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  2. Pretty much all of the new production Mare's Leg pistols are based on a "straight stock" rifle. Has anyone ever seen, or at least wondered about, a Mare's Leg that was made off the pattern of a 92 with a "pistol grip" stock? Seems to me that it might make for a better looking gun, with a more pistol like grip. The loop would be rounder because of the curve of the grip and it would just be more "pistol like" instead of looking like a minatured rifle.
  3. I stumbled on to a batch of 160 Nonte-Taylor .45 Basic brass, unused and in their boxes. In pencil is has 45 / 3 1/4". It appears this company stopped production in 1962. I assume these can be reformed for any case from .45-70 to .45-120. I can't find much about them. What type of value do they have?
  4. That's why I won't go back tomCalifornia, even for a visit. I'd be a felon from the first second. My daughter and her husband moved to N. Carolina and were going to keep her California home of 13 yers so they'd have a place for their friends to visit whenever they went back. They are in the process of putting the place at Lake Arrowhead on the block as soon as they get fully move and can get everything they want moved east.
  5. Like this one? RIP Pyrite (the funeral director) and Pure Gold (the widow).
  6. Good info..... Thanks Everyone. Billy B: I'm considering on getting one and begging Snake Oil George put a 7" Octagon barrel on it. Actually, I plan to have the Octagon barrel set up in a 'Bull Barrel' configuration with a slot milled into the area where a 5.5" Ejector rod housing will fit. If the barrel is oversized, the ejector rod housing will need to be recessed into the barrel in order to remain straight with the frame area it mates up against. Initially, my plan is to use the Ruger Red Hawk front site system or a dovetail cut into the top area to fit a 'Hunter' style site. I haven't acquired the pistol YET..... but seriously considering it. Thanks for ALL the info. ..........Widder
  7. Is the price for the revolver only, or for the whole kit (as in the first picture)?
  8. I've been fighting 'gators and draining swamps most of my life. Not always successful, sometimes no fun at all, and once in awhile downright dangerous, but never boring.
  9. I wonder how many plastic wads or hulls actually make it to the ocean? I had the notion that Federal still loads paper hulls to use on ocean liners so not to loose plastic hulls overboard.
  10. Did you all scroll through those photos? Open it up then click the right arrows. That photo of those Clydesdales is fantastic. Thanks Captain
  11. Responding to some posters is like expecting an intelligent 2-way conversation with a
  12. Dogs can be really dumb sometimes, but when you're up to your @$$ in alligators it's hard to remember your initial objective was to drain the swamp. JHC
  13. Here ya go: biodegradable shotshell wads for reloaders.
  14. It is a handful! I probably should have bought the .480 Ruger but shooting .45 Colt out of the ,454 is very economical. I had no problems with the one I had but did trade it due to the severe recoil. They are accurate and do not be standing beside it when it goes off. A second quick shot is hard to do accurately. I prefer the .41. or 44 mag.
  15. Widder, I assumed this project was for at least partially for hunting. BTW, all four FA 10" guns mentioned were/are octagon barrels. Very pleasing to the eyes...as are a couple pair of Model 97s that I shoot in CAS. Long barrel relly helps tame muzzle. Even the weight of a first generation HoloSight that is atop my 6" helps tame. In its early open sight configuration, it could touch my cap bream pretty easy off-hand. In hunting situation, I pretty much demand a rest. I actually have a back pack I'm accustomed to shooting from. bb
  16. This country is so messed up. I think we're the only nation on Earth where a citizen can be within the law one moment and then suddenly be committing a felony the moment he crosses into another state.
  17. Imported by Cimarron, made by ASM. Unfired, but no box. 38spec. Small dent in the navy sized grip (safe ding) $400.00+ shipping
  18. you can find 20 ga snap caps on ebay. better for dry fire than dummy rounds unless you have something to use in the primer to prevent damage to your firing pin.
  19. Hoss


    And you are 100% entitled to your opinion! I don’t avoid clubs with down range movement stages, just not my favorite. I do prefer when there is downrange that requires rifle to be left behind to have a table with an angled marker to restage on, as opposed to vertically.
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