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  1. If your pee stream isn't continuous i think you'll be OK.
  2. Close! U would never see me at a match like that !
  3. I don't slow down on 12" pistol targets at 75 yards! Hells Comin
  4. Not to worry the gang in Prescott will treat you like family. The whiskey Row Gunslingers is a great club with a great facility. Although I'm from the Phoenix area I drive up there regularly to shoot in their matches. Just shot there Sunday- great time with great people. See u soon Hells Comin
  5. A d Texaz U all put on a great State. I really enjoyed shooting the match and meeting you. Thanks for the great time hoping to see u down the road ! By the way i shot the match CLEAN!!!!!
  6. Match directors/stage writers-is there a certain % of clean shooters that you're shooting for and why?
  7. Great stage writing with lots of options. What to do what to do! Hells Comin
  8. Locked and Loaded ! ( (to quote: President Trump) Hells Comin
  9. How many do you have left. The Devil made me do it. U always tell it like it is and I admire you for that. Hells Comin
  10. Your right his guns would be in hand.
  11. Why not just change sass default to not touching your guns. Problem solved and This way no one has a advantage or disadvantage. Why was this silly rule ever adopted -keep it simple stupid. Late night rant
  12. Would someone please explain the sass default position. For Some reason I thought there had been a change to the meaning that's currently in the shooters handbook.
  13. I thought you were trying to encourage people to sign up!
  14. You won't be disappointed this is one of the Premier matches in Sass. You will be welcomed like one of the family.
  15. Bordertown- Where can u walk down the streets where Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo once walked. 1st Class match and Extra BIG and close targets. This years Winter Range was out standing it's always well organized with great stages.Thanks to Blackjack Zac and crew. Hells Comin
  16. Yes I counted Alaska and Hawaii
  17. Matt Black would be the state champion in all 48 states!
  18. I think he meant in the United States of America Not Mexico. Lol
  19. Does anyone really think Iran is going to stop the pursuit of nuclear weapons!
  20. He probably didn't know that they don't sell 45 ammo anymore. Idiot. Thank goodness nobody was injured.
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