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  1. Well bye Just kidding. Hells comin
  2. Okay then it's all settled there's no such thing
  3. U must be getting old if you can only handle A dozen.
  4. 18 just in case u have someone that can't or won't work. Sitting at the unloading table isn't working if u have a small posse ! Unfortunately I had to shame someone into helping last week instead of just watching everyone shoot. Hells Comin P.s Phantom be nice- see if that works for the 2nd time.
  5. Has anyone purchased insurance for there guns . If so any recommendations? Couldn't find anything using the search Feature. Hells Comin- p.s. Phantom be nice.
  6. Sorry to hear this- RIP
  7. I received my receipt instantly. Heard that as of this morning there were 300 shooters signed up.
  8. Just received a email from Cedar Valley Vigilantes Announcing the Co-Match directors for 2021 -Deuce Steven- . And -Cowboy Carter- They bring Great Skills and ideas to the event. We thank them for Volunteering! September 15 to 18th. This will be my first Gunsmoke, I've heard nothing but good things about this match - so I'm excited about going. Hells Comin
  9. "Matt Black" Is there a limit to how times one can win Hells Comin
  10. What a great family and they can shoot ! See u at Gunsmoke Hells Comin
  11. 368 prices of star line brass. $77 + 15.75 shipping
  12. 5000 -38's - 105's coated. Just found phone number will call tomorrow.
  13. I placed an order in January and approximately 19 weeks later NO bullets! Anyone else experiencing this problem? Hells Comin
  14. Sneak a peek- when I see the front sight in the holster I let her go and gravity does the rest. Second Pistol is Holstered on the move and looked in, don't need to look where I'm going I just know. Hells Comin
  15. Wonder if the governor was without power.
  16. He shot a great match- what a great Young man. Hells Comin
  17. How about putting the list on your web page = Soooo us non face book user can see it. Hells Comin
  18. I'll take them-See you at California state Championship on Wednesday. Are you offering a Senior or Monopoly $ discount
  19. Looks like your covid Vacine has efected your speling
  20. U can tell Summer is here when people in Arizona complain about the HEAT !
  21. Praying for the Best- for your wife and yo u.
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