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  2. Just about to the end of another great Ohio State Championship, and although the weather presented some challenges, it was still a wonderful weekend. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in putting it on, especially Mean Gun Mark, Boaz, and Hunny Bunny. You guys are the best, and I'm already looking forward to next year!
  3. True. I was specifically addressing the Federal 4473 though
  4. However it is not legal in all states with some states have very restrictive use requirements Is CBD Oil Legal in My State?
  5. Mount Laguna, San Diego, got some snow Thursday night. Today, here in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County it's 55 degrees at 10 a.m. and we are getting a light rain. Average for this date is 78. Today we might break 60. Record high is 98.
  6. I didn’t know if side match is allowed to mod that rule like they do to higher fps for range. That’s why i said “I wouldn’t think so.” Just looking for options.
  7. You know, I pointed that out to CHJ a couple of years ago. "You'll have that" he explained to me in true Ponderosa Pines fashion.
  8. No. Have you read the shooters handbook at all? https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/Shooters Handbook Vers 23.2 MASTER COPY.pdf OLG
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  10. Are jacketed rounds allowed for long range? I wouldn’t think so but it would open up what I can get from a store.
  11. In memory the crew of Ranger 12. LT Alan A. Levine, LCDR. Ronald R. Callander, LT Stephen H. Batchelder, LT James D. Richards, AT2 Richard A. Herzing, CTI3 Craig R. Rudolf, CTI3 Patrick R. Price.
  12. Does not mount to the stock. Mounts to the rear of the rec'r tang. If 100 yds is all-Then load up some .357 mag cases with some 158gn lead bullets pushing them to around 1400-1500fps, will get'er done. Try your barrel sights first........ OLG
  13. Pat raises his glass for a toast. “Here’s to hoping for sunny days and beautiful weather for your vacation, Big Sage.” Beautiful photos. Keep ‘em coming...
  14. I’ll have fun no matter what. So I’m good there . I have no idea what to expect. Match description so far is “long range match”. Not sure if it’s pistol caliber or not. I assumed not. I do know the max distance at the range is 100 yards (they’re working on a longer range but it’s not done) so I was going for worst case. I hope it’s the multi distance thing described. I’d do alright for half of it at least haha. I should note... I don’t load yet. I have someone who may let me use their loader if I have a specific load but not sure they can before the match. I know what I have is terrible at 100 yards so my easiest option is store bought ammo. I had some 158 gr HSM cowboy rounds left over that I tried. They weren’t much better than the 125 gr cowboy rounds I use. Anything from Sportsman’s WH they’d recommend?
  15. Thank you Jed I Just hope that this marketing plan is not to little-to late. Your videos show what SASS is and all the fun. OLG
  16. For Sale : Contact Oklahoma Dee · Used 38 Special Brass – This brass has been cleaned twice, de-capped and resized. Starline, R-P,Winchester, Speer, CBC,PMC, etc..There maybe some 357 Mag sprinkled in. – Bag of 300+ ( $16) – 2 Bags of 250+ ($15 each) · Shotshell 12GA checkers – New - $24 each – Three left of current stock · Uberti / 1873 Rifle – 20” octagon Pistol Grip – 357 Magnum – Palo Verde action job with his own Short Stroke kit installed – SliXSprings Flat trigger – Aluminum carrier – asking $2000 Palo Verde currently has a number of State, Regional, National and World Champions shooting this type of rifle. · Lefty Wheeler Magazine sleeves -Aluminum tube/Spring/follower for the 357Mag Uberti rifle - $55 each – fits 20” barrels and can be modified for shorter barrels · Texas Paterson Replica -BP .36 Percussion – 7.5” barrel with holster/box - $400 · Winchester AA 12 GA Factory – 8 boxes from Winter Range 2019 - $8 per box · 2 Winchester 1987’s 12GA Shotguns – $575 each - action by Roughneck Rod · SKB Model 100 12GA – Uncut 28” Blued barrels – Split finger forearm - $1100 · Leather 12GA Shotgun belts - $100 each Cash unless other arrangements made and agreed upon – On firearms, purchaser must be legal to purchase one or more.
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