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  2. The handbook reads. “Main match holsters must be located one on each side of the belly button and separated by at least the width of two fists at the belt.“ I imagine this as two strong side or two crossdraw or maybe a strong side and a crossdraw. Obviously one can not have two right/left holsters on the same side. But what about a left hand strong side and a right hand crossdraw? both holsters are on the left side of the buckle but drawn with different hands. And then, if it is not a main match or category, would holster placement be an issue?
  3. Yep... No other choice. Seems as deliberate as dumping on a target cuz you already earned a P. Phantom
  4. Congrats. It's good to be a grandpa. We have 12 grandkids, age 25 down to 6; two already married recently. Nothing like it; you have much joy ahead. I've hunted with them, camped with them, skied with them, hiked with them, traveled with them....all is good! Many blessings upon you and your'n!
  5. Same here. I like it mid- or low 60s. A couple of days ago I took our toy poodle out for her evening constitutional. Temperature was in the low 60s. Swim trunks and cheap Wal-Mart crocs, no shirt. Ended up talking for about 20 minutes with a lady in her mid-80s. After a few minutes she asked, "Aren't you cold? No...you must not be." Even though I grew up in San Diego county I don't like it much above 70.
  6. I was given a similar jukar but never fired it yet. Too busy with cap guns. Would like to get a round to it someday.
  7. It was a cold day here in northern NV. Fresh snow in the mountains surrounding town this morning and most mornings the past week. Maybe summer will get here next week.
  8. I can see your point...as soon as he put 8 shots on 4 targets, he was pretty much committed to a DT on the remaining target.
  9. There is no love like a grandparents love. Bestow it often.
  10. I think death notifications are harder. It only happened once for me. Just a young Chaplain and I went to tell the lad's wife and son and I got through it okay, but the next week was pure hell.
  11. I sure hope to. My wife, Tracey, just before the waterworks
  12. Well Subdeacon, you can keep that 98 degree weather. I'd rather have the cold. Low to mid 70's is good for me although I was out in a T and shorts today at 67 and 68 and found it comfortable after our winter.
  13. Ditto. While it was written about an incident that happened on Armistice Day, it is still appropriate for our Memorial Day. The back story: On November 11, 1999 Terry Kelly was in a drug store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the stores PA asking customers who would still be on the premises at 11:00 AM to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us. Terry was impressed with the stores leadership role in adopting the Legions two minutes of silence initiative. He felt that the stores contribution of educating the public to the importance of remembering was commendable. When eleven oclock arrived on that day, an announcement was again made asking for the two minutes of silence to commence. All customers, with the exception of a man who was accompanied by his young child, showed their respect. Terrys anger towards the father for trying to engage the stores clerk in conversation and for setting a bad example for his child was channeled into a beautiful piece of work called, A Pittance of Time. Terry later recorded A Pittance of Time and included it on his full-length music CD, The Power of the Dream. Thank You to the Royal Canadian Legion Todmorden Branch #10 and Woodbine Height Branch #2 for their participation in the Video.
  14. Just my opinion, but he/she should have accepted the P... Bad form on their part!! Phantom
  15. OOOH OOOH I know - I know! They were put on her when she was a very young girl and never taken off as she grew. You know: like the old Chinese Foot Binding to make the girls have small feet. Too bad it didn't work.
  16. How often do people get killed in a plane crash? Just once.
  17. Two wrongs don't make a right! So we hate all cops because of one bad cop? The owner of the gun shop needs to grow up too!
  18. Congratulations. I’m thinking you’ll make a pretty awesome Grandpa!!
  19. Thanks, Joe. That still gets me every time I hear it.
  20. That's interesting, we will, at base level say something like, "A two star is coming in today." Rather than a Major General. Our Chief of Defence Staff, a general, is always referred to as the CDS. Our army and air force officer ranks are the same as yours, however, our navy officer ranks are slightly different. Our navy first level officer rank is an Acting Sub Lieutenant (Army/Airforce 2nd Lt), Sub- Lieutenant (Army/Airforce 1st Lieutenant) Lieutenant (Army/Airforce Captain). Flag Officers, Commodore (Army/Airforce BGen) the rest are the same as the USN.
  21. https://aviationhumor.net/high-power-engine-runup-on-paver-bricks/?fbclid=IwAR2Z8k3ubSI5_SJoR50rq14HbNqpCV1EY7I3gx0EekYbR_LsVzB3RjeNljI This happened during 2014, at Sialkot International Airport, Pakistan when a Boeing 737-400 did a High Power Engine Runup. A Shaheen Air Boeing 737 was damaged in the incident. Bricks came loose from the pavement and struck the horizontal stabilizer. Oh, how I wish there was a video of this. Engines shredding the pavers, throwing them away… Luckily, no one was hurt.
  22. I was TDY at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson last August for a Red Flag Exercise. Took 2 fishing charters, 1 for salmon and didn't catch anything worth keeping and 1 for halibut where I dragged a 90lb beast off the ocean floor. Beautiful country up there, enjoy your time.
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