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  1. Why don’t you just call him. Happy’s phone number and email address is listed on the Online Outpost site.
  2. I fly to matches 5 to 10 times per year for the last 10 year. I only fly Southwest Air and used non TSA lock. Never been told to use TSA locks. Only Phoenix TSA complain about lock shaft length. Got by using plastic ties along with the locks. Each airport has different procedures and they can change. Some airports will take you to TSA others send the case down to TSA and tell you to wait 15 minutes to see if you are called. The best reason to use non TSA locks is anyone (TSA agents are not the only ones with a master key) can open your case and remove a firearm. You won’t know until you open the case, which most likely will be after you leave the airport. FYI. Only had the guns lost twice due to close connecting flights, each time was heading home. (Knock on wood.)
  3. Distance measured as discussed in Callaway’s video. Jimmy Spurs - 1.280 Boogie- 1.120 Boomstick Jay- 1.171
  4. I have a Miroku Winchester trapper with a 16" barrel. If you load 38 special cases to 1.52" it will hold 10. Probable trimmed a few inches of the spring to make it work.
  5. Hopefully the short stroke has been improved compared to the Eliminators.
  6. I fixed my Uberti 73 32-20 extractor problem with having the bolt fitted with one of Shotgun Boogies spring loaded extractors. Boggie also machined the extractor grove a little deeper to compensate for the difference in case diameter between the 32WCF and the 38 special bolt. You may get same results by raising the bottom tab. Previously tried using a one piece firing pin. It was an improvement over the stock bolt. However, this had the occasionally problem.
  7. Windex with vinegar- Pistol- wipe off cylinder head and ratchet, barrel cone and back of frame after each stage Rifle - 32-20 with big lube bullet still gets crusty at muzzle, swab after each stage. With 32-20s action stays clean Shotgun - swab chambers with silicone after each stage. End of day - full cleaning. No need to fully disassemble rifle or pistols. Using only black powder.
  8. Lower hammers, short stroke, and try the new extended grips from Eagle Grip. Will help keep pistol on target while cocking. If not shooting double duelist you need to learn and practice. Work on transitions to rifle/shotgun with off hand.
  9. Scenario- 3 static targets each target 1 foot apart. With pistols engage the 3 targets in a double tap Nevada sweep starting on either end. With the first pistol Shooter, hits target 1 with 2 shots, target 2 with 2 shots. May or may not have pointed pistol at target 3, holster pistol, draws 2nd pistol, hits target 3 with 2 shots, hits target 2 with 2 shots, hit target 1 with one shot. Alternate Scenario - same as above, this time Shooter redraws pistol 1 and fires/hits target 1.
  10. 1. Similar scenario as previous topic, this time with static targets. 10 targets spaced 1 foot between each target. With rifle loaded with 10 rounds, engage all 10 targets no specific order. Wind knocks down target 10. Shooter started on target 1, hit target 1, 2, and 3; Spotters saw a miss behind target 4, Shooter finished hitting targets 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
  11. Agree you can’t be 100% hand of God - absolute positively guarantee on what the shooter was trying to do or not do. You can see the miss, and depending on target placement was the miss in the vicinity of the target? Hard call if targets are close together to say which target was being engaged, far apart not so difficult. However, I do agree benefit of a doubt goes to the Shooter. Lucky to be the Shooter in these situations. No call - clean.
  12. This is an old issue that will never get resolved with 100% agreement. If the wind (or pistol shot) knocked down rifle target #10, and the first rifle miss was after engaging rifle target 3, can you honestly say the shooter skipped from target 3 aimed at where target 10 was, jumped back to target 4, and finished the string? If down target was one after the last target hit, (3 is hit, 5 is down, next target to engage is 4) you could make the case shooter jumped from 3 to 5 and back to target 4 to complete the string. The no call scenario would be Target 3 is hit, 4 is down, 5 needs to be engaged, a miss on 5 could be considered engagement of target 4, shooter gets to try again on target 5. However, the general consensus will be 10 shots fired, 10 knockdown are down, clean,next shooter.
  13. will take 1 bag of grays and the AA reds will send PM
  14. Didn't realize posting picture would be so pain full. Is there some delay on the number of posts?
  15. I will get some pictures out later tonight. If you thought the tab on the Uberti was bad, wait tell you see this one. Just a thin post.
  16. I picked up one the other day from GunBroker. The 38 spec with the 20in round barrel. Haven't had time to actually fire it, did some dry firing with dummy rounds. Cycling was smooth, but not like a well turned gun from one of the top smiths supporting SASS shooters. Actually smoother, than my stock Miroku 73. What is interesting the caliber is marked 38 special but the carrier is the same length as the 73 - .357 rifle. Rounds loaded to 1.57 inches cycled much better than the 38 spec length of 1.42 inches. Sorry no pictures - compared to the non-shootable 150th year commemorative rifle fit and finish are about the same. Course the wood on the commemorative is outstanding compared to the stock gun and the bluing looks slightly darker on the commemorative. Price was the same as the Uberti's on Gunbroker.
  17. Mr. Pettifogger, Nice design - looks very similar to the light weight level safety springs being made for the Uberti. Maybe one of the entrepreneur gunsmiths will start making these for the Winchester. In the mean time looks like owners of the Winchester 73 are on their own. What size wire spring did you use?
  18. Can you provide cost and contact information Mr. Lipowicz? Thanks
  19. I have been fairly successful with the Ruger Vaquero 4 3/4" barrel with the low spur hammer & short stroke. As someone mentioned Taylor has a Colt clone with the 1860 grip that is also short stroked. Recommend the .357s - buy the 38 Long Colt cases- holds a little over 1CC of 2F. No filler necessary.
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