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  2. To loosen pedal hardware, when you put the wrench on the pedal shaft or nut turn it in the direction that would make the rear tire spin backwards.
  3. The rule is clear. When a TO sees a p it should be called. Even if the spotters don't agree
  4. If you are standing behind my Right Shoulder you are often NOT in a good position to see anything ,,,,,,, SMOKE ,,,, you need to back off a step or two and bob and move like I am to see anything .... And even at that I believe properly placed spotters that are paying attention have at least as good a chance of making the call as TO ... You do not need the timer up in my face to pick-up my shots !!! I have long ago lost count of the times the timer has bumped me or come into my line of sight .... This is distracting, and is NOT needed ... On a quiet Range the timer will pick-up the sound of my Rifle from 80 yards away .... I have on more than a few stages had to fire my last shots from my knees to see through the Smoke .... My .45 Colt loads contain 37.7 gr. of Goex 3f ,,, and Shotshells are stoked with more of the same ... Jabez Cowboy
  5. I have two barrels that just sit around with nothing to do so I thought I'd put them out for others to use. 1) 14" Armoloy bull barrel in 22lr. No sights but comes with scope mount and black composite forend only. Very good condition with typical wear marks around hinge area. The barrel was sent back to T/C to open the hole for the hinge pin to standard size. $200 Shipped CUS.  2) 8" octagonal in 44 mag, ported and threaded for hot shot choke. This one has the snap in forend. Good condition with some light flecking around the right side of the front sight. Typical wear marks around hinge area. $200 shipped CUS.  Both barrels have bright shinny bores and are very accurate.  First I'll take it posted on the wire gets preference.
  6. There is a Lewisville Powersports as well. There are also many places on Harry Hines selling the Chinese stuff. I would suggest that you do your due diligence before purchasing one of them. When these first became popular several years ago their Achilles Heal was the electrical system. They would simply stop running and you would have some major expense to recover them. They may have worked past this in later years.
  7. Anyone can take it. Starts at 10am Thursday morning. It would be good to message or email Copperhead Joe and let him know you're interested, but probably not required. See you there!
  8. You can still own firearms but the state must give you permission to enjoy what the Bill of Rights already covers? Is that correct? Now the state knows exactly who owns firearms and will know exactly where to come to confiscate them when they decide to do so? Is that about right? When criminals go to the police station to apply for their firearms owner card… never mind…
  9. So if your TO is doing his job per the rule book he should be replaced? Wow just wow
  10. Okay, if I didn't know what the surprise was, I'd be thinking that you failed to capitalize the s in surprise and everyone was going to have the munchies. . .which would be fitting considering what the surprise is. Just and FYI for you, I'd be happy to tote off any unclaimed surprises. I'm looking forward to checking out the most recent crop. LOL Get ready for FIRE!
  11. New guy question, but can anyone attend the RO class? If so, do we need to sign up somewhere?
  12. CRS set in early with me. I typed up a check list a bazillion years ago. A copy resides in the ammo box of my guncart. Every time I get ready for a match, the list comes out. I don't have check boxes, I just go down the list as I get everything ready. The list is pretty old, and some of the items are no longer needed, but I keep the list anyway. I can still mentally eliminate the stuff I don't need. Works for me.
  13. Warden Callaway

    Cell Phone

    I've seen people come out of a quick shop with food and drink and get in their car and pull away and THEN get their cell phone out and start talking. Mary worked with a lady that was wound up too tight! She told of starting out to come to the office, talking on her cell phone while putting on her makeup looking at herself in the rear view mirror. She looked down and saw she was going 110 mph on the outer road! She slowed down to 90.
  14. I let ya win a couple of times and now I'm subjected to this kinda treatment.....oh jeeezzz!!!
  15. Don't know that the stage is over but the timer stops anyway.
  16. Now we are getting some where. If if I earn something I should get it. I also as a shooter should know and understand exactly why I am getting said something when I leave the line.
  17. This has been discussed before. If pistols are not shot last, they both have to be returned to leather before the next gun is fired. If they are not, it's a P. If pistols are shot last, then no call.
  18. Excellent! communication is key. Between TO and spotters, between TO and shooter, etc. Everyone should understand the calls recorded and why; that's how we learn and improve.
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