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  1. Lock your dog and Wife in your car trunk for a few hours on a hot summer day. When you let them out which one is glad to see you and is planting kisses all over your face and which when is nagging?
  2. "What are snakes greatest predators?" Fellow politicians.
  3. Tell ya what. I’ll draw up a list of all the matches I want to attend along with the associate expenses. I know you wouldn’t want me to miss really great shoots and not meeting really fine Cowboys so you’ll be financing my attendance?
  4. Timer is Bluetooth connected to an individual scoring tablet.
  5. I was the scorer. TO read out loud the time. The score he announced wasn't the score the AMG reported to the tablet. I asked the TO repeat the time. TO had inadvertently transposed the last two digits the first time. Without the AMG the error would not have been noticed.
  6. AMG. Press a "button" on the scoring tablet and time from the AMG is reported to the scoring tablet. No transposed typing errors or a TO wondering off without first reporting the time to the scorer.
  7. I would have smiled back at the teller and ignore the question by not answering.
  8. The direct link: http://cowboy.okcgunclub.org/landrun/registration/
  9. My online application was completed this morning! Email notice of receipt of payment received. Now comes the (long?) wait for approval for my attendance.
  10. Well ain't y'all feeling the primer seat on the end of the up stroke anyway?
  11. Sealed bearings last until they dry out and seize.
  12. Got to keep the bearing on the mod lubed.
  13. Because they are in the process of a major move from New Mexico to Indiana?
  14. Improving my stage times? With the times scarcity of ammo and reloading components, practicing to improve my stage times has been problematic for me. BUT I believe I’ve found a solution that is worthwhile pursuing. Placing a Neodymium Iron Boron magnet into my cast bullets! Think about it! We do shoot at STEEL targets and magnets are attracted to steel! My first attempt proved this idea to be worthwhile to pursue further. Drop a magnet into the bullet mold first, then pour in the molten lead. Resize and lube as normal. Tested five rounds of my Magnet Automatic Direction bullets at my private range. Worked like a charm. Loaded 100 for my next match. First stage morning sun was shining on my back. I’m called to the line, aim within a foot or two of the targets and pulling the triggers as fast as I could. My stage times were cut in half! I’m smiling from ear to ear. Stage Two is when I recalled that magnets have a north and a south pole. The third round out of my first pistol had the magnet south pole casted on the bullet’s point. Timer Operator had this big old Bowie knife on his belt. Considering the TO’s age he eventually would have needed his hip replaced anyway. Before the next match I have my reloads sorted by their north and south magnetic poles. This is THE match. I’ll place in the top ten for the first time ever! The only question I have, do I need the north facing bullets or the south facing bullets? I lose my smile when I realize all of the stages are all facing west!?!?!? And for nosy cowpokes, yes right after announcing the Clean Shooters they announced their first ever 100% miss Shooter. Using Al Gore’s Internet a search found a Ebay post from a fellow in China that guarantees he has east west poled magnetics in stock. P.S. If’n any of y’all believe this story, let me tell you about the time I recycled lead from a car battery.
  15. Mohawk, Don’t forget a WRITTEN agreement with the landowner. Be a shame if y’all put your sweat, time and blood to build. Then have a major disagreement or worse, have the landowner tell you “Thank you, goodbye.”
  16. Background A few years back a Father and Son were sharing a rifle. Their rifle broke so I offered to share mine so they could continue the match. Both rifles were 45 Colt caliber so they used their reloads.. Next stage they were having problems with my rifle feeding. Cost them a lot of time during that stage. I felt they were starting to question my motives for loaning them a "defective" rifle. I used it on the same stage with zero problems. We compared their reloads to mine and discovered their cartridges over all length was considerably longer. They finished the match using my reloads with zero problems. My Wonderments Better to loan out a firearm if they used only ammo provided by you? Let them use their ammo so they don't feel so beholden? Ignore the situation and let those that push an arsenal around in their gun carts offer to help?
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