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  2. Is this 73 still available? Interested
  3. Warden Callaway

    Cell Phone

    I found a couple of shot timer aps for Android. They worked. One you could set to get a start beep at a random time from pushing the start button. That was a couple of phones back. I didn't bother loading on new phones.
  4. I have always used a Ballistol moistened wad cut from a cardboard milk carton for an over powder wad to help prevent a chain fire. Haven't had one - yet (knocking on wood).
  5. Yeah having been referred to as a hunchback most of my life because of my spinal scoliosis I ought to be offended but I’m not. I found it humorous.
  6. Apparently you can't receive PMs, let me know how to get ahold of you to work out the details.
  7. Taxation without representation was indeed one of the reasons and a very important one. I'm sure you well know that the Declaration of Independence lists a number of grievances that the colonists had with the British rule. All they wanted was to be free from the tyranny under which the Crown was ruling the colonies. They were brave and wise man. Today this country is being led by a fair number of people who do not fit those same descriptions. I'm sure Jefferson and Adams and Monroe and Washington and their contemporaries would look upon Washington DC today and shake their heads in sadness, quite possibly wondering what happened to their convictions and efforts and sacrifice. States rights are certainly important but when lawmakers in some states seem to ignore the founding father's intent we should be very cautious and vigilant.
  8. Any one know where can I find a left sear for a Stoeger Coach Gun? Gun parts sear isn't even close to being the right one. Thanks, Gray Hare
  9. A binder mechanic would just use a bigger hammer and make it fit
  10. I know, bad taste. Still funny.
  11. I live in a mobile home park, so the park owner has say over the common areas. Nice looking place
  12. Sir, It may be old news, I was there in the mid 80s, but I can assure that I experienced these events, and more like them. If it's not like that now, I apologize. I was recounting my experiences from my time there. There is nothing fake about it, and I'll thank you to NOT call me a liar. Moderators, if I'm in the wrong here, feel free to delete me.
  13. My son lives in SD, if I get out there, I'll give you all a ring. Best of luck and happy shooting.
  14. Gunfighters, duelist or whatever, a round count stage applies to all shooters. Yes, gunfighters can come up with some pretty creative ways to shoot a stage, but there is a big difference between a sequence stage and a round count stage. Hey, Capt Bill holds a pretty good RO1 class; just got refreshed a few weeks ago myself. I don't mean to hack on ROs, we are all volunteers, but you should learn different types of stages if you're going to RO.
  15. I Googled it, so can you just enter "turning heel meaning." One meaning was needing an attitude adjustment. Most of the references relate to wrestling. One meaning was to turn heel and run or walk away. I didn't look farther than page 1. There was nothing I also looked for "his shoe heels were turned." There was nothing relevant there.
  16. Photos enclosed. Sorry about the lint... didn't bother to wipe it off.
  17. I am going to go with Traffic Control. (sorry, clip is in spanish)
  18. They don’t understand gunfighters. I’ve been called for not alternating between guns before also AND shooting duelist on split pistol stages.
  19. I think I initially got good advice from those "friends" but now I think they just screw with me.
  20. I am camping outside Witchita tonight. I will be there in the morning. I am supposed to shoot in the 11 o clock warm up match, but not sure if I will be set up in time.
  21. I researched the 17wsm and it looks like what I want. This means the savage camo 93xp that caught my eye won't be following me home as it comes in 22 mag or 17 hmr at my store and I already have a 22 mag bolt I got used off the wire. I will make do with it for now. The camo savage was real pretty and I was trying to justify getting it
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