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  1. My two Colt 2nd gen 1851's are marked the same as the one in the picture. Both of mine have square back trigger guards and the loading cut in the barrel is not that large and not flared like this one.
  2. It’s obvious some have not handled a Python, much less shot one. If this indeed is a “Real” Python , I think it will sell.
  3. I've got 2 6" Colt Woodsman Match Targets. Love them.
  4. I have a 6" blue made in 1976. Love it. Shot a deer at 125 yds, 1 shot.
  5. I think he is trying to contact State Line Scott, a shooting buddy of our's from longgg ago. Long before any of you were around.
  6. I have reloaded quit a few (several 100). Al I do is use a Lee sizer-decaping die (I did modify it some, I cut the pin shorter and put a set in the top to keep the pin from backing out). It will punch a hole and then I use regular boxer primers. Have reloaded some of them several times with NO problem. Just did this to see if it would work. And it is doable. Proceed on your own.
  7. I don't want a "participation" award. If I don't place I don't want anything, period. Less is more.
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