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  1. Thanks, I should not let it bother me, and I am to blame for the confusion as I wasn't sure of my status myself and had to look it up. Should have read up and looked the information up first before posting. As for the suggestion of cheating someone, that's what really burns me up, end of the day, my word is all I have. Even if there was no legal recourse, which there is, all someone would have to do is get on blade forums, or any other knife maker's forum and start complaining, that would run my reputation right into the ground.
  2. Sale pending. Comments and attitudes like Cat's is one of the reasons I don't come around very often. Too many people hide behind a keyboard and think they are invincible and can't be touched, and suddenly they get real brave. Here's a suggestion, how about you act online like you would to someone in person? At bare minimum the aggravation of some people would get a cussing, some would likely get a more severe chastisement if done face to face. I do my best not to start drama or to insult people, I require the same in return. Thanks to all who were helpful and honest.
  3. I apologize for the confusion, I'd forgotten when my membership expired, and had to look my SASS number up.
  4. Try Iron Will, show me where I have to use my alias to post. I am still a member until Feb. 21, dues paid till then, and then I become an ex member, not before, unless I pay for another year. That's a fact.
  5. Am still a member, sass number in profile. Just saying.
  6. Think I finally got my profile updated, didn't realize it was so far out of date. Anyway, I'm in Bassfield MS, out in the woods.
  7. Got it fixed, old website. Was a SASS member, but have let it lapse due to financial reasons and lack of time.
  8. Colt 3rd gen, manufactured in 2007 as best I can tell, 45 colt, 4 3/4" barrel. Has had maybe 50 rounds through it, in 99%+ condition, no finish wear, slight rubbing on left side of hammer, no turn marks on cylinder, original box included. 1500$, shipping and insurance included to CONUS. Hate to sell it, but price of oil needs to come back up.
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