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  1. On a side note I have Cooper percussion Revolver made in 1864 that is double action. It is .31 caliber and looks like Colt 1849 Baby Dragoon and works great. You can shoot DA or Single action and has a good trigger in both.
  2. All MY guns have really light triggers.
  3. I KNOW that. I was just making a statement. Nice to know in case I run across one for less $.
  4. Good to know. I have a 62A in really good condition, full length barrel. Don't want to sell it, but nice to know. It was made in 1957 also.
  5. In order: 1. No a. A lot of IPSC w/custom 1911's. .45 then .38 Super, muzzle loading rifle and cap & ball revolver competition, with custom rifle and Colt 2nd gen revolvers. b. No, cost about the same c. No delay Have always liked the shooting competition sports. Shot a little bullseye, a little bench rest. Not so much shot gun competition, a little.
  6. What I don't like/hate is loading and unloading my vehicle at home and then at the range and then doing it all again to go home and then sorting everything and putting it all away.
  7. Define "mouse fart" loads. Light loads are not necessarily "mouse fat" loads. How about a definitive answer. Not just because you say so. My .38 load is 3.2 Clays and 125 gr TC bullet. If you think that is a "mouse fart" load I will again challenge ANYONE to stand behind a paper target and let me shoot it.
  8. Would you be willing to act as a target stand for these mouse fart loads? Just saying
  9. I have reloaded quit a few (several 100). Al I do is use a Lee sizer-decaping die (I did modify it some, I cut the pin shorter and put a set in the top to keep the pin from backing out). It will punch a hole and then I use regular boxer primers. Have reloaded some of them several times with NO problem. Just did this to see if it would work. And it is doable. Proceed on your own.
  10. I don't want a "participation" award. If I don't place I don't want anything, period. Less is more.
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