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  1. Several years back I bought a 1877 Colt Lightning .38 Long Colt made in 1886 off of Gunbroker and it was shipped USPS.
  2. Check the prices for Colt barrels at SARCO. Just bought a new 3rd gen 4 3/4" .357 bbl. for $90.00.
  3. I believe?? you can shoot the 9mm Largo in a .38 Super handgun . BUT DON'T SHOOT .38 SUPER in a gun chambered for 9mm LARGO!!!!!!
  4. We had Ray to our range 3 times. Really nice guy and a heck of a shooter for sure.
  5. When I first started shooting IPSC in 1980, we had Ray Chapman (1st IPSC World Champion) come to our range for instruction. He had us shooting dot's from the holster, 1 shot at a time. Later we had John Shaw and J. Michael Plaxco. They all used some variation of this.
  6. I've got a solution for you, call Colt service dept. and ask them.
  7. I would almost bet money that if you wrote Winchester and asked if a 1897 pump gun that was made around the turn of the century (19th/20th) was safe to use, they would most likely tell you no.
  8. http://www.mikescustomhatters.com/ in Longview TEXAS. Mike can make you anything you want. I have 6 he made for me. I recommend him Highly.
  9. No black, haven't been doing much shooting in a while. My wife and I have custody of two grandsons and I hate going off shooting and having fun and she can't go. The 2 boys are 5 and 6 and are a real hand full. Their dad died in 2016 and their mother is cray as an outhouse rat. Would like to shoot with you again sometime.
  10. Troublemakers are 92 miles from Nacogdoches, about an hour and half. IF they still shoot.
  11. I have reloaded quit a few (several 100). Al I do is use a Lee sizer-decaping die (I did modify it some, I cut the pin shorter and put a set in the top to keep the pin from backing out). It will punch a hole and then I use regular boxer primers. Have reloaded some of them several times with NO problem. Just did this to see if it would work. And it is doable. Proceed on your own.
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