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  1. Except their 22LR. It's VERY good ammo. JEL
  2. I don't reload SG to save money I reload because I can make whatever load I need. My CAS loads, Shyster's mouse fart 12ga loads, 3 gun, clays loads etc. I also buy my components in large bulk so I always have them even when the stores are out. Peace of mind. JEL
  3. My favorite AR is my 45 Raptor. Picture a 45-70 in an AR platform. It'll drop the biggest hogs RIGHT THERE! No squeal, no run, just drop. It's basically the S&W 460 Mag round. It's a flipping blast to shoot. JEL
  4. Who admittedly and specifically targeted a gun free zone. JEL
  5. Me neither and I've shot all over the country. Our monthly match gets a coat at set up, that's it. Our 2 day annual match the stages will get painted once in the AM unless there is an unusual, difficult to see, or distant target that is not of the norm. If you're painting every stage at a monthly? Wow, that's a lot and no wonder cheap paint is needed. JEL
  6. You may want to try the stuff before you go naysaying. Each can will easily cover 3 the amount of the high end Home Depot sprays and it hold up against the actual shots, a lot better than i ever expected. If you set up auto order shipping is free THAT's $6 per can with 3x the coverage of a regular quality spray paint. Smearing latex on steel targets IMO ruins the targets over time. It gets so thick you can no longer get coverage paint them without removing the old paint build-up and grinding them clean isn't worth it. You do you but I'll spend the few extra bucks and buy once cry once to have my AR500 steel targets painted, protected, and looking awesome for years to come while requiring almost no maintenance. JEL
  7. Buy a case of that paint I linked. You won't regret it. I wouldn't paint anything with it that I wanted to look nice, but for targets? There's nothing better or better priced. $6 a can and it lasts. JEL
  8. You would be most welcome dad. Sorry we missed you at the Ides.... unforeseen circumstances. JEL
  9. I bought a ton of Clay's through the Obummer years and I still have 30#+ of it left. I did however, pick up some Red Dot recently for Shyster's loads and I don't see a bit of difference at a 1:1 load compared to the Clay's. I'd just use the Red Dot, it's available and almost identical as far as I can tell. JEL
  10. These are my personal targets painted with the steel target paint. Coverage is phenomenal. JEL
  11. Steel Target Paint – RangeStore.net This is the only paint to use for steel targets. It has 3 times the pigment as regular spray paint and lasts a long time considering the abuse it takes. It covers completely with just a quick pass over and one can will outlast 4 cans of the high quality Home Depot stuff let alone the cheap watery generic stuff they sell and most clubs attempt to use. I guarantee that you will love this paint for your matches. JEL
  12. Go on you tube and do a search on your model. You'll get something close as they're all the same inside. Very simple to work on and you can get most parts on Amazon. That's goes for most appliances except refrigerators as they have refrigerant. *Also in 99% of appliances there are the schematics and a troubleshooting manual stuffed in the back inside the unit. JEL
  13. I do my clays/ red dot 1:1 and can't tell the two apart. JEL
  14. This is what I did for my 8 year old Shyster's Revenge and he's a little guy. If you load your own 12ga you can dumb the shell down really light. If you don't you can still pick up a Lee Load-All and components for SG are getting easier to find. 410 AAs are $30 a box so there was no way I was going that route. We cut his SG down so much there was no way I would be able to put it back like Dave suggested so I just bought another stock for when he gets bigger. I also made his buttplate out of heavy brass stock to balance out the barrels. It's working very well for him. You won't have more fun in this game than watching the little ones shoot and improve so rapidly. JEL
  15. I remember this day. His loading had become an issue so we had a talk with him several weeks prior to this. Everyone offered to load ammo for him but he was too proud to take anyone up on the offer and decided to just buy his ammo instead. He then purchased that dreaded ammo and came to the match. Funny thing was he usually only shot 2 or 3 stages and an went home when he tired. He wasn't "unsafe" where he dropped guns or pointed them at others etc. He was just a little unsteady occasionally and would get foggy with the stage instructions so you sometimes had to guide him through. That day he let loose with those full load 357s and IIRC, you Sun, got hit by the shrapnel all the way in the back of the stage, the farthest from the firing line. He knew right there himself that he was done shooting. He grossly apologized, packed his stuff up, and was never seen again. It was a sad day because you couldn't find a nicer man who worked harder than 3 people half his age. That was 10+ years ago and he was well into his 80s then. God Bless you Al, wherever you are today, it was fun shooting with you. JEL
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