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  2. Early New Englanders, encumbered by their English roots, were not renowned for their culinary imagination. LL
  3. Setting steel to allow for a clean miss simply requires leaving enough space between targets to allow a bullet to pass between two targets without striking either. That is it; nothing more, nothing less. Most match directors will not set steel with only a half inch separation; BUT a half inch will allow a 45 caliber bullet to pass between plates without striking either - that is enough room to allow for a clean miss. The clean miss direction was solely created to protect shooters from "Procedural" penalties that were assigned when a miss on target "1" became a strike on target "2" because of target overlap placement. The thought process being "a miss should not cause a procedural" - that there should be room for a miss to miss all the steel in play. But like all guidance - shooters and match directors tend to take it to the absurd level. There is NO rule that states 2, 4, or 12 inches of distance between plates. Simply that a bullet missing any one plate has the ability to miss all plates. Good match directors will take into account; heights of shooters, target angles and shooting positions to ensure that a clean miss is available for each shooter. And my personal rule of thumb when setting steel was minimally 1/4 the width of the plates being used (ie 16" plates got 4 inches spacing, 24" plates got 6 inches, etc.). It was just more pleasing to my eye that way. But I would contend and will continue to do so that as long as a 45 caliber bullet could pass between the plates without striking either - there was room for a clean miss.
  4. It's back on after a few years in the doldrums, the SASS Australian Regional 2019 at Captains Mountain, just west of Millmerran Queensland, 2.5 hrs drive west of Brisbane. 12 stages over 3 days, side matches, Plainsman match, Pat Garrett match, new speed events & long range etc. Get your registration in, free camping with hot showers and ablution facilities, all meals and more. Go to http://www.chisholmtrail.com.au
  5. Does she do two story houses with gables?
  6. Today
  7. Those of you that know Miss Lorrie will not be surprised. My wife of near 58 years said she was going to paint our house. I had just had a bunch of teeth pulled. I told her if she would wait a few days I would help. She said "No, she could handle it". The house is two colors, heavy deep stucco finish, 50 x 70', many windows and mostly two stories. She started Wednesday the 15th and will finish tomorrow. Any body want to offer a starting bid?
  8. CZ-USA, Grace Kelly. TTN, Phyllis Dillard.
  9. My part of the world is having a real problem with biscuits and gravy. ALL of the restaurants hav gone to pre-prepared gravy and frozen biscuits. Unless I make it, a good breakfast is hard to find.
  10. Hello next order from California state just arrived. Thanks a lot, we will send your PCC capper today and we will provide tracking number afterwards. best regards, Polish Cappers https://www.polishcappers.com
  11. PGFH- thanks the trade offer, that is a very nice rifle! I am going to have to pass as I am currently thinning the herd.
  12. Yep, Tennessee Williams made a great correction above. Hitting wrong type of target is of course a miss. MDs need to make certain they understand they complicate matches and open the door for "too close to miss cleanly" calls when there are front-to-back vertical overlaps of the same type of target (the pistol targets, for example), which may favor either short or tall shooters. Good luck, GJ
  13. I shoot a Pedersoli coach gun and love it. Had to lighten the hammer springs and the break-open spring. Pedersoli's are very well made and fitted and will take the abuse of cowboy shooting. Nicely shaped stock and fore grip. RR
  14. I've never been real happy with the definition of a "Miss". Seems to me that if you shoot the wrong target, you did it wrong. Yeah, I know, if the rifle targets are behind the pistol targets and you miss the pistol, you could hit a rifle target...….. unless there is enough room for a Clean Miss. The way many clubs group up the targets so close together in order to accommodate the zoomers, there is often no room for a Clean Miss, so the Miss rule was written to bring things down to the "T" ball level of play. I know that this is not "Bulls Eye" shooting, so on the other hand maybe the rule is OK. The easiest way around it all is just don't miss. Ha!
  15. HE's BACK...... and now, he's 89K+ richer tonight. Some of the questions tonight were impossible to imagine that anyone would know the answers. Yet, there were some smart competitors tonight. Go James..... GO! ..........Widder
  16. This was our first visit and we will be back in 2020. Thanks for the great match. beautiful range, beautiful stages.
  17. Sam has it very close, A belt of the old west lived on in southern/eastern Oregon. Western, south/central Idaho, Central, Eastern/southern Nevada. Northern Arizona. Well into the 50's, my mother and grandmother told of Prescott, AZ in the 30's as being pretty wild and wooly. The horse gave way to the car but was very common as transportation even as late as the mid 60's in Klamath Falls, OR. I remember horses tied to parking meters outside the Eagle café and a few of the bars. Same was true of Ely, NV. Most those places are Citified now but ever now and then.
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