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  1. Sounds like it was a great match. I'll have to put this on my shoot list! What's this blast the door down with the shotgun? Sounds like fun. Hells Comin
  2. One more thing Phantom must be traveling.
  3. Lol I'm done Well done.
  4. Been here 4 days put on 10 lbs. Spent more time eating than shooting, but seriously as Yusta B. This has been lots of fun, and it's got to be one of the most hospitable ranges in America. I can't remember a time I had so much fun sitting around in the Big Barn listen to the Dooley gang stories. By the way the shooting was fantastic.
  5. Ok Joe how are we going to tell the difference between - .14 & .15 inch diameter shot ? Don't forget about reclaimed shot who knows what in it. Can't wait for an answer. Lol
  6. Phantom want to know how can you tell what size there using? and who checks for this. Sorry couldn't resist!
  7. Well he's gonna need a perfect match at Landrun, tell him I'm Comin and Hells Comin with me.
  8. Come on= it's to keep them Safe. Lol
  9. This is the only Match in the world that people worry about getting in ! That's the reason so many shooters get their apps in the first day! Waiting is definitely worrisome so please send out Emails to the lucky shooters. Lol
  10. I didn't mean for people not to send there apps in. I've been on the waiting list before and got into the Match!!!
  11. Estrella why ? If you shoot offen it's to far west and to much drive time. Not only that the I-10 sucks! ( heavy traffic) Just my opinion.
  12. If your app wasn't delivered by Wednesday u might want to worry.
  13. Sold out! 400 applications the first day and they're only Taking 320 . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ☆JUST FOOLING ☆
  14. Apps in the mail and already halfway there.
  15. Let's not! So you're the one that likes Rank points! How many Btt will it take to be #1 Well I guess you can tell it's raining here in Phoenix = can't go outside and play.
  16. Ok who holds the Record for the most pages on the Sass wire ? (For a single topic)
  17. I couldn't find any info on the Pima pistol clubs site. Do u have a web page with match results and info.
  18. Tell me u didn't say that !
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