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CLOSED Misc From Reloading Room / Garage Sale

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Time to let some unused reloading stuff go to a better home.  Look and claim by the item number what you need. All prices are plus shipping. Then please send me a PM with your shipping and contact info, with item(s) number as the subject line.  I’ll then send you a request for the total amount after I’ve figured the least expensive way to ship the item(s) you are purchasing.  I’m located in NW Central Florida and can deliver to a local match for no shipping charge.

Payment can be by Paypal, Zelle, or personal check (SASS members only).
And thanks for looking.

Capt’n Rudy


  1. Lee 44 mag SOLD
  2. Lee 38/357 $10 SOLD
  3. Lee 32SWL $10 SOLD
  4. Lee 44/44Mag $10 SOLD
  5. Lee 45ACP $10 SOLD
  6. RCBS 30-06 $20 SOLD
  7. Lee 270 Win $15 SOLD
  8. RCBS 45-70 Gov $25 SOLD
  9. Hornady 47/70 Gov Lock-n-Load #14 Shell Plate  $25 SOLD
  10. RCBS .45 ACP carb dies $25 SOLD
  11. Hornady 284 Win  custom grade, $30
  12. Hornady 38/357 nitrite die, $30 SOLD
  13. Lyman 30-06 seating die $5
  14. Lee 35Rem seating die $5
  15. Lyman 30-06 Neck sizing die  $15
  16. Hornady powder cop $15 SOLD
  17. Hornady case prep duo, barely used, $35 SOLD
  18. Wilson trimmer $30 SOLD
  19. Second Wilson trimmer $30
  20. Hornady ergonomically handle for reloading press. $20 SOLD
  21. Nosler 10 mm bullets 150 grain, quantity 85, $15
  22. Cast 480 Ruger quantity 30, $7
  23. Hornady 270 caliber 130 grain soft point quantity 179, $40
  24. Cast 4570 gas check 405 grain from RCBS mold, 40 of 95 have been sized and lubed .458 inch diameter, sufficient gas checks to complete the box. $25 SOLD
  25. 4570 empty brass, mostly Remington, quantity 50, $25 SOLD
  26. Lyman Lube-sizing die .458 and some gas checks, $15 SOLD
  27. Lee 3-hole Quick change turret, $6 SOLD
  28. Lee Shellplate carrier #1 for Lee 1000 press, 38/357, $25
  29. Carrier #11 for 44Mag, $25
  30. Carrier #2 for 45ACP, $25
  31. Lee 3-hole QCT, $6 SOLD
  32. Lee 3-hole QCT, $6 SOLD
  33. Lee auto disc powder measure  $6 SOLD
  34. 15 pounds of Clean 45 ACP brass once-fired. SMALL primer pocket. 1.33 lbs per 100 cases. $5 per 100. ALL SOLD
  35. 12Ga Win AA hulls… Free, will use as filler if wanted by buyer, just ask in PM.  ALL GIVEN AWAY
  36. 9lbs used 38 & 357 brass.  About 100 pieces per lb. Some clean, most dirty. $53 plus $17 shipping in med flat rate box. Will not sort nor spilt.SOLD
  37. 9 lbs used 357 brass. All dirty. Also $53 plus $17 shipping. Will not split.SOLD


























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I'll take 2 of the Lee 3 hole QCT die plates.  Pm on the way.


PM sent, Thank you in advance




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Capt'n, I will take #9, 16, 20, 24, 26 shipped to 97760, Oregon please.  PM to follow, CK :)

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Capt'n, not having #10 is ok but I will take #24 please.  I changed my want list.  CK :)

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I'll take number 3 please. Pm inbound

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I’d like #8

45/70 dies $25

PM sent.

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I haven't heard from you yet on 31 & 32. Saw you read my PM. Thanks.



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13 hours ago, Chert Rock Chuck said:

I’d like #8

45/70 dies $25

PM sent.

Sorry, but #8 45-70 dies went to another Cowboy that claims them by PM before your post.

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All sales have been updated on the list above, and I am working through boxing and will then be sending out individual “pay me please” PMs to all you buyers. Thursday evening rifle league (223 at 100 yards NRA targets) set me back a few hours, but range time is always worth the effort!
thanks again for all the interest, and  there’s still some bargains to be had.


Capt’n Rudy, USCG retired

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BTT for the weekend.

All paid items will be at the post office on Monday morning.

Garage door closes on Monday and any leftovers go to other online auction sites.

Thanks for looking,

Capt’n Rudy

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  • Capt'n Rudy changed the title to CLOSED Misc From Reloading Room / Garage Sale


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