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  1. I left 4k on the shelf at bruno's on Friday eventhough there website shows Zero.
  2. Irish- Pat what caliber are 1895's ? I just bought one of the new production 1895s in 405.
  3. Kneeling -black national anthem I'm through with the nfl ! Matter of fact any sport does this I'll Never watch again. Hope the players enjoy their cut in pay. Hells Comin
  4. Try putting a short oal Schofield in first then your standard rounds. You can also mill the tube screw in half and u can cut some coils off of the spring and stretch it to the desired length. Hells Comin
  5. Word of advice - after the surgery don't do anything STUPID until the Surgeon says you can do something STUPID!!! Best of luck and it was great seeing you again at Prescott. Hells Comin
  6. Looks like one of Yul Lose's wife's leaning against one of his Gun Carts.
  7. But he's got American wood. Lol
  8. How many Wife's that make now?
  9. I tried one not bad - now only it had gluten free buns that would be the cat's meow.
  10. 12 gauge with small spent primers.
  11. This is the ticket it took a little experimenting with different pliers ended up with diagonal cutters. If the crimp groove is exposed it's a piece of cake. Some (lead bullets) where boogered-up I'll just use those for pistol practice. This is a great time saving method and no more whacking the heck out of them. Hells Comin
  12. Where are the Minuteman the Navy Seals and the 82nd Airborne !
  13. Sneaky that's a good idea, I'll try that this weekend. Does the card have to be period correct? Hells Comin
  14. Heck u should be getting my check today. Hells Comin
  15. The reason behind placing a hat over the port is so no spent rifle cases find there way into the port. I do not remove it from the Shotgun. A hat is rigid and it just flies off. I have no idea where the hat went until the stage is finished. I carry a special Walmart $1.99 hat for just for this. Lol
  16. I'm getting Older so no shooting when it's over 100°, but there are 2 matches a month up north.
  17. Just being a goofball. For me it's quicker picking the up the Sg while aready moving- just more comfortable for me. Only when moving to the left to the right port down.
  18. Since it's ok with the rifle why not the shotgun. So I'm going to place my hat over the port (up) 97 when shooting rifle (rifle &SG are staged at same position) then move to another position to shoot the Shotgun.
  19. When staging your rifle can you place your Hat on top of it and leave it there until the rifle is needed? (Elder Statesman category) Hells Comin
  20. M.O. will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks
  21. I'll take 5000 nickel 38 brass. Hells Comin
  22. Ouch I imagine that Sass is doing this to cover their butts. I know I know these are excellent guide lines, but I can't see clubs following these suggestions. What's the penalty for an accidental HUGS.
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