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10 in a Trapper tube

Moe T Vator

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5 minutes ago, Moe T Vator said:

I already tried to make it longer but had no success. 

This sentence makes no sense.  Make what longer?  Also you did not list the caliber.  .38 Specials are easier to make work than .45 or .44-40.

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All of the 16” trapper rifles/carbines that I’ve seen advertised that’ll take 10 rounds are supposed to have a specially wound magazine spring that collapses further in the tube.  It is wound so that some of the coils are smaller than the others and instead of stacking up on each other, they slip inside of each other, thus allowing the spring to collapse further.


I was told that this spring is not available to the buying public, but instead is only available to the companies that sell these particular guns.

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What Blackwater said.  When Cimarron first came out with their 16" trapper, it was supposed to have a proprietary spring that collapses inside itself at each end, and a hollow magazine cap that gives you about another 1/4" or so.  I have one of the earlier ones, in 45 Colt.  It holds ten 45's at 1.58" OAL, but it is dang hard to get that tenth round in, and it is sitting on the carrier at an angle that causes the gun to jam unless you stick a knife blade or what-have-you down from the top to straighten that first round on the carrier.  There is a bevel in the frame opening for the carrier that is designed to straighten the first round as the carrier rises but the spring pressure is so tight that it doesn't work unless the round is straightened as mentioned.  Okay, so I shot a couple thousand full length 45's through mine before switching to 45 Schofield just because it is easier to load the gun.


Now then, sometimes Uberti would fail to put that spring or magazine cap into the trapper, and then it is a 9-shooter.  A few years back, I noticed the specs on the rifle say 9-round capacity.  Is that a mistake?  Did they stop putting those parts in the gun?  Did they just start saying 9-round capacity so that people wouldn't grumble about it being so hard to load ten, or grumble when Uberti forgot to put those parts in?  I can't answer any of that.  But as stated, if you are shooting .38's it should still hold ten.  Regardless, the last round loaded is on the carrier so only 9 need to fit in the tube.


edit: the mag spring Larsen linked doesn't look tapered as much as the "special" spring.

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I have a Miroku Winchester trapper with a 16" barrel.  If you load 38 special cases to 1.52" it will hold 10.  Probable trimmed a few inches of the spring to make it work.

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I milled half on the end cap and used a little loctite to make sure it didn't cone loose. 

U can put a short colt in FIRST then 9 38's 1.45 oal. Rifle doesn't care about oal of the last round. 

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