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  1. Hey Pard! Find yer self a Browning model 92 they're getting harder to find and a bit pricey, but well worth it. Much better quality than the Rossi or Marlin. I own 2 both shoot great, slicker than snot and I've never had a jam!
  2. FYI. 1873 and 1866 stocks are interchangeable. I have 1866 carbine stock on my 1873. Good Luck Pard!
  3. Usually 4-6 inches larger than your pant size
  4. Try holding the AR at your side, and put your trigger finger on the trigger, then loop it through your belt loop. With your off hand push forward on the forearm and maintain pressure forward. It will empty the mag in a flash.
  5. I had a Marlin in .44 Mag many moons ago I got rid of it because of the "micro groove" rifling it was very finicky about what kind of bullets it would fire with any kind of accuracy. It was very well made and quality through out. I now own 2 Browning 92's they are very well made, smooth, accurate and swallow anything I feed them!!! Good luck Pards!
  6. Ive tried to ship a handgun to a out of state FFL and UPS here won't accept or ship a gun from an individual ( you have to declare what's in the package) so the only alternative is to go through an FFL which I was told would cost @ $50 from my local gun shop here in Kaliforny.
  7. Here's mine. I built the knife (mounted the guard, cut the antler and mounted and pinned it) but did not grind the blade. I also did the pre made beadwork inlay on the sheath.
  8. Since you guys are finding all these "extra" mags, if you don't want to mess with the fifty cans I'll gladly take you extras mags and give them a good home! I have plenty of .50 cal ammo cans...even here in Kaliforny! Thanks Pards
  9. Hey Pards! I use ZEVO safe for kids and pets, works like a charm! Good luck
  10. You all heard if a bucket of chicken......how about a duck in a bucket!!!!
  11. Check out EBAY there's a few hats that size listed.
  12. 2 lbs 80/20 ground beef ( or substitute 1 lb with ground turkey) 2 stalks celery finely chopped. 2 med carrots grated 1 small can tomato sauce 1 small tomato paste 2 eggs Salt, pepper, garlic powder Bread crumbs Mix all ingredients in bowl except meat and bread crumbs. Put only 1/2 can of tomato paste in bowl set the rest aside. (You can add chopped onions but I dont because my dog LOVES this stuff and I couldn't feed it to her with onions!) You can also add a small can of "Mexicorn" if desired. Mix the meat into the bowl well and add bread crumbs until it will stay in a "loaf". Put in baking dish form a even loaf. Bake at 375° for @ 50 min then check with thermometer bake until it reaches 165° internally. Take out of oven spread the 1/2 Can of tomato paste on top like icing on a cake, put under broiler until paste starts turning brown. Remove from oven let set for 10 min before serving. ENJOY!! It can be sliced, frozen and used again later!
  13. Are they REAL Cracker Jill's or Cracker Jacks who now declare they are Cracker Jill's?
  14. Just to continue what Ezra said; "Give us this day our jellied bread"
  15. Hey Pard! Remove both firing pins and springs, keep them separated left and right. Thoroughly clean both firingpin channels blow out the fp channels with an air compressor if you have access to one then reassemble, but put the left firing pin spring in the right side. Now see if the problem moves over to the right. If it does it's a weak or damaged spring. After all it's probably from the 1940's
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