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  1. We are going to HOW as well if you want to hang on to it until after
  2. i just replied, sorry we have been traveling
  3. Jackaroo, is correct, but our HP line has been the most popular as of late. Small differences in the design but again we build each rig to fit the shooter.
  4. Jackaroo, Sorry we have been traveling and i haven't been on the wire. We have already made coordination with them for picking up the gun cart and also coming out and touring the factory. As for the future of Mernickles location. For now nothing is going to change we will be going to fernley NV and running things from there. Some day we will move south to warmer weather but who knows when that is.
  5. Thanks all we are excited to see what the future brings. And like I said we will be working towards attending and vending more shoots in the future H. Wolf
  6. Nope the bar is still ours, don’t worry
  7. Howdy all, For those of you that missed Winter Range and have not heard we (Howlin' Wolf and Ivy Wild) are the new owners of Mernickle Holsters. Bob and Sherrie are ready for retirement and is much deserved. The Mernickles have been an intricate part of the Cowboy Action Society and SASS for many many years, they are great people and great holster makers and we are excited to continue the legacy. They will be with us for a while in the transition phase to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. There will be no changes to the company and we promise to bring you the great quality products that everyone has come to love. We will be traveling to more shoots and vending a lot more so if your interested in having us attend one of your shoots drop me a email and we will see what we can do. We probably wont be traveling a lot this year to ensure we have good handle on the business but still let us know. And as always Mernickle is proud to sponsor as many shoots as possible. Email me at howlinwolf2017@outlook.com Thanks and we look forward to working with you ALL H.Wolf
  8. Ha the beard is not going anywhere.. and the specs just make the beard more distinguished.
  9. Assassin puts on one of the best shoots around... Definitely not boring in fact if your cardio is not up to part this is not the shoot for you LOL. In all seriousness he is 100% correct if you want to change a way a shoot is run, or add some "flavor" to a shoot STEP UP and start helping out or take over as MD for a year or too. Do you if people like it you will be successful. So many people have powerful words but no actions. We need positive actions to keep this sport going.
  10. 100% agree with this statement and very observant coming from a young shooter. A common misnomer is that the youth is the future of sass. This is far from the truth. The future of sass are the individuals with expendable income and or approaching retirement. This works two fold. One they are ending their carriers and looking for a hobby while the younger generation is just starting life, looking for jobs, going to school and (girls or boys) :). Second we must set the example for the youth, like Cody said "it is the people of SASS". We have to make SASS a place where youngsters feel welcome and we do this by participation in the costuming, shooting and all around fun. This is the exact reason we need to recruit those individuals and get them excited about SASS. If that's hosting a "crazy old school" shoot once a year then do it. But overall it must be enjoyable for all crazy or fast. I am a huge proponent in recruiting for SASS and it has paid off for our local clubs. By all means its not just me, but our community that participates in our recruitment process. THESE ARE THE GOOD OL DAYS if we make them that way. Fast and close or quirky stuff. H.Wolf
  11. RAMPAGE is the 4th Saturday in September. However, I stepped down as match director this year so I cant really say how they will run it.
  12. Shooter shot from seated positions and stayed that way. No shotgun targets on the stage for safety reasons. Like I said in my post all shooters are considered when we do this stuff. No acrobats involved just sit and shoot. The tub even has a chair in it do you don’t have to go all ether way down
  13. I really love this topic, and agree with most everyone. There is truth in the fact that the best way to represent change is to start at the lowest level. If anyone has ever been to RAMPAGE they know I mix it up with both close and fast as well as quirky stuff. Some factors that I consider are 1. Age (older shooters knees don't bend as well as younger ones) 2. Advantage ( I do my best to ensure there is no advantage from young to old, like the knee issue) 3. Simplistic but different. One stage everyone had to shoot the stage like a bandit, with a bandana over their face. It was fun, everyone thought it was hilarious and (no advantage). 4. I never make it so challenging that it turns away shooters. However, I do let shooters "vote with their feet" so far we have only gained numbers. Example of how I break it up. One stage you had to carry a drink tray to the bar (on the clock) but once you got to the bar it was a stand and deliver. One stage was shot from a bathtub (the favorite). But you only had rifle and pistol targets. Their is an easy way to make matches meet both standards. Just write it. I said it once and ill say it again "The fun isn't gone from Cowboy Action Shooting, people just forgot how to have it". Moreover the fact is the fast people are still gonna win, and like Cody James said he likes to have options. One weekend you may feel like doing something crazy, while another you just wanna see how fast you can go. Match directors should know their audience and strive to make each shoot better than the last. If people leave the shoot smiling and laughing then you have done a good job and for me that's enough. Yes we you will always have one or two that complain about having do stuff as do we, but they always come back. My 2 cents. H.Wolf
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