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The Christmas Coat

Subdeacon Joe

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The Christmas Coat
An old boy was fumblin around one day
In a women’s clothing store
He’d found his wife a Christmas coat
And was headed for the door
When he bumped into a little boy
That looked like he was lost
And he said “Mister can you help me
Find out how much something costs?
Here it is almost Christmas
And the nights are gettin cold
Winter time is on us
And my mom don’t have a coat
I’ve been workin for the neighbors
And saving for a time”
And in his tiny outstretched hand
Was a dollar and a dime
His gaze went from that big eyed boy
To that pretty Christmas coat
And he finally cleared away the lump
That had gathered in his throat
He said “Son
that’s just what this coat costs
We’re lucky that we found ‘er”
And he turned around and gave a wink
To the lady at the counter
She put it in a pretty box
And wrapped it up just so
And went off in the back
And found a big red Christmas bow
He said “ I thank you for your help sir
And I kindly thank you ma’am
I hope y’all are gonna have a big Christmas
Cause now I know I am”
Well the old boy walked home busted
Except for the dollar and the dime
Thinkin he’d just have to buy
The coat another time
He told his wife that Christmas this year
Wouldn’t be much fun
And he gently took her in his arms
And told her what he’d done
She said “ why you old softie
I wouldn’t trade you for a farm
I’ve got two or three old coats
And your love to keep me warm “
She put that money in a matchbox
And placed it beneath their tree
And said “that is the grandest gift
You’ve ever given me”
The years went by like years will do
When people are in love
Their marriage was a golden bond
That was forged by God above
Then one day came some bitter news
That filled his heart with fright
The doctor told the old man’s wife
That she was going to lose her sight
He said “there’s an operation we can do
But it puts me on the spot
Cause it’s a quite complex procedure
And it’s going to cost a lot”
The old man said “doctor I’m a failure
I’ve made no preparation
We don’t have the money
For that kind of an operation “
The doctor got the strangest look
And he sat there for a while
And then he slowly nodded
And he broke out in a smile
He said “ why sir you can’t fool me
You’re a very wealthy man
You long ago invested
In the world’s best savings plan
I’ll see she gets the best of care
She’s going to be just fine
And the total cost to you old friend
Is a dollar and a dime”
The old man stared in disbelief
Then he recognized that smile
The one he’d seen those years ago
On a loving thoughtful child
He said “what you gave to me that day
Was more than just a coat
You gave me the gift of giving
And you gave my mother hope
My mother’d been mistreated
Neglected and abused
But she gave life just one more chance
And it was all because of you
Now every year she takes that coat
And lays it beneath our tree
It represents to us the things
That Christmas ought to be
She says that when we leave this world
For a better home someday
The only things that we’ll take with us
Are the things we gave away “
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... daggone this laptop, it's gone all blurry on me ag'in ...

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