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  1. That's right Marshal. I retired a CW3 and I bet there are quite a few retired Maintenance Test Pilots in Huntsville!
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome yall! Seems I've found a new home;) See yall on the range
  3. Thanks Yul! I'm convinced Allie ain't a feller
  4. Thanks Tex and John Henry! Glad to be here
  5. Thanks for the welcome Widder! I'm sure we'll meet soon enough. For Ms. Allie, Thanks for the welcome! Being married to a talented shooter, I have no doubt that there is a number of women-types on this forum. I look forward to learning from all our CAS shooters! BB
  6. Thanks Marine and thanks for your service!
  7. North Carolina Hill Country. It seems our interests are pretty similar. How long have you been involved in SASS?
  8. Hey fellers! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a newly retired Army Air Cavalry pilot and am just getting into CAS. Hope I can contribute and am looking forward to all this forum has to offer! Blackfoot Brad
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