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  1. Who in the world would voluntarily live in that commie nation?
  2. The gun that killed the Red Baron.I have one that was sporterized. It was the first rifle my father gave me to hunt with at age 13. He bought it from one of his subordinates at Magic Tilt boat trailer factory in the late 70’s. I have taken much game with it. It is devastating with 180grain soft point, jacketed rounds. Indeed a silky smooth action.
  3. Saw you get something to take home for the “I love me” wall! Congratulations! So, my hunch was right, Bucky won the Cadillac! He shot clean, with all ten stages being sub- 20 seconds! He just came back from Alabama, where he won the regional top gun award as well. Looking forward to the next Ides in March as well, it’ll be the state match again! Yeehaw!
  4. At the banquet now, waiting to see who wins all that bling. There’s a heap of it on those tables! The match was great, I think we might have a favorite for top gun on our posse this year!
  5. It is often said at many local matches in these parts to; “choose your category wisely”. While most would say that, “tongue in cheek”, it is always said with a devious smile. Yes, I think more folks choose category based on likelihood of winning said category, based on the level of competition, than will ever admit it. We have some world class shooters around here, but human nature is just a common reality. Free meals and a path of least resistance are not so easily passed over. Whatever gives them joy, is what I hope they find. I enjoy the guns of the old west, and the fantasy we live while playing the game. I am not fast and shoot an inherently slow category in Classic so awards are seldom a reality for me, but they don’t make me keep coming back, or spending the money I do, it’s the joy of the fantasy and the people I live it with that do that. Be well, shoot straight, Chert Rock.
  6. Tons o’fun for sure. But trust me, once you’ve been here for a while, you’ll have more than four cowboy guns. They call your name, beckoning you to purchase them. Speed, nostalgia, just the plain ole cool factor....insert whatever reason/excuse you find most justifiable. I’m at three sets match pistols, two rifles, and four shotguns an I am only three years in. This is not to mention the three pairs of cap guns I haven’t ventured to shoot a match with yet. Welcome, you’re gonna love it here! Chert Rock.
  7. What exactly are the primer kits? I use Dillon 550 and 650.
  8. Send info for how you would like to be paid. I can do PayPal or Postal Money Order. Many thanks, Chert Rock.
  9. Well, that changes things. I first read 6ft 210lbs. Lol
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