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  1. A Pard of mine had a bad day yesterday, he has Uberti Colt Clones, and the base pin got pushed into the "Safety Position" and kept the hammer from hitting the primers. I heard there is a fix for this by cutting or grinding off a certain amount from the back of the base pin. Can anyone enlighten me as to that measurement? Thanks!
  2. I live in Rock Hill also....we need to get together! I just had a hip replacement and will get back into the Cowboy Swing of Things real soon!!
  3. if the moccasins are still available I'll take em

    you take paypal?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lightfoot



      just found out my payment to you was never sent. its on the way monday.

      sorry about this, i was wondering why I never got notice you shipped them.





    3. Bulls Head Bill SASS#33692

      Bulls Head Bill SASS#33692

      lol....no problem!


    4. Bulls Head Bill SASS#33692

      Bulls Head Bill SASS#33692

      Check arrived today.......boots go out tomorrow!

      Thanks Pal!!

  4. JUMP RIGHT IN THERE! Not a single thing to be afraid of! And the Saturday Night events can be epic!!!!
  5. LOL! I have long arms and put a shaped wood 2" extension on my IZH-43 Baikal.
  6. BOOTS HAVE BEEN SOLD! Minnetonka Mens Deerskin Thigh High, mild use. = $45 + Shipping Worn just a couple of times. THANKS!
  7. My Wife. Diablo Deb SASS# 94313 Shooting CAS for 5 years
  8. Bulls Head Bill SASS# 33692 Rock Hill, SC Shooting CAS for 18 years
  9. 160grs worked good for me when I drove a Marlin.....I drive them fast and the recoil is minimal.
  10. They are pretty wide in the calf......I'm a big guy and have plenty of room.........I doubt you'd fill em up!
  11. LOL..........I just bought my first SKB.......a straight grip model 280.
  12. Mens Buffalo Runner Boots - Size 13D Top Hand Boots Black Color Worn a few times to costume contests, never worn to the range. Buffalo Runner sells these for $300 I'm asking $199 + Shipping
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