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  1. I was lucky enough to see them last in 2018. He will be missed, but his last request was for the band to continue. R.I.P. Brother
  2. Do you know why they always have that extra chair in the funeral parlor? For rigor mortis to set in. I couldn't resist
  3. To paint the German helmet without ruining the decal, take a cotton swab and vasaline, carefully cover the decal with vasaline. Paint the helmet and once the helmet is fully dry, carefully wipe off the vasaline. Works great. Good luck, Pard
  4. LEXOL they have a cleaner and a preservative. I have used it for years on all my leather goods. Just spray it on and let it soak in then wipe down and buff if you desire. I learned about it from the saddle and tack guy that worked at President Reagan's ranch in Santa Barbara. Good Stuff. Highly recommend it. Good Luck, Pard!
  5. The thing you have to remember is according to my insurance agent I would have to supply serial numbers and photos to increase coverage above the 5 grand on my initial policy, and of course my next question was "is that confidential information?" to which he replied they would have to furnish it if requested to any government agency or law enforcement officials. So I bought a bigger and better safe. Maybe sending them by UPS or such may be an option. If you claim the value over $1000.00 it is handled like a "chain of custody" each person that handles it has to sign for it. The loader
  6. Try the cast bullet shop" in ball ground, Ga. He has whatever you need. Here's his email Tony@thecastbulletshop.com
  7. There's one in .44 mag on Gunbroker. (Auction # 905426541) I have one and Love it. I would never sell it though. I've bought quite a few guns over the years on GB never had any problems. Good Luck, Pard
  8. Ditto on HK Uriahs post. I've always used .44 mag brass downloaded, never had problems of any kind. I recommend this route especially if the rifle is on loan, you wouldn't want to create any problems for the owner. Good luck, Pard
  9. Thanks everybody for the info! I can ALWAYS count on my Pards and Pardettes to help me out with the experience and info needed to solve any dilemma I'm facing !! Thanks Again. God bless America!!
  10. 1866 and 1873 butt stocks are in fact interchangeable.
  11. The Uberti 1873 in .44 mag came with a flat ("shotgun") style butt stock with a 3/8" rubber recoil pad. It immediately came off my 1873 when i got it and i swapped it on the wire for a proper carbine stock. Good Luck, Pard!
  12. Bacardi spiced rum, a "mexican" coca cola and 2 slices of lime.
  13. I have an new old stock Stetson hat, I wanted to get the edge bound (w/ribbon) and a kettle curl brim added. Does anyone know a hatter who would do this type of work? Thanks in advance, Pards TK tklein_13@rocketmail.com
  14. Over the years I have bought a few guns and gear and sold some (gear that is, I dont sell guns) on GB, never had any problems. I always like to offer my treasures to the folks here first. Never had an issue. I have found that SAS Folks are polite, helpful and completely trustworthy. God bless America!
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