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  1. My offer still stands if you will consider it. I could use them. I just can’t pay $70+ for them.
  2. Three Foot is absolutely correct. If you want to actually stand a chance at a pair, you’d better have all day, every day to watch the classifieds. Have alert notifications to watch them while you pee, and NEVER hesitate for a second. Be definitive with an “I will take them!” reply to the first set that meets your needs or wants. If you neglect to do any one of these things, you will ultimately have to pay the mark up imposed by the dealers that lurk here at ALL times. It will not be easy, of this I assure you.
  3. A shame we aren’t closer. Right up my alley.
  4. All good, just a creative way to give you a bump I guess. Mighty fine set of cap guns you have there.
  5. Just saw your edit. They won’t fit. Good luck, I’m sure they will go quickly!
  6. Seems the pictures are not in the same order as the descriptions. TTT
  7. There is a manual for sale on the same page as the brass hulls.
  8. If you remove a die from your press, you can raise the round to the top, grab the bullet with a plier, and lower the press to remove the bullet.
  9. Spoke with my ‘smith about the Wrangler after he finished tuning one for a cowboy. He says they are ok, but have allot of cast parts and not likely to tolerate the heavy, high volume use that we put our guns through. I recently acquired a pair of Cimmeron/Chiapa Plinkerton.22’s. ‘73 SAA design. I don’t much care for the plastic grip panels, but the actions are pretty nice in their stock condition. I’m going to look for replacement grip panels, but likely to leave internals alone until they’ve seen at least a few hundred rounds.Seems they also have lots of cast parts as well.
  10. I’ll take the black and yellow 10D pair. PM inbound. Many thanks.
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