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  1. "We had a beautiful military wedding, well let just say there were guns there." Red Skelton
  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my TANK a year ago Feb and I still miss him dearly. She looks like a fine Dog. Beautiful and We'll cared for. It helps to know that she will be waiting for you in that mansion you'll have in Heaven and greet you upon your arrival just like she did when you would come home here. My sincere condolences
  3. Here's some ideas that worked for me. 1) Reduce portions it's better to eat five small meals rather than skip meals, skipping meals switches your metabolism into starvation mode, which turns more of your intake into fat. 2) Stop eating before you feel full. It takes @20 mins for your stomach to tell your brain your full. Try taking a break in the middle of your meal, then after 10 min or so decide if you need to continue. 3) Chew your food thoroughly, until you swallow it without even knowing. 4) Drink plenty of water. You can actually lose weight by just inc
  4. I've been shooting Ruger Vaquero's in matches since the mid nineties. I love them and wouldn't change. Ol' Ruger has nailed the quality control and design, but I would install free spin pawls. And I've been toying with idea of changing hammers (blackhawk or bisely?). I currently own 5 Vaquero's all old model .44 mag. Two 5.5 " two 7.5" one 4.75" all stainless with stag grips. The grips now sell for what I paid for my first Vaquero's!!!
  5. That's about what it's going for out here in Kaliforny, if you can find it. I ended up getting some through Gunbroker. The local gun show is next Saturday, I'll give you an update.
  6. FWI Gunbroker auction# 899930065 Matched pair short barreled .44 mag stainless vaquero sequential serial numbers $1550. Good Luck Pard
  7. A Pard of mine that wears nothing but cowboy boots, once told me that he would put on the new boots and stand in a water trough, get them thoroughly wet, then wear them until they dry out. I have never tried it ( never had to). Most shoemakers offer a stretching service, if they are just slightly snug. They will stretch a little after wear them awhile too. Good luck, Pard!
  8. You can always de-blue a gun yourself. I did this on several including the one in the pic. I used Birchwood Casey rust and blue remover, you can remove a little or all of the blue. And I never had any rust problems after and I live near the ocean!. I left some blue on to give them that 100 year old saddle worn look. Just another option for ya Good Luck Pard !
  9. I own two model 24's ( 20 & 12 ga) both are well made workhorses. I wouldn't hesitate to use it in a match, but I prefer my 18.25" Stevens 235 hammer gun. Model 24's are (or were) reasonably priced quality guns if such an animal still exists in these times ! Good luck, Pard
  10. Charcoal, sulphur, salt peter pretty basic but very dangerous to mix. A neighborhood chum tried it using a mortar and pestle and ended up minus a couple of fingers !!!! Not worth the danger factor!! Buy it already made, better consistency and much safer. My two cents
  11. I'll take 2 of the large powderbars
  12. There's 4 on gunbroker ranging from $350-$475
  13. I have had all good experiences on GB. Local gunshops here in this part of Kaliforny want 20% consignment fees ! Ouch.
  14. T.K.

    Priority mail

    Sent a priority mail small envelope from Kaliforny central coast to Chicago on the 17th it arrived on the 19th. I believe the USPS is just so overloaded with mail due to the covid 19 deal, it's pretty much hit and miss. The postal worker I asked said it hasn't slowed down one bit since before the holidays.
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