
  5. They are pretty wide in the calf......I'm a big guy and have plenty of room.........I doubt you'd fill em up!
  6. LOL..........I just bought my first SKB.......a straight grip model 280.
  7. Mens Buffalo Runner Boots - Size 13D Top Hand Boots Black Color Worn a few times to costume contests, never worn to the range. Buffalo Runner sells these for $300 I'm asking $199 + Shipping
  8. It has been my experience that 1873 extractors need to be "fitted"......if you replace it with too much tension you are overloading the spring. I fit mine to where it snaps over the rim with some authority but not a loud SNAP! I used one for 5 years.....lots of rounds (.38 Special)......and run at 18 second stage times.
  9. I just bought a SKB model 280 Shotgun in great condition for $870. Did I do OK?
  10. Has any action work been done?.........are the internals stock?
  11. "Tuco Forsthy out of GA makes a real nice two gun cart."

    Thanks Junky........how do I find him?


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