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  1. Looks like maybe a 10 round magazine...? With this upper, bolt, and mag, would a typical AR15 lower be all that is required to have a running weapon? Thanks
  2. If OP is not interested, I will take them. Thanks
  3. Tried YouTube or google? I’d imagine it shouldn’t be hard to find.
  4. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021591523?pid=486997 Available at Midway USA now.
  5. Nice rifle. I have the bicentennial model from 1976, also chambered in .30-06. Great deer rifle.
  6. Old grip......? Original or New Model Vaquero? If New Model, I will take them.
  7. Same here, no notification for anything.
  8. I’ll take 12, 14, and 15. Let me know your preferred payment method.
  9. I’ve been searching for one on all the usual sites myself but none have them.
  10. They are obviously modeled after the ‘58. I still think it was a valid question. Since they are completely different, and never really existed in the period, I would think they wouldn’t be legal in SASS. But then, we have the Vaqueros, of which I have as main match guns. Will we next accept a new design modeled loosely after a ‘51 or ‘60 Colt, but completely different, made by Glock next? Asking my question was a valid inquiry, the answer to that would be of value to a potential buyer. Since it was not your ad, your snarky remarks were quite counter productive.
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