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  1. Thanks to all who've contributed their knowledge. Ya'll have given me a lot of good leads to follow up on. I've started talking to some of the companies ya'll suggested and I'll update as I progress. I fully agree that you should never compromise safety for fashion, and wouldn't go period correct at the expense of proper coverage, but if I could get both I wanted to at least that way I cold look good as I'm missing. I appreciate all of ya'll taking the time to help me out, each of you exemplifies what the Cowboy Spirit is all about. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll check into some of the inserts since that seems to give you more flexibility. I'm also going to talk to an optometrist about the dominant eye focused for the sight and the other for distance. I appreciate all the ideals.
  3. Thanks, but when I type Prescription glasses in the search block it returns nothing. So Pete, I'm not real computer literate can you suggest a term or method to get to those threads? Thanks again for your input.
  4. Any input will be appreciated. What are those of you who wear prescription glasses using as shooting glasses and why. I've always worn contacts previously, but when I had to go to bifocals I ran into an issue since my contacts were set for distance vision in my right (dominant eye) and near vision in my left eye plus I found that the dust on the shooting range was causing me issues. This worked great for everything but shooting. I would like to find some prescription shooting glasses that are at least somewhat period correct in shape. I would prefer either a transition style lens that lightens and darkens since I have light sensitivity. But not even sure what is available and from my reading I've seen all sorts of solutions from wearing regular prescription glasses with side shields, to right lens set for front sight distance, to bifocals on top, plus insert systems too.I'll say I'm not sure if my regular glasses are safe as shooting glasses. All of these solutions are on the expensive side. I don't mind spending the money but as the saying goes I only want to pay once and cry once. So if you have a system you like or one you hate, I'd like to hear about them. Thanks!!
  5. My two cents as with any advice or opinion it's worth what you pay for it. Levi has every right to set whatever rule(s) they wish. I have the right to vote with my dollars as to whether or not I accept or agree with their rules. It sadly seems that so many gun owners have lost sight of the importance of protecting all of our rights. It seems if the new anti gun law doesn't affect them personally they turn a blind eye. Oh ban "standard capacity magazines" who cares I have single action revolvers, ban Chinese imports who cares I shoot an AR 15. Restrict where you can carry a concealed weapon or if you can even carry one awww who cares my state has liberal carry rules yours doesn't then move. Trust me California gun laws are high on my list of reasons I'm moving, but shouldn't we stand together, other gun owners whether they shoot evil black guns or all American SAA are not the enemy. Instead of arguing the point of is this ban/request right shouldn't we be arguing with our money and votes against any and all anti gun bans/statement/laws. The anti gun groups have learned to split gun owners by targeting one part knowing that many gun owners won't fight against measures that don't directly affect them. Somewhere I remember reading United we stand divided we fall think someone famous said it if not I'll take credit for it. Isn't it time we all stand together to preserve our right and heritage. Maybe I'm old fashion but if you support gun right I consider you a kindred soul no matter where you live, what color you are, religion you practice or type gun you shoot.
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