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  1. Those are some fine looking shells. I’m a bit anxious to get it home and give it a whirl!
  2. I’m your buyer for the PW 800 convertible. I’ll send you my contact information and preferred load via pm. See you at The Ides! Thanks, Chert Rock.
  3. Do you have some pictures? How many rounds/matches would you estimate they’ve seen? I’m a likely buyer depending on these factors and if you’d ship them.
  4. I don’t have access to a photo as I am at work, but it is the long screw that runs through the top of the tang, through the stock, with the bottom end exposed under the tang.
  5. You can in fact make a newer one work. I have done it. I have one of the old Navy Arms ‘66’s like yours that a “pard” failed to disclose said details when I acquired it. (Ignorance on my part) I bought a used, cut-down stock from a Uberti ‘73 and all that was required to fit it was to fill the screw hole with a wood dowel and redrill it. The difference in the location of the hole was just a fraction.
  6. The OTJ on YouTube, TikTok, and all the others. Long Hunter on YouTube.
  7. What a load of bullsquirt. Merchants can come over here and snatch up every good deal they see to post over on their merchant accounts and they are giving you grief about personal sales…..I don’t blame you. I’ve had an issue with this from the beginning.
  8. Preacher Man beat me by 3 and a half minutes! Way to go @Preacherman!
  9. Gonna try a double are ya?!? I double dare ya! Lol Blaze is a solid cowboy and his guns are suweeet! You will not be disappointed in this shotgun.
  10. I do appreciate that Tell, but I won’t be able to attend EOT.
  11. Randy was right. Got notification this morning of suspicious activity with my card. Got it sorted and order placed. Pretty daggum pricey, but with a limit as high as 10k I guess it removes all excuses for not getting what I need now.
  12. Fireball will be the guy with some insight on this.
  13. I keep trying to checkout and continue to get messages stating there has been an unknown error……. It’s not an issue with my card.
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