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  1. If the delivery guy is like the ones from around here, he hurled it from the truck as he drove by at 30 mph
  2. Roy DeSoto Johnny Gage I was in love with Dixie McCall (Julie London) one of the reasons I joined our local FD and became an EMT-SS when I got back from RVN all firefighters are trained in basic first aid and usually a bit more. They would be monitoring the victims
  3. think how the cartridges come from the mag tube into the receiver they come onto the carrier and the length of the cartridge keeps the next one from also ending up on the carrier. If the cartridge is too long it will jam up the action--carrier can't go up as part of the cartridge, the bullet will still be in the tube if it is too short then the cartridge will be on the carrier and part of the one in front of this one will also be on the carrier, again a jam the length needs to be just right so the cartridge will be carried up to the chamber. some rifles have aftermarket carriers available that would be set up for longer or shorter cartridges.
  4. Amen, fellow Trooper Co B & C, 2/8 Cav, 1st Cav
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