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  2. Howdy Bill, The load I use with trailboss for WB is 4.6g with a 250g bullet from my 20” 73 it avg 170PF. I have tried numerous powders & bullets and one consistency I have found is that the 250g bullets produce the ‘cleanest’ results vs the same loads with a 200g or 180g bullet. In practice, this was obvious just by inspecting the spent cases and the amount of fouling collecting on the carrier. Good luck!
  3. Ah cooler weather..& that's the way it stay's, not like you lot up there that have that freezin' stuff when it's your turn.., anyways it's vegs & meat stews, grass that don't grow,no mosquitos, no sweatin' on the range, warm as toast in bed, football season...ah what a time of the year !!!!!! Grump 'ya' say .....I ain't no grump least not for the next 5 months Pretty soon all your grass will be green so best ya all get ready...me well I'm checkin' out the footy teams for the w'end, go to a gun show & bust some clays on Sunday Luv' this time of the year..ain't even gunna' tell ya to git off the lawn !!!.
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  5. Howdy Thought I'd play around with crimping 12g shells in a vintage crimper that I have. Without buying a trimmer what's the best homemade device you've come up with ? I've tried a few different ways but want something that will give me more reliable length & evenness. Thanks.......
  6. I have the Renegade in .45LC..great rifle fitted with a pioneer kit. [ FYI ..this is the only ONE being used for cowboy in Australia..& only another 4 were imported by Beretta,don't know where they ended up...mine I bought back from a U.S.A TRIP ] Is the Beretta name only on this rifle or was there others ? Was the Renegade only 38/357 & .45LC !
  7. Great stuff & yep we also luv' this wonderful game 'down -under..can't beat good publicity !!
  8. Slice it and give it to the dog...Then buy another one and cook slowly... Texas Lizard Only in the Air Force did I have tuff meat loaf....
  9. 6.2 grains of WST powder and a 200 grain bullet makes for a .45 Colt load that easily makes power factor and burns cleaner than most other powders. Extremely accurate, too. Although I like Red Dot as well for .45 Colt loads. I never think of clean and TrailBoss in the same universe. . Good luck, GJ
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