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  1. You CAN install/have installed a Colt type firing pin bushing. Cost?????
  2. Marble's sight for 1873 https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/sights/rear-sights/uberti-1873-rear-sight-prod105426.aspx?avs|Make~~Model_1=Uberti__1873 Shows in stock.
  3. I've got them from Dixie Gun Works https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/search/?FullText=saa grips pick your poison.
  4. In Texas it is not unusual to go to church carrying.
  5. Praying for Bill and all his needs. From me and Mary Ann.
  6. Prayers for Marauder and his wife. Hope he out soon.
  7. I have 2, right now, that I changed from .45 acp over to 9mm. No problem with the ramp. I have changed numerous .45 1911's over to 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm, .38 Super with no modification to the ramp, and back again. .38 super, 10mm worked best with ramped barrels which require machining the frame and you can't go back to regular barrels without major mods. I also have a .45 that Converted to .10mm with no ramp work. You just can't load the Super or 9mm, or 10mm as hot without a ramped barrel. You do have to change the mags, ejector, slide and extractor. If you get the right slide you can use it with out mods for 9mm, .38 super, .40 S&W and 10mm. Same with the ejector and extractor. I have a custom Para wide body right now that I changed over to 9mm for 3 gun that is 100% reliable .
  8. You do know the Colt Walker .44 cap & ball revolver was the most powerful Hand gun available until the .44 magnum came out.
  9. Mix a little with a little hand lotion to the desired consistency and it works great for hand sanitizer .
  10. Teva Pharmaceuticals in Israel supposedly sent 6 million dose's over here in March and is sending 10 million in April. FREE.
  11. How about Tough Times, Smart Tough People Endure.
  12. Several years ago at a small local match I had several squibs, SEVERAL!!, after I got home I checked the Dillon 550 I was using and found the little square white follower on the powder measure was gone. Found it on the bench broken. I have had at least 1 Dillon 450 since about '83 or '84. Now have 4 550's and a Square Deal all set up in different calibers. I watch a lot closer now.
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