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  1. This may or may Not help, Pard but it's worth a try. Get a 20 lb sack of rice and a box your stock will fit in. Pour a layer or rice in the box place the stock in and cover the stock with the rice let set for a few weeks or more. The rice will draw the moisture out of the wood. I know it sounds crazy but it's worth a try and relatively inexpensive. Good Luck Pard!
  2. TK's EZ Green Chile Corn Bread -1 box of corn bread mix ( I use Krusteaze honey corn bread mix 15oz) Disregard the directions other than the oven temp 375° and @ cook time @ 35 min or so. - 1 (14-15oz) can creme corn - 1 can sweet corn - 4 or 5 good size Anaheim or Pasilla green Chile's - 8 oz cheddar cheese -2 eggs - 1 dash baking powder Roast the Chile's in the oven until they blister, place in wet dish towel Let set @10 minutes then peel off the skin and remove as many seeds as possible. In a bowl dump the corn bread mix, Both cans of corn (w
  3. HI FINALLY GOT IT STARTED!!!!! I noticed that when installing the screw into the hole, it seemed to be hitting the lower tang a little off center (towards the butt). I used a rat tail file and removed a tiny bit of wood and tried it again. Did this twice and it finally started. I had used the drill bit trick mentioned above and that made the holes slightly oblong on the top and bottom but it was the middle of the hole that was forcing the screw off center. THANK-YOU and GOD BLESS to ALL YOU FOLKS THAT MADE SUGGESTIONS AND HELPED ME OUT!
  4. Nope, so far haven't been able to get the darn thing started. Tried all the suggestions so far. Removed some wood from the whole, dont want to remove any more. Loosened the hammer screw (which also secures the lower tang) still no go. It is an extremely fine thread on that screw. Will be able to try again this weekend. I'm going to try squeezing the upper and lower tang together with a wood clamp to see if it lines up. I have a few more ideas as well. Thanks for all the ideas
  5. I used "rust and blue remover" I think it was Birchwood casey. You use a patch or small cloth (wearing rubber gloves) simply wipe down the areas you want the bluing gone, wait a few minutes then wipe with wet cloth. Repeat the process until you get the desired look. The resulting finish is easy to care for, I simply wipe it down with a gun cloth or wipe after handling. No problem with rust and I live 2 miles from the beach. It seems to me that some of the rust protection remains from the bluing. I don't know, I'm not a chemist. I was told that this is how the Hollywood gunsmiths/ property mast
  6. Thanks, I stripped the finish off and "burnished" it with a torch before refinishing. I also did the metal finishing, or unfinishing I should say.
  7. I took the buttstock off my Browning mdl 92 to refinish it and now i cannot for the life of me get the rear tang screw to start, seems like it's just not lining up properly. It screws right in with the stock off the threads are not boogered at all, is there a trick to getting the lower and upper tang to line up properly? Counting on the years of wisdom and knowledge out there. Take care Pards!
  8. Try a alcohol based walnut stain, it absorbs into the wood fibers as opposed to oil based stain which pretty much stays on the surface. You can also scorch the bare wood with a torch before staining which will darken the wood. I did this on a Browning 92.
  9. I swapped an 1866 uberti with my 1873 uberti buttstock which had a rubber pad on it and it fit perfectly. Also I was told 1892 and 1894 stocks are the same.
  10. Here's Tank (he passed 2/20) and GiGi
  11. Just bought a set of .45-60 dies (rcbs) from Midway @$50.
  12. Confederate Calvary Kepi, newer reproduction says size XXL, but fits a 7 1/2 to 7 5/8. Includes crossed sabers pin. $20 + $7.50 shipping con/us SOLD /Beautiful Handmade buttery soft black deerskin leather vest. Satin lined. Marked "Vivi of Santa Fe" "American Indian beaded" . It is in Excellent gently Used condition. Very soft leather and intricate hand beading. Two front smaller "watch pockets" and Conchos's. Measures 16" from arm pit to arm pit, 24"from collar to hem. Would fit a 34"-36" chest I would say its a size medium $50 + $7.50 shipping con/us SOLD/Faux Stag bird
  13. This is what I kept busy on during the "lockdown" in Kaliforny. I cut the antler and put together the knife I didn't forge the blade.
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