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  1. So glad you like it!!! Happy shooting H.Wolf
  2. It was an amazing shoot. Stages were awesome and the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD..... If you havent been it need to be put on your list. H.Wolf
  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU These are the kindness words we could ever receive. We love doing this, and i work hard to ensure everyone gets the same great product they come to expect. It very nice that we are recognized in such a kind way. ROOP county days was a blast and we enjoyed every minute of it. (Best food for a banquet ever). Thanks all Howlin Wolf, Diamond Blaze and IVY WILD
  4. The metal lining works two ways, one it keeps the holster exactly where you like it open pocket, tight or loose on gun. Its adjustable so if you holster gets loose overtime you can just give it a squeeze and its back to where you like it. Second they last along time leather naturally gets soft over time and looses its shape. Metal lining wont. Kydex is good too for longevity, but you cant adjust it once it looses its shape like metal. hope this helps H.Wolf
  5. Howdy All, We now have SxS heat shields offered on the website. They are great for BP shooters that done wanna burn the digits on the barrels or for any style. Come check them out at https://www.mernickleholsters.com/mchnew/shopexd.asp?id=659 Thanks all, if your interested in having something made drop me a line... H.Wolf
  6. We don’t provide the glue for hazmat reasons. Barge contact cement or gorilla snot will work.
  7. I’m working on getting the official measurements. Basically it cannot be longer than the base of the mag and no more than 1/4 in thick
  8. These are our new mag pads that are used to be placed on the bottom of magazines to help minimize bruising for wild bunch shooters! Currently they are a call in order (1-800-497-3166) but be watching for them to pop up on our shopping cart! They are available in packs of 10 for $9.95
  9. Well truth be told we are looking to move back to Texas. My family still lives in the Ft Worth area and it’s more centrally located for the company. looking at the Amarillo area but found a place in Clarence’s I kinda like
  10. Howdy all, so so there was a club in Clarendon TX called the Canadian River Regulators. Does anyone know if it’s still active or are there any others in that area? thanks H Wolf
  11. I can assure you we turn out the same great product that Mernickle has been producing for decades. We have even done some upgrades on some products as well. There are many great leather companies to choose from all different in there own way. However, if your waiting for us to prove ourselves all you have to do is ask. I can assure you the quality has not changed. H.Wolf
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