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  1. Thanks but they only go back to 2015
  2. Where could I find the results for 2007, 2009 and 2011. Thanks Hells Comin
  3. What would be the advantages of having a barrel longer than 18.5" for Cowboy action shooting?
  4. This ^^^^^^ I have 10 97's all cut to 18.5" I welded the extra cut off pieces to gather and made 2+ barrels. Hells Comin
  5. Could you please show us photos of your doing this ?
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your Wife and Dog. Hells Comin
  7. Having a 97 on board makes it look Sexy
  8. There wasn't anyway to purchase it on line so I emailed them, so I guess I'll just have to wait until there open Monday or Tuesday.
  9. New model vaquero 357 stainless 5.5 " barrel . Seller inventory #5326 Gun listing id#53206. Gun international #102039972
  10. They are closed on weekends so I'll try calling them on Monday, I might take you up on your offer if all else fails. Normally I wouldn't go to this much Effort but it's very difficult to find new Model vaqueros these days. Thank you Hells Comin "Phil "
  11. If you do have another one Let us know ahead of time so we can have the "popcorn" ready.
  12. Has anyone dealt with them I'm looking for a New model vaquero that they have listed on gun international.
  13. Fort Des Moines Rangers. Www.fortdesmoinesrangers.com There website has other links that might help you.
  14. With all those range officers There's no one left to shoot.
  15. Looks like the 2 of you will be at Landrun. I'm buying the soda. Hells Comin
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