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  1. When my wife talks to me she gets down on her hands and knees! GET OUT FROM UNDER THAT BED YOU COWARD! Is what she usually says.
  2. I've almost accepted the fact that I'm no longer eighteen years of age and invincible...almost. I have noticed the second story roof gutters are higher than what they were 25 years ago, the extension ladder is now heavier and the ground is harder because I don't bounce as well as I once did.
  3. Wouldn’t the power dribble out and cause a squib before the OP fired it during the match?
  4. I went to only one gun show and that was ten (?) years ago. Couldn’t figure out why I had to pay to enter. Figured I could get my money back when I found a good deal. I didn’t.
  5. The hair on top of your head grows against gravity thereby growing slower then hair growing with gravity.
  6. Thank you for posting your findings. I appreciate it.
  7. A few missing and or unknown facts in the OP. Is it a range rule that loaded firearms must remain (not holstered) on the loading table until Shooter is called? Why wasn’t the DQed Shooter personally supervising their loaded firearms.?
  8. Lemon Shine is the expensive (packaging) version of citric acid.
  9. Order now and we will give you a second one…just pay separate handling and shipping.
  10. Illegal search of the dresser and garage.
  11. Minimum wage (like social security) isn’t meant to be a living wage. Minimum wage is for those with little to no experience.
  12. Visited the daughter in down town Washington D.C. Left my truck bed cap unlocked so someone wouldn’t cause damage just to discover the bed was empty. Daughter told me lock the cap otherwise a homeless person would take up residence.
  13. Well I had planned on competing for a spot to attend. Instead I spent all of my 2023 discretionary funds on our summer 50th wedding anniversary celebration. ☹️
  14. Officer second to my right drop a 38 special during firearm qulaifications. Round fell onto the blacktop runway and went off. Officer first on my right got a minor bleeder on his cheek from the brass shrapnel. After the incident I notice everyone had taken a step back off the blacktop while reloading.
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