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    Power wise, I'd deer hunt with either. Having shot both, the 45 Colt with a full case of 3f and a 250 grain, is considerably more powerful than than any 44-40 I loaded with 200's with a similarly prescribed charge. I doubt 220's would catch up. The 250's with full BP charges in a 5 1/2" revolver are "snappy" and ring steel with much more authority than any 44-40 load I concocted. However, the 44-40 is more reliable in rifles due to the elimination of much of the blow by. Never could get my 45 rifle to run a smooth and reliable as my 44-40 rifles. My 92 had less blowby issues than my 66 (both in 45 Colt).
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    My collection of old double barrel shotguns keep growing. I picked up two more in past couple of days. The top on is a Hunter Arms 12 guage. It's a higher grade gun with some engraving. The gun is tight and good condition except for the barrels. There is one significant dent about midway and a dozen small dents at regular spacing. Also there is an upsweep in the barrels. The coach gun is Hopkins and Allen hammer gun - model 100 I think. What a tortured life it must have had. The forend is not really a forend. It's a chunk of wood pinned onto the forend lug, there is a chunk of wood missing from the wrist area. The buttplate is homemade out of plexiglass. The action latch spring is broken or missing. And obviously the barrels have been cut. I plan to make, buy or borrow a dent raising tool to take the dents out of the barrels on the Hunter. I've got some ideas of how to take the bow out of the barrels. If I can repair the barrels, I'll clean the old gun up. I suspect I'll find some nice wood under the awful varnish. Finding forend iron will be critical in getting the old Hopkins and Allen shotgun back into shooting condition. The rest will be just labor. There is no way these guns are worth paying someone to repair. But I enjoy working on old guns and am willing to take on a challenge. But it's just because of their neglected condition, I was able to buy them at flea market prices. The individual parts are worth many times what I paid for them.
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    Any input will be appreciated. What are those of you who wear prescription glasses using as shooting glasses and why. I've always worn contacts previously, but when I had to go to bifocals I ran into an issue since my contacts were set for distance vision in my right (dominant eye) and near vision in my left eye plus I found that the dust on the shooting range was causing me issues. This worked great for everything but shooting. I would like to find some prescription shooting glasses that are at least somewhat period correct in shape. I would prefer either a transition style lens that lightens and darkens since I have light sensitivity. But not even sure what is available and from my reading I've seen all sorts of solutions from wearing regular prescription glasses with side shields, to right lens set for front sight distance, to bifocals on top, plus insert systems too.I'll say I'm not sure if my regular glasses are safe as shooting glasses. All of these solutions are on the expensive side. I don't mind spending the money but as the saying goes I only want to pay once and cry once. So if you have a system you like or one you hate, I'd like to hear about them. Thanks!!
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    I'm with you Rye! A real hero was Neil Armstrong, he walked on the moon, served his country then walked away and didn't try to shove his politics on us! For what John Glenn did for our country in the service and NASA and his bravery I am thankful.
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    Got nothing against Army. Worked with some from the 196th Light Infantry Division back in 68-69. Its just that you guys can't play football. Go Navy beat Army.
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    Howdy Perhaps a definition is in order. Ejectors do exactly that. They are spring loaded and throw the empty shell clear of the gun.Ejectors are not allowed on Double Shotguns in SASS. Extractors only pull the empty shell out a little bit by a camming action as you open the shotgun. In truth, an extractor is an ejector without the spring loaded assist. So extractors only pull the shells up a little bit so you can pull them out with your fingers. Most of us use a technique with our doubles where we jerk it backwards as we open it, to propel the empties out of the gun. Extra points if you hit the RO with your empties. You can see the extractors in this photo of an old Stevens Side X Side shotgun. The gun is open all the way and the extractors have moved out about 1/4" or so.
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    Attaboy, Mr Paxton! Texas attorney general drops a great big Yuletide truth bomb on school districtMebbe Mister Trump could draft the gentleman for the Fed level job.
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    No dog in this fight, as I am not interested in trying it, but it does sound like fun for those who are interested. But I would like to offer some questions and/or comments. 1. There is nothing to prevent someone who likes the costume aspects of "steampunk" from dressing that way if they want to, unless they were shooting in a different costume category with specific requirements. 2. It could be argued that steampunk could be a part of B Western, especially since Best of the West is mentioned. 3. Since part of the idea of steampunk is to take late 1800's technology to its practical extreme, that is to say pushing the limits of what was possible, or at least theoretically possible, it seems to me that a requirement for a repeating shotgun (97 or 87) would make more sense than allowing any SASS legal shotgun. (Other firearms options would require this to be a sidematch instead of something that can be done as an option at a main match, so I will not voice them) 4. I think this is a great idea for an unofficial category and look forward to seeing it from time to time. 5. Why no gunfighter style? 6. There is no idea/question number 6. 7. Would a traditional cowboy hat be considered legitimate for this category? "Any Victorian head gear constructed of Felt, Straw, cloth or leather. Including but not limited to: Pith helmets, Military caps, Deer Stalkers, and leather flight helmets." That would seem to indicate that it is. Key words being "any," and "not limited to," suggests it would. But for some reason I am wondering. 8. I have to admit that I have never seen anyone dressed up steampunk. (Perhaps I am unlucky) How popular is it in "reality?" Is to more of a regional thing? 9. I wonder if there is any way to involve real steam into the category. (Well, not really, but it would be cool to see steam coming out of someone's hat.)
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    You need an official "CAS/SSAS Steampunk" website similar to http://outlawshooters.com/
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    The best suggestions you have received so far have been to GO SHOOT SOME GUNS. I don't know where you live/work/shoot but if it's Winter there, you have a couple of months to think about it. If your in a place of warmth and year-round shooting, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your arm pitts. You also mentioned BP. In the same thought line, cartridges. Why would you need suppositories?? Get together with some Cap Gun shooters, learn the basics and ........ get yourself on the Dark Side. Don't worry excessively about your first set of guns. They won't be your last by a long shot. This game is addictive. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!! Coffinmaker
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    One good thing about bein on Facebook: You don't have to wait three minutes between posts.
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    I'm going to make a couple assumptions here: You've got big hands and you tried to shoot a plow framed pistol with all three of your fingers on the grip frame. Coming from another pistol shooting discipline you're used to having a high master grip on your pistol - ala Jerry Miculek. The web of your hand crowded the hammer and it was difficult to cock one handed and hard to regain your master grip on the next shot. If that's all true, you were holding that pistol wrong. You only hold the grip with two fingers and your thumb and your little finger gets curled UNDER the grip frame. That's how Sam Colt intended. Been there, done that and I have the tee shirt. If you wait a bit Driftwood Johnson will be along and confirm. He set me straight back in 2003 when I started shooting. I was also shooting Double Duelist. Hope that helps,
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    Notice my small font...I was trying to whisper, sensing a cultural issue. LL
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    Sorry fellas. 12 Ga Single NON selective trigger (not gold)
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