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  1. Hey Pard I only use Lexol cleaner and conditioner on all my leather goods. It was recommended to me by a Ol'Gent that took care of all the saddles and tack at President Reagan's ranch. I've used it for years and will use nothing else. It won't make your boots shiny thought. You'll have to use shoe polish for that. Good luck
  2. Here's what we would end up with, Pards
  3. Check ebay. I saw a few in the gunsmithing tool section.
  4. I believe this is the result of teaching kids that the Police "are bad people" and "only out to hurt you." And as Obam bam instructed "Resist, Resist!" And in my opinion not having Father's in the home contributes greatly to this outcome. Just my 2 cents Thanks Pards
  5. I've been a life member for 25 years. I do get my magazine every month but I also receive membership info at least every other month. They must spend a fortune on erroneousems membership info. Seems like it Would be simple fix to cross reference life membership info with mailing lists.....I don't know? But I did see one month where they were giving hats to new members so I wrote them and told them I've been a life member for many years and I never got a hat and they did send me one. I was shocked.
  6. Sorry for your loss. It's a hard decision to make but it comes down to quality of life for both you and your furry loved one. I lost my little Gigi January 1st after 17 years. Take heart knowing that she will be waiting for you when you get to Heaven. She'll come running up to greet you, Perfect in every way! God bless TK
  7. Nope. Totally Interchangeable I been running a '66 stock on my '73 for years. The '92 and '94 are interchangeable as well.
  8. I had a Heart attack (The widow maker) and a stent "installed" in 2018. Since then I experience dizziness after 15-20 minutes of exertion, sometimes without exertion. I was told it would go away after the one year on brilinta. It has not. I have not been able to work since, and I've been "in the process" of applying for SSDI for OVER FOUR YEARS. I am finally waiting (over 6 months) for my final hearing. The HA and angioplasty / stent has dramatically changed my life.
  9. I was a member of a West coast Nuclear Security force for 32 years.We Qualified Quarterly on a multi level range. When we were done with a course of fire, we would unload any unfired rounds we had left, and dump them into a bucket. One time a buddy of mine did so and a .40 cal round hit its primer just right on the tip of another round and went off. The shell casing fragmented and hit another officer standing near by in the chest. The noise startled the officer who dropped the rounds in the bucket and he stepped backwards and fell down a 25' embankment with an AR 15 strapped to his chest. The rangemaster who had 40+ years of experience said it was the first time he had a round discharge on his range. The officer who was struck in the chest had a small flesh wound, the officer who fell backwards injured his elbow and neck and soon after medically retired. Needless to say the procedure to get rid off extra rounds was changed so you placed them in your palm and with the back of your hand touching the rounds in the container, gently rolled them off your hand into the pile.
  10. Big or small doesn't matter (mine is a 2003 heritage classic) Just make sure it's LOUD and VISIBLE (led lighting)
  11. I don't watch his works ever since he said during an interview about his role as James Bond 007 when he stated " He wouldn't see any problem with his character (James Bond) kissing another man". That was it for me.
  12. Use strips of felt under the sweat band. I get mine at Wal-Mart .69 cents a square. One strip all the way around will reduce it about one size. Good Luck, Pard
  13. FYI, the 1873 and 1866 buttstocks are interchangeable. This may help you find'em
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