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  2. Think you would be happier with a great pair of Ruger OMV Bisleys GW
  3. How old are the targets? Are they reset with a rope, a chain, or going downrange and manually pulling them up? When was the last time they were painted? When was the last time the hinge was cleaned of splatter? Are the targets set directly on the ground or elevated on a platform? Was the TO able to count to two?
  4. Face lands in palms with dejected sigh. A real Whiskey Tango moment.
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/121990112/treasure-trove-of-hidden-historic-planes-including-rare-wwii-mosquito-to-see-the-light?fbclid=IwAR0Cc4kNC0pchDAckMnAxN9iKdn4NzVVYNHPVuNwQo_XI9LNZmcc-HwcD1s
  6. We had a couple little black and white hens that could have given the rhino a run for his money when I was a kid. You know the type, the rooster 'runs' the yard- but they run the rooster and they chase dogs and small children just for fun and exercise. Putting that windowlicker in charge of them might not be a healthy life choice.
  7. Yeah!! And I don’t have an e-mail account or home phone either!! Glad it all worked out for ya’, Yul!! You should file a report on the imaging outfit and that ER!! They’re violating government guidelines and perhaps even state and federal laws!!
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  9. A positive for me AB negative for her
  10. HEY BIG GUY!!! We miss ya’!!!
  11. Seems to be related to a resurgence of Covid in Texas (among other states) and an attempt to reduce Covid cases by banning gatherings, at least in Texas, of more than 10 people.
  12. The rhinoceros is very big guy, maybe 4000 pounds? He (obviously) seemed to know exactly what to do, too, to shake off the annoying intruder vehicle. He flipped that vehicle around like a toy. Maybe not the rhino’s first rodeo? He didn’t seem to be especially angry, but annoyed. Lucky for the moron driver. It might be time to implement a new faces policy there, and put the fool to work taking care of the chickens. Cat Brules
  13. Put away the ropes, fellas. My understanding is that T Bone called the judge and was asked not to hold the shoot in July. Nothing nefarious is going on.
  14. This is a Colt 1911 slide the appears to have been Parkerized. Great for Wild Bunch . $180 shipped. Doc Clint,
  15. Noz If you had said banana pudding instead of chocolate cake, I would have said you were crazy Imis
  16. Always an ostrich bystander to egg things on Imis
  17. Who challenged the match for it to go to a court decision and what was the challenge?
  18. Hate you had to go through that, but glad you're better! I don't have a cell phone if asked by a governmental agency.
  19. From what is in my feed, "a gathering of 10 or more people."
  20. El Lazo sent this to me, included with his regular email. Kind of interesting ....... Cat Brules UVGI and being indoors (UVGI = Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation “Read new thing on virus. It’s hot, so people are staying indoors. A/C units are spreading it as they recirculate the air. If one person has it, his breath gets circulated to all inside the building. Stay outside they say but it’s over 100 in most parts of west and south. We are lucky to live here right now.....(California Central Coast). Schools, offices, restaurants don’t have UVGI units so don’t go in them if windows and doors aren’t open. Eat at home. UVGI is Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation and it’s expensive and most places can’t afford it. Casinos may start installing since they have more money. Keep away from being inside with strangers.“ —————————— Also, further to all this, WEAR YOUR MASK Personally, I can’t get out “casually” right now due to a disability. However, my wife has to go out. She’s telling me that fewer than half the people out there that she sees are wearing masks. My wife stays away from those places and people. The local VONS grocery store will not allow (and enforces) customers in the store without a mask, and they have the floors marked to help keep customers distanced from one another. There are food items the store doesn’t sell right now, or packages differently now, because those items are prone to being handled by customers who handle them, then don’t buy. VONS has a full-time person disinfecting grocery carts as they are returned back inside the store. That’s where my wife goes for groceries Walmart is full of Illegals and their running, screaming, unruly brats, and there are very few pople in there wearing masks.....so my wife doesn’t trade there. I have a MD appointment tomorrow with my neurologist that I have to be at personally (not by phone), so I’m goin to have to be careful there. My 90-year old mother-in-law, who lives with my wife at our other home, closer to town hasn’t been out at all, except for 2 MD appointments since early March. ......So, I don’t think this is on the downside of being over yet, and I believe we all should still carefully plan and consider our movements and wear masks. Cat Brules
  21. The MRI center and the hospital ER sound horrible ran/managed. Wow. Glad you are recovering!
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