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  2. Looks like they have a lined covered trench for drainage
  3. When checking charge weights on a single stage MEC remember that the handle is pulled at least 4 times between each powder drop. This causes the powder to settle slightly and is the number one cause for people complaining about the difference between the weight that MEC states vs what people actually measure.
  4. Do you have the ball in your paper or are you making powder charges only?
  5. Buckshot,


    Did your sale of the Bisleys complete?





  6. Outdoor RevivalLike Page April 16 at 1:30 PM · Deadwood, South Dakota, ca 1876.
  7. Rye, No, this was in the late ‘90’s, before my SASS involvement. The staff does rehearse you a bit about what tidbit Alex will ask each player about. We discussed how I’d done a three month solo motorcycle trip through Europe (when I was between wives.) When I told him my wife Karen insisted that when we travel there together we employ more conventional transportation he suggested I get a bike with a sidecar! If I’d made it to a second game I planned on telling him how I was skeptical about his prospects as a “new guy” host when he first replaced the great Art Fleming in 1984. Not sure how much he’d have cared for that. Seamus
  8. Agreed but if there is even a tiny lip or burr at the chamber mouth then no matter how straight the walls are in the rest of the chamber the damage to the ball has already been done. The area that we applied a taper to was limited to the first 1/8th of an inch of the chamber. I doubt if the taper was even a thousand of an inch. The remainder of the chamber was left untouched.
  9. Great Cowboy Town, friendly folks, a good feed - all great reasons to come. Not to mention the the giveaways and prizes. Heck you can even list to a few Classic Cowboys jaw'n on each other. All great reason to come!
  10. Need is the mother of invention....Always have been and always will be.... Texas Lizard
  11. This just in: The indoor CAS match at Niles, Ohio has been cancelled. This is the Thursday Work-Shirker match on April 25, 2019. It was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. I am truly sorry. Mo
  12. I don't have what you're looking for, but I recommend you check the marketplace at http://akfiles.com. The people there are (shall we say) less friendly than those at sassnet.com, but are much more likely to have what you're looking for. In particular, two minutes found me a listing where a man is selling 5 Russian 5.45x39 magazines made at Izmash. $50 each. Pretty steep, but 5.45x39 magazines aren't falling out of the sky anymore. Russia is the only country that ever really adopted that caliber, so you can't find (for instance) Polish, Yugoslavian, or Romanian magazines. http://akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=377757 K-var has some new production 45-round (10) magazines in stock, but they are super expensive. https://www.k-var.com/magazine-545x39-ak-74-45rd-circle-10-ribbed-black-reinforced-polymer-arsenal-bulgaria Russian parts come up there infrequently as well. Expect to pay a premium for those. Russian parts are difficult to get hold of, particularly after imports of firearms from Russia were suspended during the Obama administration. Factory made 5.45x39 rifles are really drying up, making it more difficult to find these sorts of things. Good luck in your search.
  13. This just in! This is no joke: The Thursday indoor CAS match in Niles, Ohio on April 25, 2019 has been Cancelled! I am truly sorry. It was cancelled do to a scheduling conflict. I am sorry for this short notice but it couldn't be helped. Sincerely, Slow Mo Dern
  14. Contact Deuce Stevens at 616-890-6657. He might be able to help you. He is the Match Director of Range Wars SASS Michigan State. Hope this help. I. M. Crossdraw
  15. I never shot competitively, but I also made paper charges using cigarette papers for my navy colts. Never had a FTF. I made em while watching TV as others seem to do. BTW, I used an ink pen (slightly smaller than the cylinder bore) to roll the papers around first. Then used my flask to fill em and twisted the ends and trimmed the extra off. jim
  16. Bob... that thing is plumb cool! How could you NOT buy it??
  17. Today
  18. We were told at binder mechanic school that we were not allowed to use hammers anymore. We were supposed to use whackcommiters Have them from 4 oz to 35 lbs. GW
  19. From the '70s to today, I like lubed Ox-Yoke "Wonder Wads" loaded over powder & under balls for both a small filler & lube carrier in everything from my .36 caliber Patersons, 1851s, .45 Dueling pistols, to my .53 caliber Hawken, whenever, the load will not sit in the firearm more than a couple of hours. Otherwise, making sure the powder charge is large enough to fill the chamber (most revolvers have a smaller diameter in the chamber area than the ball), seat the ball directly on top of the powder and use Remington or TC "Bore Butter" to seal the open end of the chamber. I only like milk carton wads under flat based bullets to act as a gas-check and seal from the bullet's lube from contaminating the powder... i.e. in cartridges... and where possible with a grease cookie between the wad and bullet base. Hence my 28gr of 2F Goex under a variety of bullet weights in the 45 Colt... my soft recoiling and all day shooting load in the 45 Colt from both revolvers & leverguns. No cleaning between stages, not even necessary for 2 day shoots. (As long as there's only 10 stages... more than that and the over-night cleaning becomes a good insurance policy that you'll complete all 12 stages with no problems). In my guns... YMMV.
  20. The German Mauser HsC is chambered for the 7.62 round. The .32 ACP works just fine in it. One of my regrets; selling a 7.62 HsC liberated by my father in 1945 to make a mortgage payment during the Carter years..
  21. Yes, it's Facebook. No, I haven't found it on Youtube or other site yet. Yes, I know that some of you won't be able to see it. Some of this tech is a couple of thousand years old. DANG! It won't let me embed it! https://www.facebook.com/www.nextgendata.in/videos/587411898430780/
  22. Would look good on the Post parade jeep.
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