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  1. If anyone can work your wood back to pristine shape, Yul can. As for the sharpie, go over it with a dry erase marker. No damage to any metal surfaces and you can put a little elbow into it. aND Dang glad to have you home
  2. The grips are really nice! Are those stock with the Pistol?
  3. Howdy All, For the sake of lending some clarity I’m seeking the 4 3/4”
  4. Howdy All, I’m headed to Ft Mead until December and want to link up with any new pards in the area.
  5. The lightning is a slightly smaller frame then the thunderer. But that’s a very cool set up you have.
  6. Howdy Yul! I leave in the early spring. Unfortunately i cannot take my ruger as my sidearm! See you at escondido on the 5th!
  7. howdy all, seeking a Cimarron Lightning 4.75" 38Spl.
  8. Hey, you know what thats a great suggestion! I gave them a call and we are working on it. The folks at HQ are some great great pards!! And as for the beef* come on out to Cali and I'll happily cook you a steak as a thank you for your +30 years of cowboy service.
  9. A and it is that wrap of the fingers to aim or wrapping a hand around a barrel that I'm referring to. Those rifle barrels are smoking by the end.
  10. how can we use this technique to legally apply to non SXS long guns (barring pump actions)
  11. My Winchester 1873 benefits from having a wrap around the forearm. the leather is thin enough to completely remain out of sight picture yet adds a barrier of protection against a hot barrel when wrapping my (or someone with hands smaller than mine) fingers all the way around to safely carry it. So How can we apply the rule specifically for sxs shotgun covers to rifles in order to prevent an unsafe situation?
  12. "We" implies all of us to include the rule makers. Can you provide me with the formal process for submitting change to the rule book that would be greatly appreciated.
  13. this is a good recommendation to prevent burns, but does not answer my question
  14. This scenario would not apply to an 1897 or a Lightning rifle unless the leather was placed only on the pump, thus defeating the purpose of protecting your hands from a hot barrel.
  15. Good Morning, What is the proper way to submit a request for change/update to the shooters handbook? thanks MTV
  16. Howdy Y'all, Why is it that "A slide on leather cover to protect the offhand from barrel heat or as a repair is allowed on side by side, lever action, and single shot shotguns" yet* "Leather on the grip surface of the fore end of a pump shotgun or any rifle is not allowed" SHB Stocks and Grips p.35 The reason I ask is last weekend we were doing an open shoot off in Cajon. Basically you could call out anyone and anyone could call you out. It was a great time, but something happened that I have yet to experience yet. After doing multiple shoots and in combination with the California Sun, my barrel got so hot that I couldn't even touch the metal (and I wasn't even shooting black powder) for more than a few seconds. One of my pards even branded his arm on his barrel. The cowgirl I was with couldn't even carry it to and from the tables, and she's tough enough to put up with me on a daily basis. So, my question is, why do we make this distinction between one long gun and the others? R, MTV
  17. Howdy, When you open the action is it the two lug locking system or the single? R, mtv
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