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  1. I saw Three Foot Johnson's pic and immediately said, Damn, that's a big dude making that rifle look tiny. JEL
  2. Last year I was looking at getting a CMP Garand and joined the Garand Owners Group solely for that purchase. I could only get the Field Grade at $1200 but I wanted one so I ordered it. About 4 weeks later they contacted me and said it would be a 12 month wait. I didn't want that much money tied up for that long when I figured I could find one elsewhere and canceled the order. About 2 weeks later I got I work with asked if I knew anyone who wanted a Garand. I said yeah, me. He told me he bought a CMP Collection Grade several years earlier along with 1000rds of the Privi Partizan M1 Garand loaded 30-06. He said he never took it out of the box and didn't really want or need it anymore. I said how much. He said $650. I couldn't get the money out fast enough. JEL
  3. I bought a 44 mag this past year and bought 500 rounds, 500 bullets, and a Lee Loader, I already had primers and powder. I didn't feel like spending the money on a new tool head for my Dillon just for the dozen or so rounds I shoot when I take it out. I don't like being without ammo for any gun so I load this round as I go. I'll shoot up the factory stuff and then reload the cases. I take a little more time with the Lee than the instructions call for and I measure the powder drop and OAL but it's been more than sufficient loader. The round I hand load is much better than the factory stuff I bought. I get a kick out of being able to load on the go if need be. I later bought several more of these loaders in 9mm, 38, 45, 308, and 5.56 just in case of a SHTF scenario. JEL
  4. While I agree with a lot of this list, I'll add one more....Johnny Depp. He hasn't made a movie that I've ever cared for. PotC and Jack Sparrow, who's an annoying character, IMO are horrible movies. I have no clue as to why people enjoy them. JEL
  5. That's good in theory but just watch the documentary on Vancouver. They legalized all drugs and it's a cesspool now. The law abiding can't even walk down the street. There are people overdosing everywhere and while they're ODing the other junkies are robbing them of anything they have. It's a horrible state of affairs. I don't care what people do to themselves or the repercussions of their bad decisions, it's the law abiding taxpayers that have to deal with the outcomes of this mess that have their lives disrupted that I care about. JEL
  6. I built my dedicated Home Theater a few years ago and I absolutely love watching the old westerns on the big screen with my 84 year old dad. I love how he remembers seeing a lot of them in the theater when He was a kid/young man. Our favorite is Rio Bravo, but Open Range, Tombstone, and Unforgiven (and many others) are always watchers. JEL
  7. For those of you wondering about gun laws and the use of state legal marijuana just read the new 4473 and/or Form 1 or 4 questioners. It now specifically states .... WARNING: The use or possession of Marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state that you reside. Per the ATF if you use Marijuana either medicinally or recreationally regardless of its legality in your state you are PROHIBITTED from purchasing a firearm. JEL
  8. 28 years in and I'll say been a fun but stressful ride, but all said, I would NOT do it again, especially during the times we live in. JEL
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